Celebrating my practice this morning before my rheumatologist check up appointment this afternoon. The other day I was doing shoulder stand in a class and someone said something about me being younger and more flexible and able to do this pose (in a joking way and light heartedly)... but it made me laugh because little do they know I have the joints that feel sometimes like a 90 year old! There are many poses I have to modify, but this is one that I can challenge myself to do and love doing so! I have learned that it’s not about achieving any pose.. simple said: yoga (along with stress mgmt, good food, good thoughts & sleep) keeps me as limber as I can, helps pull me out of my head and back to my heart, and seriously my practice has never let me down because there is always something I can do. It’s about loving yourself and finding the joy in each pose, even on the hard days. Yoga has been with me through it all and helped me see the beauty in life, the magic of the human body, the journey of the soul and the connection between all things. After a few minutes in shoulderstand I’m feeling ready to take on the rest of the day & see what the RA doc has to say 😜💖 #Shoulderstand

Step by step small improvements create bigger ones
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My favorite thing is always wings. That is my guilty pleasure. (Usain Bolt)

Looks like another Bolt just loves wings. He even flies ⚡

Autumn is here, time to cleanse, detox and get the body ready for the changing season. I can feel it, that need for cleansing of the mind and the body, it’s like Autumn started and I just can’t stop wanting to do Yoga! I love it! ⠀
Try these opposing poses to cleanse the liver, the mind and the blood. For the back work through length from the back heel all the way through the spine, feel your breath move all the way up into the chest as you go back. ⠀
For the shoulderstand try using four blocks together to help with the length in the neck and then lift out of your feet and legs to grow tall. ⠀
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🌺How to play in shoulder stand pose ? .
Passer de la chandelle au pont et du pont a la chandelle.
Fun transition 🌴

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Still girl crushing on @point_8055. 🤩

When i think back it had to been one of my darkest days. I created a circumstance in which I felt like I had to run.
I did ... I ran ... I ran fast and I ran hard and I didn’t look back. At one point I looked up and didn’t recognize myself, my friends and family didn’t recognize me either which may have been more frightening then me not knowing myself anymore.
I was frantic, erratic, disoriented, I had lost myself
My Self in which I was so confident, so sure and responsive to my own intuition that I felt like I was on top of the world.
And then it went dark.
You know when you walk into a pitch black room and you have that fear that your going to run into a dresser or the edge of a door ... like something is just waiting for you to connect to it ... just like that ... That’s how I felt.
I met joe on a Tuesday and it was like the faintest light poked through a pencil thin line at the furthest part of the dark space ... just enough to use as a compass orient myself.
We all have dark moments ... some of us darker then others ... look for the light to orient yourself and move towards it ✨
Love you,
K + J
@applesandmilk @joetuffmudder 🎧 tunes: Better by: Khalid
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Any Twist 🖤LAST day #AutumnTwists 🍃🍃🍃super late post😝 choose #Shoulderstand Twist 🖤また最近遅れがち。👀
My legging: @ombombjapan .
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Only managed to get 2 things KIND OF right in acro today 😂 Thanks @missfillypolediva, my shoulders will definitely be bruised tomorrow 😅 Swipe to see some of the bloopers, along with @jvopole and @kellyyxo255’s sexy dancing 😂💕 You can also see me give up at the end because acro is hard ☹️
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Cat yoga! ✈️ Antes y después de viajar hice mi práctica de yoga para mantenerme flexible, saludable. 👌La misma es una combinación de lo que he aprendido, y lo más que mi cuerpo me pide.
Y si, tengo bastante influencia de Dharma yoga ya que tiene mucho de apertura de caderas, hombros y extensiones de columna, (Backbends). 😍
Hay algo del finishing series de Ashtanga yoga que siempre lo incluyo. Los #backbends y luego estos estiramientos para la espalda, son necesarios para poder montarme en el avión cómodamente y mantenerme sin dolor de espalda. 🐈
Entonces, le añades un gato a la ecuación y ya se convierte en #catyoga. 🐈 Mi gordita Lila, dándome su amor....pura ternura 😻.

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