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Na kem pre shka mos na shti me t'rre vlla
Se ki me ra n'bela plumat kan me t'la 🔥💸
#dostat #shqipetepergjakshme


U nime as gjimnazin se kom perfund
E kom ni diplom fals me pare ma kan shlu
E kto pleshtat qe po munohen dojn me ma shkatrru famin
Sa kom reputacion une atyre ja ha mamin (jom besnik)
#unikkatil #besnikIrruges #2po2 #immortel #salla15tetori #thebloodyalboz #shqipetepergjakshme

📂Guillaume Lejean, Voyages dans les Balkans, 1857-1870 (Paris: Non Lieu, 2011), pp. 129; 135-149; 374-382.
"The Albanians of Montenegro are excellent people but their conversation is focussed solely on who has been shot and who ought to be shot".
"Coming from the distance, we saw long flocks escorted by splendid-looking shepherds with pointed moustaches who, instead of staffs, were carrying their ubiquitous Albanian rifles. Even little thirteen-year-old shepherds carry rifles over their shoulders. [...]. One could see from the start that we were among real Albanians, a race of muscles and iron hearts". #travels #albania #shqipetepergjakshme

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