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Missing these little ones already! I loved coaching every single one of these kids. They are awesome climbers and no doubt will continue to get stronger and become even better! (Only about half of the team) #almostthesameheight #shortgirlprobs #im23not12 #climbing #elevationclimbinggym

Got my school scrubs today. The xs looks like a large and my pants are pulled past my belly button, but I got em! Haha please ignore the ratchetry that is my hair at the moment. #abc #vetassistant #shortgirlprobs

When you're 5'2" and the Cuban volleyball players are 6'9" #ShortGirlProbs

Hey 2016, you've treated me well. #nye #hello2017 #shortgirlprobs #EvDontKnowKeithUrban


Keeping busy during prom season and working on a major hem @sewingbyday #alterations #shortgirlprobs #prom

Had to take this pic outside the pool because we can't stand in the 5ft.πŸ˜‚ #shortgirlprobs #noicecreammachine #vaca

Just getting checked into my hotel for this big conference! My cousin Halley just dropped me off. We had an amazing time together!! She and I did some seriously good discount shopping. I'm talking like scoring $0.70 undergarments and $1.50 bralettes that are insanely cute! Then her and Mike took me to the BEST southern comfort food I've ever had!!! This morning we enjoyed another delicious breakfast that was to die for.
Best of all is always all the laughter and giggles we have together! So many fond memories. It's always fun to be around your people who you have the fun inside jokes with and who you can really be yourself around πŸ–€. I adore you both Halley and Mike! I can't wait for my next visit!! PS: yes I'm on my tippy toes and we are second cousins 😜(see other photos in this post). #shortgirlprobs #thedynamicduo


Keeping busy during prom season and working on a major hem @sewingbyday #alterations #shortgirlprobs #prom

When you want to check how you look in the mirror, but this happens instead. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚#shortgirlprobs #WeLitTho #collegelife