Merci @ellefr à nouveau...🙃
Bulot Bulot rocks !!! 🤘🏼🔥
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Shucking some quahogs, freshly harvested yesterday #frommatovt #shuck #shuckingfordays #capecod #ma #vt

Kumamotos 🐚🖤

Taking a little break this morning, before the start of my day. Listening to Bernard Purdie on NPR and getting him on my playlist immediately. #Drums to me are symbolic of something I loved but had to work hard at. I took my place on bass drum in the #marchingband and got yelled at in #concert #band for not being on the beat. My ADD mind was swirling in the melody, distracted by the chorus, while I forgot the steady rhythm that attracted me first.
#percussion was my first #extendedfamily . The #restaurant was my next. Constantly crazy, planning and preparation keep the chaos manageable, it’s sometimes a swirling chorus that I am out of beat with. I have always been someone to take on big projects, and the ones that work out best, had a challenge that felt insurmountable, but in hindsight, were so small. #oysters were my speed bump that I stepped over. I felt I would never be able to do it, and was starting to make this big negative list of things I wouldn’t do. SO NOT ME. I don’t even know how I saw the mountain for the mole hill it was, but now every time I #shuck an #oyster I get an #affirmation, and hear the #rhythm again.
Find your reassurance today in something small. #youcandoit

Sunday nights are so much sweeter with my first oyster delivery of the new week safely tucked up in the coolroom. #shuck #oysters #australianoysters #sydneyrocksrock #wapengo #merimbula #shoalhaven #wonboyn #clyde #greenwellpoint #wagonga #pambula #sustainableseafood #freshas

My brother hadn’t had oysters...@shuckoysterbar @bunsomitt so had to treat for top of the pops. #shuck #shuckwhatyouknow

We love theme parties! 💋
This Mardi Gras party was a blast last night - we enjoyed creating Cajun inspired pairings to compliment our oysters and even grilled some with a Creole Remoulade.
🌶👌🏽🍋 Our summer schedule is filling up! Book or inquire online if we could have the pleasure of shucking up your next shindig
👉🏽 www.ShuckedRawBar.com

Thanks to @cravefishbar for the free swag and oysters for winning this week's #oystergram contest! 🐚🐚🐚
Fate brought us back to a dozen of free oysters (Bluepoints, Moo Moo Islands, and Black Duck Salts). And while we were at it, we thought we might as well try the fried oyster sliders and a couple of eastern (Pearls?) from Montauk Point in Long Island and eastern Big Rocks from Cape Cod, as well as the Baja Kumamotos from Mexico once more.
The Big Rocks were a heavy hit of salt, but had clean meat, and were plump and juicy. The Montauk Points were chewy, briny, kind of creamy, with a tingling bit of copper. The Bajas, again, were so good. Their liquor surprisingly had the same taste as pacifics grown up north in the Salish Sea, even though they are from all the way down in western Mexico. I guess the cold current is to thank for that.
-- From my field notes while eating through New York. #halfshell #shellfish #bivalves #Vancouverfoodie #oystergram

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