S.A.I.D.- Specific Adaptation to Imposed Demands @sofi.santucci HATED pull ups because she couldn’t do them. So we implemented different variations until she did her first one unassisted. Next step : 2 unassisted pull ups. “Do another one!”

How to fix ankle eversion. Listen to the affect the brain has...

Take care of those shoulders and glutes- why not both at the same time? Ball bridge with band pulls are a great exercise to target both.

Interns being challenged to come up with new exercises with 2-pieces of equipment. Creativity intrigued the masses; results builds empires.

Banded bench press to cue optimal elbow positioning. By implementing tools such as bands, you can teach optimal motor acquisition to the nervous system.

www.showupacademy.vhx.tv $4.99 a month for workouts, anatomy, exercises and many more!

Workout number two on this beautiful HUNK day. @chelseyrosehealth kicked my butt.

Overhead Squat.
Corrective Opportunity: Ankle Eversion
Drills coming up next to help.

Our #womencrushwednesday goes to our awesome client @sofi.santucci doing her first pull-up! See what happens when you SHOW UP! Now have a glass of 🍷 🤠 you earned it!

@thomasvolocity doing some iso-lateral suitcase holds while performing banded chest flies (pec. major coastal region.) If you want a strong core, and that block-like chest, give these a shot!

Trainer game: Demo 2-band exercises without repeating any that an other trainer did prior. Creativity keeps the masses entertained, overloading movement patterns gets results. Learn to play the game 🤠🤠🦄

Second workout for Subscriber of the Month at www.showupacademy.vhx.tv
A month of workouts, macros and calories on a workout / non-workout day.

Working on getting into the deep butt muscles (piriformis = agonist for external rotation aka main deep rotators.) 30-seconds with movement & breaths.

Working on "scap winging" @chelseyrosehealth demoing protraction presses. These are great for clients who lack scapular motor control. Learn the movement (motor acquisition), then keep loading it!

@conradofficial doing some walking Pallof's with MVC rotation and our @bretcontreras1 new Hip Thruster Loop. Getting those buns ready for his new release Healing Hands! Check it out on Pandora.

Warm-up variations. Get your clients excited by prepping before for their workout.

Don't get lead astray by media trends- "Organic" "GMO Free" "High Protein" or "Weight Loss Bar." These popular words are used to get you to buy buy buy! Focus on total calories, 20+g of protein, and where it's coming from. 25g of chicken or vegetables (which is a lot), would be far superior vs this bar. Weight loss begins by educating the people!

Getting through @drchadwaterbury and the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) corrective exercise course. I taught CES via NASM and this one is WAY BETTER. Looking forward to collaborating with Chad and begin offering a corrective course at The Academy.

Mornings are for creativity. Try to come up with a new exercise that you haven't tried everyday. Pistols into curls 🤠🤠

Morning Hip Drills. Give em a shot!

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