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One rule : always travel with a good pair of needles in your bag 👌✔️🎶🎶🎶🎶😍#shurewhitelabel

Наконец-то мы вместе😻


#shurecartridge #shure
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Might not sleep and just listen to hours of vinyl tonight #techno #housemusic #pioneerplx1000 #pioneerdj #shurewhitelabel

Come get the goods tonight at @drinkandgather .. On the decks 10p til the lights come on. #djlife #vinyl #technics1200 #shurewhitelabel

Had to treat myself to some new control vinyl and a pair of Shure white label cartridges and of course my logo labels! #djrodepic #djlife #shurewhitelabel #seratodj #logolabels #


TOMMY KNOCKER - "Marmalade Sky" (2005 - Intercom Recordings, UK) A Stunning work with repeating vocals, "Stay a little while," a traditional breakdown, a fake-out breakdown, then an absolutely MASSIVE drop featuring acoustic guitar and synthesized strings lasting nearly 2 minutes of the 7 minute run time! Influence can be spotted from the original banned version of 1994 house music anthem, "The Phoenix" by God Within, which also featured wildlife sound effects, cinematic soundscapes and lengthy acoustic guitar during the breakdown. I initially refused to keep playing it after noticing that people were crying in the audience while singing along. It freaked me the hell out! Fast forward 12 years and I now own 3 copies of this bad ass liquid masterpiece!
You should seek it out. ❤😀

Boundless Party Vinyl + patio + dancing + booze = us tonight. Needle drops 10pm Chicago Standard Time. #djlife #vinyl #vinyladdict #vinyligclub #technics1200 #shurewhitelabel #partyoverherefuckyouoverthere

FINALLY received my #DAMN vinyl in the mail today & got my needle repaired. #feelsgoodman #tde #kdot #kendricklamar #geminixl500ii #shurewhitelabel

DERBEE - "Non-Stop" (1999 - Tempo X Records, Paris) Disco house dance floor napalm. 🔥 I literally wore out my original copy. "Non-Stop" was a guaranteed floor filler and baby, I worked the s** out of that record! A few months ago, I began replacing my abused club records with playable ones in better condition. Searching Discogs, I discovered Tempo X was a short lived label with only 5 releases between 1999 and 2000. After a few minutes of searching and a week of waiting, the full Tempo X Records discography, (in mint condition), was in my sweaty paws! I'd love to show my respects and play these lost classics out one day. Hopefully, a throwback gig will show up soon. Cross ya paws! 😀 ❤

FILO - "Fire Woman (Retouché)" (1998 - Pig Life Records, France) Valerie Blondeau, also known as FILO recreates a dreaded DJ senario, "Drunken club chick gets a hold of the microphone." (Dun, dun duuuuuun!!) The combination of alcohol and attention can cause cutest party goer to transform into a beast of pure destruction to any self-respecting DJs set! Thankfully, this obscure filtered french house track is only a recreation and not the real thing. This time. Muahaahaahaa! :-D ❤

It's not all about the records, but also the tools. Sometimes the headshells need some loving too ❤️ #vinyl #headshell #shure #whlb #shurewhitelabel #stokyo #case #vinylbrush #cleaning

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