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@hugg_it is one of my favorite followers! Such a great physique and even greater guy! If you aren't already, follow @hugg_it for great content daily. #serialflexingfam #shreddedmuscle #shreddedabs

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Small #transformationtuesday/#progress #selfie. 6 months is a long time. It was plenty of time to add #quality over quanity. Left photo was a couple weeks out from my pro debut at WBFF North American Championships in LA. That was also my last show with that organization as I was soon to renounce my pro status from them. Now I am simply training just to be prepared for anything. Getting thicker while maintaining the shreds. Who ever said that IG was a show and tell platform...its a show yourself better platform 💯 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #workout #progress #positivevibes #onelove #irievibes #fitover40 #motivate #underdog #selfie #justhowilikeit #physique #symmetry #aesthetics #leanmuscle #musclemode #bulkingseason #shreddedmuscle #fit #fitfam #quads

🙌😁 BREAKING NEWS 😁🙌 Finalllllly. Everything is live and ready to announce. 
I have been so busy over the months working on something really big. No jokes, work, work, work, gym, work til 4am.
A good ol friend approached me over so many years an gave me the chance to not only be a part, but decided on everything for a BRAND NEW company @candy_shock_shop. After working in this industry, trying and distributing almost everything, I stand and am proud to unleash the frikken amazing formulars of @candy_shock_shop to the world at the Mr Olympia Expo next week 15-16 in LAs Vegas Nevada.
I Guarantee you have never seen anything like this. No more BS money making worthless supps. CSS stuff works and works like crazy
👇 JOIN THE WARRIORS. More Info here👇
The brand or picture is from FIBO and has no relation. You can find Zeus here: zeusproteinsoda

Don't you hate it when you really really really want to tell everybody something, but you just can't.
Thing is, I have the most extreme news to tell that not even I realise it and it going so good so far that I cannot imagine that I am responsible for it.
It truly is a huge deal for me and a breakthrough in many ways.
Please pretty please just hold off for a little while and follow my journey. September 14 is the big day, but everything will be anounced before that.
Soooooooon 😁
All I can say is, see you soon @buffbunny , @sergiconstance & @connormurphyofficial
BTW check out my video page @patrickhockingvideos New things are coming

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