Shutterstock photo of the year: 'Young People on a Yacht Having Top Lols.' #shutterstockyacht #stockphoto #hatslife #yachtyousaying #canneslions2018🦁️

Star struck again this time on a boat making new friends with our old friends @shutterstock . We struck up a conversation (with the help of friend and interpreter🤣) with the incredible women behind the @the.refugee.nation campaign a tear jerking favourite from last year which featured in our series of talks on the themes we brought back and shared with our clients. We absolutely loved our night talking and dancing the night away with these amazing Brazilian creative women and hearing about their latest projects. 🇧🇷 🇬🇸🇫🇷sorry no refugee nation orange and black flag in the emojis ! If you missed this campaign check it out, they swept the awards last year and here we are this year on a boat with them! 🚣🏽 Thanks Yvonne and the @shutterstock team for having us again ❤️

Evening on the #shutterstockyacht 👌🌟⛵ #canneslions2017 #adventures

O dia não pode ser todo no palais. #cannes #canneslions2016 #shutterstockyacht

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