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We were patient...and they've finally arrived. #swellbottle back in stock! #shopwithintention #indigochicago #peaceloveyoga #mindfulgoods

Comfy weekend post-yoga wear! #indigochicago #mindfulgoods #shopwithintention

Tis the season for sweatshirts and cuddly clothes! Yay!☀️ #indigochicago #peaceloveyoga #mindfulgoods #shopwithintention


Abide, then advocate. Something that has been stirring in my heart today, is how we must first abide, abide with the one who gives us the strength we need to be able to advocate. Showing up each day, trying to be a voice for the voiceless and hope for the hopeless, it’s hard. It’s beautiful and life giving in many ways, but it is also hard. It is hard to push our selfish desires to the side show up for others. We truly can only serve well, advocate and fight for others well, after we quiet ourselves and abide in the one who is the giver of all life. So whatever your season of life, whatever your call, may you first abide, then advocate.

I love this color palette for bridging Fall to Winter! And you’ll love how comfortable they are! Shop sweetcharityclothing.com this weekend for these great new additions. #wevegotyourstyle #shopsmall #purchasewithpurpose #madeintheusa #ethicallymade #shopwithintention #shopwithintegrity

Last chance to get some beautiful “Grateful Heart Boxes” in time for Thanksgiving. Grab some for friends, family, and potentially even homeless shelters or domestic violence shelters. Let’s bring more hope to those who feel hopeless this season!
Orders must be in by 9am tomorrow for Thanksgiving delivery! ❤️

Only two blanket scarves left in stock!! This is a product that will not be restocked, so if you have wanted one, make sure you grab it before they are gone!

A beautiful morning in Colorado! Catch me at the Denver German ChristKindl Market this year offering Fair Trade Nepali winter treasures. Shop with intention this season :) Who will you directly support and benefit with your holiday purchases this year?
#ChristKindl #Denver #FairTrade #FromNepalWithLove #ShopLocal #ShopFairTrade #ShopWithIntention #SerenityTibet #TisTheSeason

Thank you so much to EVERY SINGLE person that came out last night! It was a successful evening for the shop and we are so so grateful!! May I also say a HUGE thank you to these ladies right here. Standing with me, making gorgeous products for me, and genuinely uplifting me and my family through every step of this adoption. Thank you so much for your support of these ladies and of myself and my family through our current adoption. We are so so grateful!!And if you weren’t able to make it, but genuinely were hoping to make it out, shoot me a PM for FREE SHIPPING if you place an order by tomorrow at midnight! ❤️

Have you had a stressful week? Come out to our meet the artisan event this evening where I will be giving out free 5 min massages!! ❤️ All info in previous post!

Friends, come out, say hello, meet our AMAZING artisans and leave with some Christmas gifts if you would like. We would be so honored to have you here! ❤️

Friends, do you have someone you are grateful for this season? What better way to celebrate others by affirming them with one of our brand new Grateful Heart boxes!! Thy include homemade cookies, an essential oil roll-on or coconut oil moisturizer and a customizable card to affirm someone in your life. They start at $15 and are now live in the shop!! 🎉
Thanksgiving boxes must be ordered by this Saturday for on time delivery!
Shop link in profile!

This. This is one of my favorite necklaces in the shop. It is simple yet incredibly versatile. The leather necklace is adjustable so you can make it short or long and can go with so many outfits!! We only have one in the shop, so don’t miss out if you like it! (Shop link in profile)

Tomorrow!!! Don’t miss it! We are so looking forward to having you and meeting you personally! ❤️

Eek!!! Friends, can we PLEASE chat about some new fabric that I just received today from the wonderful @letlovegrow ! She so graciously brought some home with her recently from Uganda. It is like a dream come true as I have desperately wanted to integrate more of Africa into our shop!! We have so many amazing ideas for these beautiful fabrics, so stay tuned! And, go check out Lovelyn’s amazing organization as well @shineuganda . It is a village empowerment initiative in rural Uganda, preserving families, preventing orphans and proclaiming the gospel. So basically my soul sister. I am just so grateful the Lord has brought us together!! ❤️

Can we also talk about how beautiful this bag is? Handcrafted by our artisan Mary. It is the perfect size too!! ❤️❤️ We have 2 of these made and ready to ship out!

Seriously cannot say enough good things about this kimono jacket! It is made out of the softest material ever!! And the pockets are just my fave! You can order one through the link in profile!!

Friends, we are TWO days out!! So excited! Will you join us?!! Come meet all of our amazing artisans who are a part of the shop and see all of our products firsthand!! ❤️❤️❤️
Also, I will be giving away a 1/2 hour massage!! 😍 Don’t miss it!

And friends, feel free to bring your children if you need, or take some time without them if you would rather! ❤️ Wed. Nov. 15th
476 Bellflower Dr,
Valparaiso, IN, 46383

So thank you so much to those of you who came out and said hello to me at our first ever vendor fair yesterday. I have been wanting to post, but wasn’t quite sure what to say? Then, as I was reading the lovey @dancestandrun by @jessaconnolly this evening I came across these words “I’m going first”. It was the perfect reminder for me to simply be completely honest, share my heart and be vulnerable in an industry that I feel tried to paint the perfect picture. Saturday was hard. We had $51 in cookie/caramel sales with $0 in product sales. After staying up until 1:00am the morning before preparing, I have felt deflated and questioning to say the least. Questioning if I am going about our adoption the wrong way, questioning this idea, questioning all of it. But then a beautiful soul commented on an image this morning and spoke more truth than I could utter to my heart myself. She reminded me that “we are being a voice to the voiceless. This is where Jesus is always”. Yes. This is it. My job is simply to be obedient and I truly believe this shop, our adoption is being just that. Being a voice for the voiceless and I will not give up the fight so easily for that. For we are not just fighting for our future children but also for children worldwide. It is our hope and prayer that this company might grow and expand to be able to not only help other families adopt in the future, but more importantly that we might be able to come alongside organizations aiding in prevention of orphans as well. Let’s do this friends. I’m going first to say that this weekend was hard, it was a lot of work with not much reward, but the fight is not over and I am not giving up. Will you continue to stand with us on this journey?! We can’t do it without you!

Can't get enough of vintage plant accessories 😍

Hey friends!! Just wanted to put a little reminder out that these soaps were kindly donated to our shop, so once they are out they are out. So, if you have been wanting one, don’t miss out. We will be at the @hannahshope18 vendor event tomorrow at Portage High School from 9am-3pm, so they have the possibility to sell out there. Just wanted to keep you posted!! And if you are local, please come stop by and say hello!! ❤️

Hi friends! I'm working on a new project 👉 Bubblegum Pixies. These handmade dolls are one of a kind and made from 100% recycled fabrics by my best friend's mom in Montreal. It would mean the world if you would pop over to @bubblegum.pixies and check it out. 💓

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