With our time in #Vanuatu almost an end, there’s a lot of things I’m nostalgically notching on a list of “stuff to remember always”. The packs of pikinini playing, completely oblivious of the adult world turning around them, is definitely one of them. Captured by @brazucapacker

It’s officially the weekend ... what is in store for you? You can see us at markets this weekend in Sydney, we’ll be having fun chatting with customers and catching up with fellow stall holders. #marketlifeisthebestlife

(...or if you’re at home having a pj day tomorrow - check us out online. Link in bio.)

Today we are exploring the green, green country of Ireland. 😍 Whose been to Ireland ? What should we eat ? 🍽
Whose been to Bundoran, Donegal, or Sligo? Tell me your favorite spots.

F R I Y A Y ! I just stopped by @umutima_rwanda at their new location near the Convention Center, they have a wide selection of their products , so if you don't want to go to Nyamirambo, you can go there now !
#waxgoingon #waxisthenewblack

Our Blazer Matisse and paperbag pants Josephine make a perfect match. Check out our highlights for more looks of our new collection.
Unser Blazer Matisse und Paperbag Hose Josephine ergeben einen schönen smart-casual Look. Entdecke in unseren Highlights weitere Looks der neuen Kollektion.
Photographer @tenderwilderness
H&M @mayartist
Designer @huynh.tini
Model @charlinebrowne

Forwards ever... 🍊

That out of the office feeling ~ have a great weekend everyone! 💦💧 Featuring the Ulu Suit in Indigo! ⠀

Handcrafted by Elijah in Dagoretti, our Triple bar Necklace is a bold statement piece that is great for any occasion. This piece is carefully crafted from brass and hammered by hand.
It’s called the Triple Bar Necklace since it has three parallel bars stacked on top of each other.
This piece has great movement, adding swag to any outfit you choose.
Simplicity at its finest.
Available for 3500 KES.
Message us to order.

Damn ya so fine, Pussy so Good I can't get ya off my mind 🎯💪. DOUBLE TAP 💯 .
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. Ending Thursday with a shirtless throwback

We love tumeric in everything: food, milk, and now on our faces! @aptoskincare tumeric healing mask is 🔥💛

Let’s talk about skin colour! ————————————-
Here’s me after two days on the beach. I’ve got a lovely tan, my skin is so smooth and positively glowing! Foundation has been relegated to the bottom of my makeup bag and I feel amazing. I think (being a very light skinned Asian) I look healthier with a tan. .
But it’s got me thinking about all the advertising I’ve been seeing on my travels, about skin whitening creams. Every where I go, I see images of women looking happy and successful once they’ve lightened their dark skin. Even in this day age we promote and perpetuate prejudice through the idea of light skin being far superior to dark skin. It all goes back to ideas around class, money and colonial racism. There’s even prejudice within races - for example in India a dark skin is seen as a barrier to marriage and opportunities and therefore looked down on.
Being mixed race, where one parent is white, is again considered better for getting ahead in life. All these levels of prejudice just don’t help our understanding of racism. I also think people with power and privilege use the success of people of colour with light skin, such as celebrities, to claim, people of colour are doing better. In doing so, this veils the marginalisation of those with dark skin and skews our definition of racism. —————————————
All I know is that I’m proud of my shade of melanin, my race, my ethnicity, and everything thing else that results in me being me. In me being brown (ish). 😊
Necklace and earrings by the gorgeous @ivylace_london ——————————————
What do you think? I’d love to hear your thoughts 😊

We’ve found it! The perfect red dress from @seasidetones_aus and it is made from soft, cool linen. Perfect for a summer party. This rich red is stunning and I can see it looking so good on so many people. We have so many fabulous new frocks in store and online now, head to our stories to see more. Open until 4 today with @lovelyera in to help you find the perfect dress. Have a gorgeous day lovely ones! xx

Our gear is gender neutral meaning any and every kid can wear it! Swipe to get ideas on how to accessorize for the littles in your life.❤️
[Find all of these awesome accessories and our tees @tutto.bambino Studio & Boutique!]
#chipmunklane #genderneutral #ecokids #ecoconscious #ecofashion #sustainablefashion #sustainablestyle #ethicalfashion #ethicalstyle #greenfashion #greenkids #kidsclothes #currentlywearing #instafashion #kidsfashion #stylishkids #organic #recycle #leadbyexample #madeinusa #shopsmall #shopethical #communityovercompetition

When you purchase ethical clothing, what's your why? We'd love to hear the purpose behind your purchases, as we celebrate ethical shoppers & the way their intentionality is shifting the fashion industry, one dollar a time! SO, tell us: why do you #shopethical?

Today I have what is known as ‘Friday hair’. It’s so dirty that styling options become pretty limited 😂.
I’m just grateful that @saltyhair_thelabel have made these sweeter than life head scarves that make it look like Tuesday hair 💁🏽‍♀️😉

Mima lanzará por primera vez en Miami su colección de sandalias MAYA , elaboradas artesanalmente en cuero con telas de colores diversos ! Sabemos que les encantará !
- - -
Mima is launching her sandal collection MAYA in Miami, FL. Elaborated by Nicaraguan artisans with leather and fabric in different colors. We know you'll love it! #miami #shoplocal #artisanal

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