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I'm really doing this. Taking control of my health and going to lose those inches. First night of #21dayfix. Turkey chili, corn tortilla, squash with one tsp. olive oil and prepared avocado chocolate pudding for dessert. Let's do this! #gethealthy #shredtheweight #diet #getfit

chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower and a banana is whats for dinner. #roadtofitness #eatinghealthy #workout #shredtheweight

Leaving the gym feeling GREAT!!! Truly understand that in order to get the results, you must SACRIFICE!!! I'm loving this journey... ALL OF IT... The good, the bad & even the ugly... Cause at the end of it all... It will be worth it!!! #HealthyLife #fitBit #ShredTheWeight #OnePoundAtATime #BeardGang

Having the gym to yourself is the best! #shredtheweight #doievenlift

🔥🔥MUMSPIRATION🔥🔥 how amazing does she look?!! 😍👯 We have packages to suit everyone and at amazing value! Like, comment or pm me for more info ❤️ #yummymummy #shredtheweight #cleaneating

This is how my day is starting off.

Over 30 different fruits and vegetables ready to give my body a kick like no other product has so far.
Bring on the challenges ahead.

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Dont let anything or anyone get in the way of your success.. no excuses !!! #fitness #fit #weightlossjourney #transformkayla #gym #gains #doyouliftbro #weights #lifestylechange #shredtheweight #noexcuses #beastmode

Everyone is getting results Why arent you? ( Ask about my end of summer Plan)
30 day commitment to yourself... no matter if you want to lose, gain, or Tone!. You deserve it! #youcouldbenext #yourhealthmatters #youareworthit #shredtheweight #tone #askmehow

Home sweet home #gainz #shredtheweight

It all started when I was looking through pictures of myself, I started to realize I looked BIG. I couldnt believe I had let myself go that badly after having my first child. I used to weigh 133lbs but went up to 190lbs with isabella. Then after having her years later I lost only 10lbs bringing me down to 180lbs, later I found out I was pregnant with athaliah and well i gained weight AGAIN I was close to 200lbs. I couldnt believe myself. After giving birth I realized i had to change. I went on several "diets" but never actually commited so I remained at 180lbs. I would go to the store to buy clothing and get frustrated at the fact that I had to get XL or get bigger jeans. Nothing looked good on me. I felt devasted, thats when i decided I was going to change for a better, healthier me. I wanted to be able to wear crop tops like girls my age, wear tight shirts without feeling fugly. I mean everyone is beautiful the way they are BUT I didnt feel that way
I wanted to feel different. So I changed, May 1st I bought a running trendmill, I ran everyday for 30 to 45 minutes and did 15 minute workouts afterwards. I started at 180.2lbs and I am currently 165lbs. 15 pounds down, I am very proud of myself because despite the down falls Ive had I am still going at it ♡ this has been a looooong journey but I am not ready to quit just yet. ♡ I now run 30 mins at home, do 15 minute workouts and walk 3 miles at the park after my workouts. I feel accomplished, some may say it its 'only" 15 lbs but not really, those 15 lbs have allowed me to actually fit into MEDIUM shirts, which I have not done in a long time and i can actually see a difference in my body now ♡ I will be weighing myself today since I have not weigh myself lately. I hope yall enjoy watching me, giving tips, sharing stuff ♡
#GetfitiwthKim #Newbie #shredtheweight #youcandoit #thereisnogivingup #dallastx

Getting ready to start this walk of life. Last time I took a walk like this was in the winter.
#LongLiveShagg #RestInJannah #RIP #ExcerciseDaily #getfit #cardioworkout #fitness #shredtheweight #workout #weightlosstransformation

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