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Standing in a field of flowers is the last place you want to be when you have hayfever, but it was nice to watch the moon set as the sun rose... while sneezing

This is the kind of road that road trips were made for. We had so much fun cruising around Alabama hills with @merrelloutside last week and finding all the good spots, what a place! #merrelloutside

In a place where the landscape is so breathtaking you couldn't possibly ask for more... then this happens. Greenland really is one of those places you just have to visit.
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Girl meets serenity of nature.
A drizzly day of nature exploration out in the west, capped by a visit to Burragorang Lookout in hope of a glorious sunset but none to be seen... Never let a little drizzle deter you from such a potentially beautiful scene!
The script quickly had to be changed and @cakesforgracie helped adopt a more serene feel after we quickly realized the sun was not to be making an appearance.
* I initially had my doubts about posting photos with a heavier focus on models but with the beautiful essence of nature captured and the fact that these were all lovely nature places still visited with a hike in mind - however easy they were to get to - I think they are still worth the share. So here's a shot of one of my good hiking friends with a touch of class at one of my favourite lookouts. *
Location: Burragorang Lookout, Nattai National Park, NSW
Head west towards Mulgoa (from Sydney) and down towards Nattai, with the option of visiting the neighbouring lookouts of the Nepean and Warrangamba. Drive down to the end of Burragorang Road and park at the end. The lookout is an easy stroll from the carpark and many vantage points can be accessed.
Highlights: Premier views of Sydney's water supply, rolling mountains and beautiful changes of scenery. With respects to the closing times of the park, sunset is best viewed here in the winter!
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Where did it begin for @ericparephoto ?
"I can't believe it's been already 10 years since I bought my first DSLR, a Canon Rebel 350D. I was very young and naive and couldn't image that one day, photography would totally transform my life. Here I am now collaborating with @CanonCanada on this fantastic #One2Watch campaign which features some incredible photographers. What you see in my photos is what I love above all: traveling with @kimhenry.dance, a tube and a flashlight. It is as simple as it can be. What we do (and how we feel) is a performance, a way of trying to express ourselves through art."
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@johnfrieh on pitch 3 of the Sorcerer with the over the shoulder tool change.


The beautiful Jasmine @bkjasmine @spot6management @richardsmodels. Hair and makeup @sonialealserafim. Styling @laceyjuneberry @theyrep

The Cholla Cactus Garden. Such a cool sight - definitely stay on the trail. YouTube cholla cactus attacks... also apparently home to crazy bees #joshuatreenationalpark #chollacactus #cacti #getoutside #shotoncanon #canon_photos #exploreresponsibly

Slow down.

Church by day, dance party with arepas cheap beer and a trampoline by night. (#same tbh) 🇨🇴 #latergram #cartagena #ctg #shotoncanon #vscocam #vsco

This is the kind of road that road trips were made for. We had so much fun cruising around Alabama hills with @merrelloutside last week and finding all the good spots, what a place! #merrelloutside

A different kind of love...

We took Czar for his walk this evening and couldn't help but pause for this sight at dusk.

The composition of the ancient Roman concrete used in this building is still unknown to this day. Modern concrete would not be able to withstand the unreinforced dome of this proportion. (Crystalinks.com)

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Sunset over the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park.

Aku lucu juga ya. Setuju ga?

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