One can never have too many pigs... Two more show pigs for the big kids to auction off at a fall show, and three more feeders for us to finish off and sell! .
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OVERALL RES. GRAND CHAMPION , Oil Capitol Jackpot - Casper, WY. Shown by: Kaden Orr. Raised by us and bought on the farm this Spring. Way to go Kaden!
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It's here!!! Our shipment of pig Gut Bomb and Sweet Groats are at the warehouse!!! We are really excited about the products! Gut Bomb is good to start at an early age because it can help them grow a bigger skeleton and fed later on in a larger quantity to give them that gut appeal that the judges are looking for!!! The sweet Groats are so yummy no pig will turn them down!!! It's a great product option for breeders as well!Purple Pursuit® Gut BombFeatures-Gut Bomb is a supplement designed to add a bigger rib and larger gut as well as a "softer" look to show pigsWorks well as a "holding" rationProtein is 8% and Fat is 14%Ingredients of only the highest qualityGut Bomb8% Protein14% Fat9% Fiber__________________________A top dress product__________________________Used to drop belliesUsed to expand ribUsed to help hold pigs__________________________Gut Bomb has encapsulatedproducts that get into thehind gut where thisproduct goes to work_______________________________1/4# - 3#s per head per dayBased on need_______________________________Can be used as part of aholding or slow down dietT o help keep rib shape andkeeping pigs contentSweet Show Groates10% Protein2.5% Fat18% sugar1.5 % Fiber___________________________A top dress product___________________________Used to inhance daily intakesUse on picky eatersUse on show day to help fill_____________________________With 18% sugar it will help tosoften the harder pigsSugars turns to fat in digestion___________________________________1/4# - 3# per head per dayBased on need___________________________________Can be used if less protein isneeded in a pig to delute theprotein levelIf the pig is getting too hard #gutbomb #showpigs #showlife

And then this happened! 🏆🏆🏆! Even the pig is smiling! 🐷😊

Success at Heathfield! A fabulous day again this year ....and more rosettes for their bedrooms! #heathfield #pigs #showpigs #countrylife

That is a face of excitement because we are going showing again this weekend! Can’t wait to see everyone in Salem! #ShowRite #PINKbags #showpigs #beastlygenetics #goinshowin

For our product feature this Friday, take a look at the @trojanspecialtyproducts Pen Waterer! It's quick and easy to install and is perfect for show pens or trailers.
Don't forget, Trojan is having a price increase on June 1st! Order yours today!

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Her happy spot. #4H #showpigs

Wishing our piggies luck for their trip to @heathfieldshow this weeekend! 🐷🐽🐖 #2018heathfieldshow #showpigs #hadlowcollege #oink #heathfieldshow

Help me find this guy a good home that will get him in the show ring. $100 #showpigs #crossbred #barrow

Just a boy and his pig...#showpigs #bestfriends

Excited about what the possibilities are with this load.... #showpigs #scrapmetal #workofart #paitence #itsajeepthing

Like this pic and tag 3 friends for a chance to win 2 doses from one of these boars!

Mention this ad to get a special price on these boars for semen shipped today or tomorrow only.

Focus is tall fronted, heavy boned and athletic. He is up headed with a long neck and clean throat. He is out of a strong litter with a powerful pedigree! $25/ dose

Big Sexy is designed to make Champion Cross Gilts and Barrows for the future. He is tall fronted, slicked necked and clean headed, He has a monster big top and rump and is packed full of muscle. $50/ dose

Ringleader is also tall shouldered with great neck extension and great hip and hind legs. He is our number 1 champion producing sire! $25/ dose

Buzz Saw was the $50,000 Class 5 Champion Boar from the 2015 NSTC. He is square and muscular with a tremendous showpig look. He is heavy boned and big footed as well as super sound and athletic. $25/ dose

Flat Tire is a reliable, unique and productive Hampshire sire. He has extra extension through his front and is stout featured with a bold look. He is designed to make functional Hampshire show pigs. $25/ dose

Juice It is very tall fronted and extended in his front end. He is heavy boned with excellent feet and toes and perfect set to his hip and hind leg. $25/ dose

Giveaway winner must be used by August 1st and shipping is not included.

Call 1-866-376-8986 to order today!! #shipleyswine #showpigs

World Pork Expo is just around the corner, we've got a series of INSIDE THE RING interviews with this year's WPX judges ready for you! First up is AJ Genter, one of the judges for the Crossbred Gilt Show in Des Moines. Read up on our website! #thepigplanet #worldporkexpo #showpigs

🔥 Flatland Showpigs gearing up for #WPX2018

1. Dirty Secret x Crockett x Blades x Hillbilly Bone
2. Leaps and Bounds x Gain Control x Torpedo Private
3. T118 x 12-6 Issac x Hillbilly Hilton
4. Leaps and Bounds x Gain Control x Torpedo Private .
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How'd you place 'em? Class 5 in our judging contest is closing in just a few days, be sure to get your placings submitted on our website! #thepigplanet #sortinstock #showpigs #livestockjudging

When lunch isn’t coming fast enough!
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Growing up we might have drove each other crazy and picked on one another, but at the end of the day we always knew we had each other's back no matter what and if one of us needed something the other two would come running!

As we've gotten older and now have families of our own our bond as siblings has only gotten stronger. And with that we've put our strengths together to create a family business to support our showers!
As kids it was always fun showing with them and against them but what's even better is watching our kids create life long memories of showing together! *not pictured are two people that started this family tradition and who taught us that hard work can get you anywhere and that family time is important...our parents! ❤

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More Livestock Pattern Socks have been added to our Esty Store! All socks are ON SALE now for $10 w/ $4 shipping to anywhere in the us! Store link in our bio!

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