[Show Me Your Isabels!] Today is the First Anniversary of the introduction of the Isabel ring, the first collaboration between myself and @sacredlegacyarts . What an immense blessing it has been creating custom pieces for this special niche of art and preservation. Each piece of jewelry we make together holds personalized keepsakes for each customer, chosen by them.... with that said, I'd LOVE to see your Isabel rings, and hear the story about the inclusions you had preserved! Make sure your profile is public and use the hashtag #showmeyourisabel . I'll be posting them in my stories and sharing a few on my page throughout the next few weeks! Can't wait to see and meet you all. [Photo: @sunshine_birth and her Isabel ring with baby's hair, daddy's lash and mother's milk] To order your own Isabel in solid gold and now SILVER, follow @sacredlegacyarts for the next shop update.

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