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Posando de blogueira na sua timeline para prestigiar o trabalho da @thewearablelibrary! Mollie Jacket feita pela costureira Irene ♥️ #shwe #wearablelibrary #southafrica #womanempowerment #ethicalclothing @juliapinheirofranco

เครื่องแต่งกาย : Shwe
ช่างภาพ : palumsay
นายแบบ : คุณากร ธีรฐิติธรรม , อินทนนท์ สุกกรี
นางแบบ : ภัทรากร ตั้งศุภกุล
สถานที่ : nhin house cafe
อุปกรณ์ประกอบฉาก : Makha collection

Thank you to all women that hold our hands, have our backs and live to inspire us to be and do better.
Thank you.

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Brother and Sister
together as friends,
ready to face
whatever life sends...
Joy and laughter or
tears and strife...
Holding hands
tightly as we dance
through life.....
#Shwe & #Sasi.....


Project: Shaking Hands With Everyone in China (4)
"A guardsman atop of a scenic bridge in YuYuan Park, a gig awarded to public security guards with outstanding track records as it is light work that involves mingling with the public. The cords on his shoulder signify a history of high achievements and excellent conduct when on duty. What is not said is that this is a great opportunity for the guards to meet people, especially the ladies. The job of a public guardsman is a highly coveted position for people coming from rural areas in China or people with more conventional education backgrounds. It boasts good pay and benefits and offers relatively light work after a rigorous selection and training process, much in contrast to the construction work often occupied by people of similar backgrounds. Normally, security guards of any kind are reserved and hesitant to engage with me, but since this was the point of his job, it wasn’t very difficult to get him to shake my hand and smile for the camera..." - RW
"After a day at the Great Wall, I was sent an Open Studio Invitation to a famous art gallery. This is Sepide Zamani, an Artist from Iran. She was born in 1986; studied sculpture in an Art University in Tehran and worked as a sculptor in a studio in the suburb of Tehran. Currently, she has a residency in Red Gate Gallery, China’s first contemporary art gallery located near the 798 Art District. Her current project explores the experience of being present in an impossible and inaccessible space - the unknown and unfamiliar. It tries to expose the limitations of the two dimensional images and surface and show how cyber space differs with reality, and reveal the hidden but existing blind spots. Her works is on display at the Shangri-La Compound of the Red Gate Gallery along with three other artists." - RW
Raymond Wang C.D. — born in Qingdao, Shandong Province, China, is a regular Downtown Camera customer since 2006. He began a career in photography and cinematography in late 2014 following a long military career with the Canadian Forces. His grandfather was one of the first professional photographers in China.

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Bagan#Mt.PoPa#Shwe Si Tile village#enjoy day return trip#New Light#Best price#Best Service#Best Information#Best Hospitality

Bagan#Mt.PoPa#Shwe Si Tile village#enjoy day return trip#New Light#Best price#Best Service#Best Information#Best Hospitality

Slow-fashion is the process of creating each piece with attention to detail, patience and passion.

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Our new #leather and #shwe shwe sling #bag with matching #purse.

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