Camping is another place where our food wraps shine. They’re light weight, take up very little room and double as a cover to keep bugs out of your food. Beeswax & Cotton Food Wraps. Never leave home without them. We hope you’re all enjoying your Victoria Day Long Weekend. #foodwraps #dontleavehomewithoutthem #abparks #crimsonlakeprovincialpark #crimsonlake

I can’t get over how amazing the pattern/fabric of this cardigan is! What’s more amazing are the people behind it! @aceandjig is an unreal female owned company. Who works with Artisans in India, that use ancient hand looms to weave their gorgeous fabrics while offering fair and dignified working environments. The planet and it’s people come first in every step of their supply chain. It blows me away that so much purpose and care is put into making their clothing. I can’t begin to explain all the things they are doing, Thank you @fieldstudyshop for bringing such spectacular brands to Calgary! 💕 #slowfashion

Ready for Monday after a celebration filled weekend! After trying around twelve outfits 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ before going out Saturday night, I decided to wear a dress I bought in 2011 that I had only worn twice before. The fashion industry relies on planned obsolescence and makes us ‘feel’ that if our clothes are not new or on trend, they are no longer valuable. Times are changing! #30wears ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Our fan favorite Anju Robe by @sudaragoods featuring Founder + CEO Tarul and scrambled eggs 💁🏽

Make it a Fantastic Saturday❣️

The Royal Wedding got us like... 🥂

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex! 😘

📸 @dharpooja, for @browngirlmag 💄@saminaartistry_ 👗@sudaragoods

We can't wait for our first NYC Pop Up with the amazing @shopkynah and @reematdesigns_! Come enjoy a glass of wine, get to know us, and shop your heart out on June 2nd! See you there ❤️

Thankful for all the local boss babes that keep my wardrobe inspired! ☺️

It’s Friday! Find your favorite outfit in your closet & wear it, just because❣️
#sunshine #timeless #ootd #shopyourcloset

A groundbreaking victory for religious freedom: @aclu_nationwide client Lt. @maysaa.ouza becomes the first Air Force JAG Corps Officer to wear Hijab. Read the full story using the link in our bio! #ThankYouACLU

When you purchase your Sanaya Set, 10% of net proceeds go to an organization that aligns with our values. We are proud to be giving back to the ACLU for our Spring 2018 collection ✊🏽❤️

Shop with intention today at sanayaset.com

Women are changing the fashion industry!✨
Yesterday evening, I was honored to be a panelist in a discussion on #ethicalfashion following a screening if #planetblue , a documentary on the environmental impact of fashion, specifically within the denim industry. 🌎
We have such AMAZING power, as consumers, to effect positive change in the world, for the conditions of our planet and the people on it. 🌿
Thank you, @assets.pa, for setting up this event, and for the #sheownsit program, empowering women in business! 🙌🏾
#assetspa#ethicalfashion #ecofriendly #purchasewithpurpose #shopwithintention #makeadifference #bethechange

I understand what it’s like to ‘shop til you drop’ and still feel it’s never enough. I’d wear items a few times and feel the need to shop again - even though I had a closet full of beautiful clothing with outfit potential.
Shopping is not “just shopping” - it hits emotional buttons. For some, shopping has become our hobby, our escape, our chance to rack up credit card debt. “Retail therapy” right? Wrong! How many times have you bought something that you’ve never worn? Too many times? SAME, girlfran 😔
But I made a change. I started to pay attention to the negative impact the Fashion Industry was having on the environment, humans, and creativity. What about you? Are you ready to make a change? I challenge you to start small by tracking what you wear! It’s an easy and effective way to see what you really love in your closet and what you don’t. Here’s how to do it:
1. Find a notebook.
2. At the top of the page, write “Wear Tracker” (or something more clever).
3. Each day, write down and accurate description of the items you wear that will resonate with you the next time you wear it. For example, if you have two polka dot tops, one blouse and one tee, you will want to differentiate these so you don’t track inaccurately. For example, “Black Polka Dot LS Blouse” vs “Black Polka Dot Tee."
4. Make a tally mark beside the item description each time you wear it.
At the end of the season, separate your worn items from your unworn items and get curious: what did you love about the pieces you continually wore? The colour? Style? Fabric? The way you felt in each piece? That you knew how to style them? And on the contrary - why didn’t you wear the other pieces?
I think we all get a little too greedy sometimes when it comes to fashion and style. We want it to be affordable, but we want top quality. We want to support local, but aren’t willing to spend the money. The more time we spend thinking about WHY we are wearing what we’re wearing, the more we will love our clothes, and in turn, wear them!

I hope that your week has been full of laughter and sunshine ☀️
This black & white timeless dress is so fabulous especially because it has polka dots & pockets! It was saved from going into the landfill❣️
#laughter #timeless #sunshine

B&C HQ is moving. Bear with us for the next couple of days as we get settled in our new space for the summer. We will have some new retail announcements for you next week. Have a safe and happy Victoria Day weekend friends! #camping #happyplace #stopandsmellthecampfire #alwayswelcome #summer #caravankids

We had an incredible time at the @nominetwork 8th Annual Gala - what a special night! Thank you, Princy, for letting us be part of the night. Nomi Network raised over $400K and counting for the fight against human trafficking and modern day slavery in India and Cambodia. •
Nomi Network is a vital nonprofit that creates economic opportunities for survivors and womxn at risk of human trafficking in Cambodia and India. The organization is named after Nomi, an 8 year old survivor of sex-trafficking in Cambodia. To learn more about this incredible organization and their impact, please visit nominetwork.org

"Know me, know my story, know my success" ✊🏽❤️ #KnowMe2018 #NomiNetworkGala2018

WINNER- CONGRATS @livysimpson 🎊 THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT! 🧡🧡🙌🏻 GIVEAWAY 🙌🏻🧡🧡 As if offering our shoes at $10 wasn’t enough to do a happy dance 💃... we are going to give away one of our handmade, real suede leather natural brown bags. YES. I know 😍❤️Here are all the details on how to be eligible...
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The amount of strength and purpose I have gained this year has been monumental! We are only 5 months in and this is easily becoming one of the most important years of my life! 📷:@s.t.k.photography

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