this was taken near museum station while walking around yorkville. it’s probably my new favourite place. the first time i went was with vandana a year ago when we walked right in the middle of fashion week (with me wearing a paramore shirt). everything’s pretty and bougie and now i’m thinking, man, i really need to go back. maybe some solo adventures, unless vandana actually doesn’t skip class and comes downtown. 🙃 anyways, this is ramiro. this pose reminds me of parahoy. have a nice day.

morning. here is some mood for your monday.

forever using my insta to celebrate all of my friends, with occasional cafe and plant photos. here’s ramiro before the greatest nandos meal we both have ever had. he doesn’t have it where he lives so it was one of the only two things he asked to do while he was here (the other being illy cafe at yorkdale). more stories next week. happy friday.

august 18: before ramiro came last month, we compiled a whole list of cafes we wanted to visit. this one had to have been our favourite. their iced lattes were great (but not the paper straws).

Grief, I’ve learnt, is really just love. It’s all the love you want to give, but cannot. Grief is just love with no place to go.

Uncle J;
Thank you for always being a fountain of fun facts, life advice and dad jokes. We hope that you have found peace, that you are no longer in pain. You have always loved the ocean, so it somehow seems fitting that you spent your last days here.
Rest in Paradise, Uncle J.
We love you more than words could ever properly encapsulate. | 🌿💖

Beauty is a short-lived tyranny — Socrates

#TacoTuesday, tacos everyday! 🌮 (No, I wasn’t eating a taco, I just like to think I was eating a taco because I didn’t know what it was called.)

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This was only on the iPhone 7 Plus, can’t wait to get the new Xs Max to see what that can do!

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