Today is #TeamSOVA's last day at @specialolympicsusagames. This morning I found #shriverthepolarbear like this and I'm not entirely sure if he's ready to go home or completely devastated that this is over. Either way, I think all 68 of us can relate.

Have you been wondering where #shriverthepolarbear is? Don't worry, he's been VERY busy tagging along with our teams. Keep an eye out next week for Shriver's recount of @specialolympicsusagames !
#TeamSOVA #RiseWithUs

The Fun Bunch is gearing up for their second game of the day with an extra special fan! #shriverthepolarbear #TeamSOVA #RiseWithUs

An Illinois athlete spotted #shriverthepolarbear and fell in love! He was excited to get a snuggle. #TeamSOVA #RiseWithUs

Meet the elite group of #teamva coaches for @specialolympicsusagames (minus a couple)! #shriverthepolarbear is an honorary coach, of course.

#shriverthepolarbear is ready for our #TeamSOVA coaches and athletes to arrive for check-in and the send-off dinner! We're almost ready for @specialolympicsusagames!!!

So not to brag on #TeamSOVA or anything... But they ARE the top fundraising team for Solar Plunge with nearly $16,000.... soooo..... #humblebrag #shriverthepolarbear

Ryan is Team Virginia's golf coach for @specialolympicsusagames but he is also one of our outstanding event staff folks for Summer Games! Thanks for all you do, Ryan!
#TeamSOVA #shriverthepolarbear

Area 12 was our first group to spot #shriverthepolarbear and snag a photo! You can even spot a little bit of #TeamSOVA!

#shriverthepolarbear is BEYOND excited to celebrate 50 years of @specialolympics at Summer Games! But new with the old, right? So don't forget about our first ever Solar Plunge! There's still time to register at polarplunge.com/richmond

Shriver has decided to take us on a little tour of all the places Team Virginia will be visiting while they are attending the 2018 USA Games in Seattle! He will share his journey ONLY on Instagram, so make sure you keep an eye out for some fun previews! #ShriverThePolarBear #2018USAGames #TeamVirginia

We had a great time at our Global Youth Service Day! Everyone learned a little about Special Olympics, they got moving with a quick workout, and then they decorated and packed bags of snacks for the Team Virginia athletes' flight to Seattle for the @specialolympicsusagames. Thank you to everyone who attended! We hope to see you at Summer Games!
#GYSD #shriverthepolarbear

Shriver is ready to welcome our youth volunteers!
#GYSD #shriverthepolarbear

Shriver the Polar Bear made a trip across the state yesterday - Richmond to Blacksburg and everything in between! He got to deliver some bags and meet a handful of our AMAZING @specialolympicsusagames coaches. You can follow Shriver's journey to Seattle with #shriverthepolarbear

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