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235 - i w d // Happy International Women's Day! Very proud to be a woman in music. Josephine x #showyourplace @marieclairemag

Big up all the ladies on #InternationalWomensDay - especially our assistant general manager who not only runs the bar, but directs her own monthly #Burlesque evening #DirtyBare every 1st Tuesday of the month! 💃🏻 #ShowYourPlace @marieclairemag

You guys are amazing - so much support for #iwd2016 . Continue to help fighting for equality and #ShowYourPlace to prove women can do anything when they're given a chance.

Best of both worlds - out and about reporting and in the studio presenting. #iwd2016 #showyourplace @marieclaireuk #skyf1 #ssnhq #formula1

Happy International Women's Day 💛 Here is a snap of the day in the life of our founder Anushka #showyourplace #aerblowdrybar #internationalwomensday #london #iwd2016

To mark International women's Day I am joining @marieclaireuk #showyourplace #iwd2016 by sharing a little bit of my life in pictures.... I hope it helps. X

In 2009 after working as a make up artist for 12 years I was asked to embark on a world tour with the incredible Lady Gaga. At 6 months pregnant I thought it was impossible but I went for it anyway and after 2 months away from home and 17 countries later I returned home to have my first child Spike. I thought having children meant my career was over and I could never travel again. This spurred me on to begin my dream of owning a make up school. 6 years on I now have my successful school @cassielomasma and a second business of a make up agency @creativesmuandh with an incredible team who help me daily. I now also have my second child Elkie who is 3 and I still travel the world as a make up Artist, only maybe not as often. As a working Mum every day is hard but it's harder to wonder what could have been achieved if you'd have only given it a chance. Whatever you want in life is achievable, I'm a huge believer of fate but also positive thinking. Nobody can do it for you except yourself. In all of my jobs being a Mummy is the hardest but it makes the hard work of everything else even more satisfying to know you are not only doing it just for you. ❤️😘

Proud to have been part of the @marieclaireuk #ShowYourPlace campaign for #iwd2016


#wcw has to be Josephine from @ohwondermusic bloody great songwriter!
#Repost @ohwondermusic with @repostapp.
235 - i w d // Happy International Women's Day! Very proud to be a woman in music. Josephine x #showyourplace @marieclairemag

This#greengoddess @nicoledash14 is waiting to great you today @downdog_crow
Looking gorgeous in her @seasoulandsnow tee 💚💚💚 #yogastudio #downdogandcrow #showyourplace #seasoulsnow

Proud to have been part of the @marieclaireuk #ShowYourPlace campaign for #iwd2016

Thank you to @marieclaireuk for including our picture for #ShowYourPlace on #iwd2016 ❤️ and to @network4better for making us aware of it!

I like to post about working with and for women on any day because nothing makes me more proud or happy. Supporting women means contributing to greater equality and peace in the world, less poverty, better health and well being for them, their children, and even the planet. These are some of the ladies I work with in Jaipur, India on creating home goods and apparel with indigenous craft techniques. This is our new facility where we are starting a big new project as well. 💜🎈🙌🏽💃🏻#IWD #herlensherstory #showyourplace

Yesterday was International Women's Day, but my phone was being repaired so I'm making my contribution today. This is me in the midst of just a few of the pioneers I've been honoured to work with since 2014: Bangladeshi lady fashion designers. We are looking so happy after seeing their garments on the runway of the 5th Edition of denimsandjeans.com Bangladesh #herlensherstory #IWD #showyourplace

#herlensherstory #IWD #ShowYourPlace

I'm almost always acting off my over caffeinated body, forever a slave to mood swings. I've stopped trying to separate thoughts and feelings cause merging them is inevitable. I am who I am and as a woman, I stand for chaos and madness.

#shamelessselfie #coffee #caffeine #indiangirl #motd #faces

#herlensherstory #IWD #ShowYourPlace
We're all lines of a story scribbled down in a black leather bound notebook. We're but the perfect creation of some master mind that makes us the protagonists. Because, let's face it, we lose our ways and find our selves. We know hate better than any one and still love (even if it is from four paws, a snout and tail) more than anything. We are women.

No better way to celebrate International Women's Day than a solo tasting menu & wine flight at @sagerandwilderestaurant with In De Wulf at the helm #serviceandstyle #ShowYourPlace #iwd2016

Cofounder Chelsea Tuohy in the field on #InternationalWomensDay representing the 28% of female scientists in science and technology. Chelsea is a Ph.D. Candidate studying marine invasion ecology and ichthyology in Puerto Rico. Yeah, fish👍🐟 #letsdosomescience #islamar #puertorico #islandlife #adventure #explore #marinescience #ShowYourPlace #mares #laparguera #travel #research #fieldwork #explorepr #diving #scuba

Bringing sexy back, yall. International Womens Day, celebrating women in science. 👌👍🍍🐟 #ShowYourPlace #InternationalWomensDay #puertorico #islandlife #adventure #letsdosomescience

I can work. I can choose what I do. I can have a boyfriend. I can choose who. I can travel. I can choose where. I have a roof over my head, my health and a support network of people who care about me. All this makes me luckier than thousands of women worldwide. Enough is enough #InternationalWomensDay #ShowYourPlace #women #equality @marieclaireuk

This is my other main place. My home with my daughter Raven.
And this is how we spend most nights, sitting at the dining table, chatting while I work and she studies.

I couldn't ask for a better woman to share my life with.
And no, She is not fed up with studying, Ravens brain is just SO massive, that every now and then her head gives in and drops down onto the table. Bless.
#internationalwomensday #ShowYourPlace #marieclaireuk #thevikingmethod #iamaviking #family #love #girlpower #jointhemovement #begood #blessed #lovelife

Strong✔️Fearless✔️Women✔️ We ended our day with this group of fierce ladies in tonight's Xtend Barre session. The energy, hard work and positivity filled the studio! Bravo ladies! #iwd2016 #ShowYourPlace #XtendBarre #XtendBarreLondon #internationalwomensday #MarieClaireUK

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