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Blonde facts; 1) this is in fact the only pose I know... 2) I can't make a top bun look cute.. I look more like a sumo wrestler...

Die ersten 2,5 Diätwochen sind rum und mein Gewicht ist schon um knapp 1,5 kg nach unten gepurzelt, wovon aber das meiste mit Sicherheit Wasser ist.
Die ersten 1-2 Wochen Diät sind meiner Erfahrung nach auch die schwersten. Man hat noch mit alten Gewohnheiten zu kämpfen und es ist eine echte Herausforderung, sich die extra Handvoll Nüsse oder das Stück (oder nennen wir es an dieser Stelle ehrlicherweise mal Tafel 🙊😂) Schokolade zu verkneifen - die Zeit davor hat man es schließlich auch nicht gemacht bzw. nicht ganz so konsequent und ja, unser Gehirn gewöhnt sich an so ein "Lotterleben" 😉
Das "Nein" sagen muss es erst wieder lernen und darum bleibt der ein oder andere innere Kampf vor allem am Anfang einer Diät auch nicht aus.
Nach dieser Eingewöhnungsphase ist man dann aber irgendwie im Diät-Flow drin: Die Gelüste werden weniger, man fühlt sich immer wohler, die Form wird besser, die Motivation dadurch größer - irgendwann läuft es einfach 💪🏻😊
Die Endphase der Diät wird dann natürlich nochmal eine ganz andere Herausforderung für sich - aber bis dahin ist es ja noch ein bisschen hin 😉
*Werbung* Und wenn dann doch mal die Lust auf Süßes kommt, ist der Designer Bar von @esnsupplementscom absolut perfekt für mich 👌🏻😍 Bei grade mal 185 kcal pro Riegel passt er auch in der Diät perfekt in meine Makros 🍫👌🏻 Und der Geschmack ist einfach hmmm 😋💗 Am liebsten mag ich Peanut Caramel 💁🏻

Leaning and getting there, still have work to do!!!! #timetoshred #fitnessmotivation #shredmode

Preparations for this starts June 1 👏🏼😌 #iwillkillit #shredmode #soon👏🏼👏🏼

@fast_fit_foods taking care of business this week! All of it looks so good I want to eat it now. 💪💪💪 if you're in Colorado Springs check 'em out!! #onthatgetright #fastfitfoods #shredmode #mealprepdone

Swazye #shredmode #lsit

Isn't it almost June? 🤔❄️🏂 @iam_missmaryjane @snowolf23 #shredmode #powpow #abasin #montezumabowl

Adversity is the biggest motivation of mine. have people that tell you can't and then show them you can. #adversity #adjustments #rebuild #provetoyoursef #shredmode 👏🏼💯💪🏼😎🤘🏼


Blonde facts; 1) this is in fact the only pose I know... 2) I can't make a top bun look cute.. I look more like a sumo wrestler...

"Im not bad. I'm just drawn that way" ~ Jessica Rabbit ❤️

Can't believe this is my back! (I can't see it lol) •
I am that guy that takes of his top of whilst training, in my defence it was a Friday night and past closing. So nobody cared 😜. Plus I'm not one for keeping up appearances 😂🤣😅

I had finished a killer total body session with @esimi94 and was totally exhausted. I was still pumped and thought let's go do this. I wanted ten reps but only got eight. •
That being said there was a time when I couldn't do three at the start of my workout! I've come a long long way but got a lot longer way to go! Weighted pull ups coming soon!

Please take loads of pics of videos ignore what people think of it. You'll look back on videos and pics and be proud of your progress it'll keep u going for more knowing your moving in the right direction.

Also I know i form can be improved but I was tired.

.. vollgefuttert auf der Suche nach Motivation.. 🤔😇 Wünsche euch einen schönen Sonntag! ✌🏻 #lazysunday #afterbrunch #ichmagmichnichtbewegen #brownhair #blueeyes #searchingfor #shredmode

All about that Simple nosh (alllll the greens😍) & don't you worry I get more than enough carbs in each day - they are just allocated to other meals this week 😘 #MealPrep

Pic one was about 2 months ago, I was at my smallest around 50kg, I also had a really bad attitude with food & well life in general. Pics 2 & 3 were taken in the last couple of days.. my relationship with food is better than it's ever been, I took some space from the lifestyle I had gotten used to and took time to find myself, study, got a new qualification - working on a completing second qualification & got right in my head again. So I could feel good mentally rather than focusing on looking good physically. I'm currently weighing in at 55kg. 5kg of extra happiness. The gym, fitness in general will always be one of the biggest loves of my life & something I will always go back to, that doesn't mean sometimes I don't need a break from it to reset my mind & focus on other areas of my life. & im so glad I did that for myself ❤️

Today, I have mostly just been a carefree child. 💁🏼

Do More What Makes Uh Happy, Everything Else Is Secondary ❤️💪 #armsday #gymlife #love #workout #shredmode #growbabygrow #werisebyliftingothers #fitness #instadaily #instapic #instalove

Introducing my flatmate Suzie bear to Instagram ❤️

They see me rollinnnnn 😁 #SmoothAF

Pegs out, belly out! Saturday!!!

Blonde fact; I once kissed Hans Christian Anderson in Central Park. Hans is famous for writing 'The Ugly Duckling' - Still patiently waiting to transform into a Swan 💁🏼

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