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Sexual Musings :: Notes From a Submissive
•• “Sure, there are exceptions to the rule- maybe he is shy or scared I’ll pull away. But as a general rule, I don’t sleep with men I have to kiss first. Alpha men are wolf hunters; their blood will boil at the slightest chance of possession. They will kiss you first and never leave you wondering: ‘Did he just go along with it?’ He’ll pursue that kiss, and everything that follows, the way he pursues life - with complete focus and skill.”
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This is an anthology I was published in a few years ago in the USA. I never got a copy until this morning, so a good end to the day to see oneself in print physically; quite a mood lifter, I recommend it! ✍🏻📖✍🏻📖

- 138 -
Sometimes I believe people have super powers. As kid I used to think that the hairdresser was able to read my mind. Same with some teachers, those who always ask you when you are thinking "not me please".
I wonder if he was looking inside, through the door. Or talking with a God, begging him to open the door. Or maybe just killing time, chilling under a cold sun.
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For the next couple of days my children's short story book "Fairy Wings" is available for FREE on Amazon. Please can I ask that you download the book and leave me a review. The more reviews I get, the better chance I have of being seen by more people on Amazon.
I would really appreciate a few minutes of your time to give it a read and review. Thanks & enjoy 😊

||Every thought was robbed from my mind at the sight of her.
Every breath stolen when her eyes met mine.
Every heartbeat stomped out by the press of her kiss.
She was both hero and villain.
Pulling me out from the darkness like a flame.
And I was the moth.|| - jk


At last the sun made an appearance today here in Dymchurch so out came some spring nails 🌷🌱☀ 💅
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I wrote this short story a year ago for extra credit in Algebra II after a Final, so me the not so good at math at all guy, wanted to save his grade. It had to begin with “ ‘Twas the night before Christmas”.
‘‘Twas the night before Christmas and Venus was nervous, practically off her rocker. All she wanted for Christmas was to find out who her biological mother was, being it a failed attempt earlier in the year on her birthday, February 14th. She had always wondered if she looked like her, why name her after the Roman Goddess of Love, do they share the same habits, was Valentines Day her due date, just *always* thinking of her. Her adoptive parents were all for it because her birth mother had given them the greatest gift of all, her. One thing that always bugged her was that there aren’t any records of her mother, it’s like she never existed, all that was left to her adoptive parents, Ophelia and Damon. The letter wrote of how V(Venus) was a special girl and that she needed to be raised by special people. V and her parents had looked everywhere, she was so desperate she was beginning to compare her beauty to that of the homeless. As the day started to end, so did V’s hopes. Starting to loose faith, Ophelia and Damon had taken her to a nearby cathedral, V prayed for a sign, symbol, anything that could get her closer to her mother. She couldn’t take it anymore, she started to breakdown in tears in Ophelia’s arms. As soon as V thought all hope was lost, a nun came out and had looked at V in the most endearing way, she knew exactly who Venus was. She got on her knees and started praying but what they didn’t know is that she was summoning the Archangel, Seraphina. Sprouting out of thin air and blue light, these beautiful wings span out with a raven haired beauty attached to them. Venus, with a look of amazement had gotten teary eyed, with Seraphina displaying the same exact expression. Venus had no doubt that Seraphina was in fact her mother she had been searching for all these years. “Hello my dearest Venus”.......... to be continued. #shortstory


NOVA ANTOLOGIA "Você já encarou um espelho
e quis saber o que há
por trás destas paredes?" Segunda-feira, 26 de março,
tem novo edital de contos.

Fiquem de olho!

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Maharishi Ashtavakra, a great sage, had a body with eight folds. When he was in his mother’s womb, as a fetus, he would listen to the spiritual discourses of his father, who was also a rishi, and got directed to his God consciousness and, thus, steadfastly connected to the Lord. Once his father recited a Salok incorrectly, whilst still in the mother’s womb, the fetus corrected his father’s recitation mistake. This infuriated his father and he cursed the unborn child to be Ashtavakra, one with eight body folds, saying you know more, you must be extraordinarily formed and so he was.
Once Ashtavakra Ji walked into Raja Janak’s court. Arrogant people present in the court laughed at the Maharishi. He looked at Janak and said, “I thought you invited souls who are connected to the Supreme Lord but these people are chamars. Cham means skin. Anyone who is called a chamar is a person who is only skin deep, materialistic with lower consciousness; their spiritual evolution stops. Chamar is not a caste but a state of poor being. Saying so, the Maharishi left the court.
Unfortunately, there are numerous pictures of Ashtavakra Ji in google images with a bodi, bald head with the exception of a stream of hair flowing down from the back and midst of the scalp. Brahmins may have a bodi but Maharishis do not. Rishis had and have unshorn hair on their scalp, they respected/respect God’s gift.
Thank you to my radiant sibling @gurbaniwisdom, for this beautiful Sakhi. I am so grateful. 🙏🏼
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