Last Sunday I did a sourdough making class with my lovely @jen_gentleface at @brickhousebread 🍞 They’re so passionate about what they do which is always so inspiring. I’m already looking forward to the ritual of baking bread rather than buying it. Those early summer mornings when I’ll throw the windows open, make a loaf for the week & let that delicious smell waft out onto the street. There’s something so lovely about the slowness of the process, the gentle methodology of how it’s created & of course how delicious the end result will be! A pic from last summer of an Elderflower, Pistachio & Polenta Cake 🌾

Artemide, of course.

Good morning from the dining room where there was just enough light to catch a shot this morning 💕 I had such fun at the @swooneditions pop up yesterday and this Scott sideboard (from @swooneditions) is one of my favourite pieces in the house. It was great to be able to see and touch many of the items from this online company in their two week pop-up in Covent Garden, particularly the Murano sofa which I’ve been coveting for a year. I was delighted to be given a voucher to spend in store (it won’t cover a sofa sadly!) but I’ve got a wish list as long as my arm 🙈 What to choose? Decisions, decisions! Also, I love the bouquet I made with @bloomandwild at a workshop yesterday, and so impressed with the fact they didn’t wilt on my sweltering commute home.

FOR SALE: Vintage Copper - Colored Molds $22 (each are sold separately), with FREE SHIPPING! Comment “SOLD” to purchase.
Reasons why we love these Copper Molds: 1. Each copper form is unique, but each looks FABULOUS when grouped with the other copper forms, rustic woods, or even marble! 2. The vintage wear is slight, but when evident, it lends a bespoke air to the design. 3. They make for an eye-catching statement pieces 4. You CAN use these copper shapes for cold molding (jello, rice, mousses, etc). Heat will discolor unlined molds, so treat your copper treasure with love! (Each mold is sold seperately. While one is gorgeous, more are a triumph... so make sure you find some copper friends for your gorgeous vintage form!😉)
Dimensions: Fruit: 10 x 10 x 2.5
Shiny: 9 x 9 x 2.5
Matte: 9 x 9 x 2.5

Please comment below “SOLD”, and message Poppykit Home your email address! Note - Shipping is FREE within the continental U.S.
An email will be sent to you, invoicing the purchase.
You can pay with a debit or credit card (your payment must be received within 24 hours). We provide a safe checkout through Square. (Cheers! You’re a lucky thing, for snatching up such a good find!)
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Choosing an acrylic fill for our live edge rosewood tables | #BTS

I just went to see I Feel Pretty. I went alone. That may elevate me to loser status in your eyes but IDGAF. I had to see it. Yes it was funny bc Amy Schumer but I was so interested in the psychological component. When you FEEL like a badass, you ARE a BADASS. I see the cycle in friends. I see it in myself. Right now, I’m on an upswing of badassery.
🤷🏻‍♀️Does anyone else take their badass self to the movie and wait for no one?
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Side note 1: check my announcement in last post.
Side note 2: I’m shopping for properties. See my stories.
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Swing anyone? ❤️ | for product info or to book an appointment please contact me at georgiaf@bassman-blaine.com | 📷 via @pompomathome

Who wants a living-room like this to come home to? #wecanbuilditforyou #designinspo 📷 via @homepolish

This is the haunted house story. 👻
So tonight was interesting, my gps took me down 10+miles of single lane goat trail to get to our Airbnb. I was delighted when we finally found it and pulled into the driveway. It was definitely dated inside and had very eclectic decor but was super clean. 🔻
The friends I was travelling with decided they didn't want to stay there. It was too old and too far. I was fricking pissed. I had already paid £428 for the rental and wasn't about to shell out another £500 for a hotel room. 🔻
We had dinner and my kids and I headed back to the house. It was nearly 9:00pm so straight to bed. 🔻
Henley started to cry, why do we have to stay here and Lachlann commented that there was lots of old bits in the house. They both insisted in sleeping with me in a double bed. Cell service was only available if I held my phone against the single pane window. 🔻
I crawl into bed and try my best to catch some sleep. 🔻
I tell myself I am in a romantic episode of Outlanders in attempt to soothe my agitated self. 🔻
I feel like the bed shakes, like it would a mild earthquake!! It is 11:30pm. My immediate response is fuck that shit! 🔻
I plaster my phone against the window trying to find service. I turn on airplane mode and turn it off again hoping it will search for a signal. I call Brad and get him to book me a hotel room. 🔻
I dress the kids and tell them we are all going to stay at a different hotel. Henley practically flew down the stairs. Lachlann was tired and cried "Why? I just want to have a good sleep". Ummm me too buddy. 🔻
I lose the keys to my car and have to rummage through the suitcase to find them, as I find them I misplace the house key ( it is one of those skeleton keys that you have to use the key to lock from the inside). Panic sets in, where the fuck are the keys? I am locked in this house. I rip apart my entire suitcase locate the missing key and more or less run out of the house. 🔻
I was drawn to the house, the house pushed me out. I am emotionally attached to the highlands of Scotland.

The life that a plant or a shot of green brings to any space is priceless! One of my favorite elements in any space are windows....they let in valuable natural light and I love framing an open window with light flowy drapes or shades and placing a potted plant right below it! Makes for such a pretty frame💚 #weespaces #fridayvibes #greenery #plantsmakepeoplehappy #plantstagram #greenislife #interiordecor #interiordesign #interiorstyling #homedecor #flashesofdelight #pursuepretty #theeverygirlathome #dslooking #apartmenttherapy #lonnymag #smmakelifebeautiful #housebeautiful #houseplantclub #mydomaine #custominterior #bangaloreinstagrammers #interiortips #stylingtips #simplystyleyourspace #hometohave #showusyourhygge #showemyourstyled #styled

home is my favorite place to be 🌿http://liketk.it/2vobe #liketkit @liketoknow.it

My Mom and sister just returned from New York and I am DYING over their pics from their stay at the @thebeekmanny From the antique rug counters to the Art Deco railings, I literally want to go to NYC just to see this hotel. And eat. Ok fine.. and see my friends too. But still, this hotel. I die.

Wouldn’t mind spending a few days with this lakeside view. #indooroutdoorliving #designinspo | repost via @kateabtdesign

Main floor hallway views from our #leclairhalifaxproject ! Staircase balustrading was completely redone, floors re-stained and all new light fixtures. It's all in the details!

We’ve started installing the @officialmetrie Complete Shiplap in our basement playroom 👏🏻 If you look closely you can see the little nook we put in under the stairs. I can’t wait to show you guys what we’ve got planned for that space! If you missed it, I shared all the finishes over on the blog yesterday with links!

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