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In order to show up and be the best for your spouse, or kids, or boss, or for your dreams... you need to take care of yourself.

“Treat yourself!” Should be an everyday phrase and task because you are worth taking care of. You are worth setting aside time for. You are not selfish in doing so.

It may not be a gift to yourself each time, but time.. a glass of cold water.. a tv show you enjoy.. or even a nap!

So treat yourself woman! Show up and be the best you.

If you don’t have a peplum in your closet, you are missing out. Especially when that food baby hits. 🤭🤰🏽

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed? I sure do! Kudos to you SAHM out there, because being a nanny is kicking my butt right now. Finding time for me is critical so that I can show up, be present, and give 100%. Everyone benefits when “Taytay” is rested and cared for.

Follow these steps to give yourself time to recoup every chance you get if you are feeling overwhelmed today.

1. Breathe in for 6 seconds.
2. Exhale for 13 seconds.
3. Repeat, and place your hand on your heart to feel it slow down.
4. Look in the mirror & say out loud,
“I am worthy. I am beautiful. I can do this.”

Confidence. I want YOU to exude confidence.

Stop settling for less than you deserve. You are worth investing in. Invest in caring for yourself. Invest in your hobbies, your health, your joy. Invest in what makes you feel, look, and be confident.

For a long time I believed the lies the devil told me. I believed that everyone around me was more important than me. And in being so “selfless”, I became selfish because I was denying myself the love and care I needed & I wasn’t able to love and care for others to the best of my ability. The second I started caring for me, my confidence bursted, my joy overflowed, and my heart became full so that I could love on those around me.

How are you going to invest in yourself today? Trust me, your confidence will thank you for it!

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This picture was taken during the most difficult time in my life. I was deep in the grasp of depression & each day was a fight. That smile is soooo fake. My hair hasn’t been done in weeks. I have no makeup on. I wore that T-shirt to bed the night before.

I don’t know why this picture was taken, but I am so glad it was! It shows a lot of imperfections. It reminds me that I am in desperate need of my Savior on the good days and the bad. And it encourages me to fight each day because I am worthy of love despite my brokenness named depression.

If you are in the spot I was when this picture was taken, don’t be afraid. Put on your armor and fight for tomorrow because you ARE worthy! & you are NOT alone!

I’m praying for you sisters!!

I’m in a deep season of waiting right now. And I can’t reiterate how much my personality & heart hates it. Y’all I really hate it. ❤️ BUT GOD in His abundant love and grace for me has shown me in the past how trusting Him has drawn me near to Him & If I have any goal in this life, it is to be as near to His heart as possible! ❤️ So bring on the trusting & waiting. For my Savior has a plan for me. ❤️ Anybody else waiting with me?

Monday. Monday’s are hard. When early mornings, traffic, clouds, and cold weather get in your way of joy... put on a perfect outfit and smile anyways! We’ve got this. Monday, I am about to conquer you! How are you conquering your Monday?? 🗓

It was a rough morning. Between the dog jumping in the tub with me, waking up sick, & slicing two fingers open... I was ready to go back to bed and try again tomorrow by 10am. BUT God had other plans, I pushed through and had a great day shopping with my best friends, celebrating a bride to be, and now I’m snuggling with my family. Thanks for the rough morning God because you taught me to appreciate the little things more! 🖤

Don’t fret, another snow day means EXTRA cuddles with your kiddos, MORE coffee in your pajamas, and a moment to have some time for YOU! Grab a cup of coffee, take a deep breath, you’ve got this. ❄️⛄️☕️

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It’s SO easy in a world full of social media to feel like we HAVE TO portray a perfect image. I’m here to tell you that is a BIG lie that the devil has put in our minds. There’s NO pressure to have perfect pictures, perfect captions, and definitely not a perfect life. So here I am, toilet in the background, dirty towels hanging, and imperfections all around. Let the perfection go and just be yourself. Stop working so hard to impress the world & start putting energy into showing yourself to Jesus!
Also coziest sweater ever.

I have a lot to be grateful to Martin Luther King Jr. I love reflecting on his legacy and impact on my life. But I also love to think about the ways he still encourages me to be a change maker! 🧔🏿💁🏽‍♀️👩🏻

Has anybody else already had a rough year? 👋🏽 I am right there with you. Trying to choose joy but sometimes it is SO hard.

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Hey friends! Long post alert! But trust me you want to hear this story!

My name is Taylor for those of you who may not know me. I struggle with depression and anxiety. In fact that picture you see was taken on one of the hardest days of my life. It took an act of God to get me across that stage—Not because I didn’t want to but because my depression was so crippling. Change was the culprit along with a few traumatic experiences at my job. I just wanted to crawl into a corner and cry. I quit my job & with the help of my amazing husband took a leap of faith and accepted a position as a nanny. I’ve had a year of rediscovery myself, fighting anxiety and depression each day, and learning grace and contentment. But this past year I have had a difficult time finding purpose and realizing my passion...

I found an inspiring woman online (Ashley LeMieux who also had a difficult year and was struggling at the same time I was). I had followed her for quite some time because of her nonprofit, The Shine Project, but her posts started to stand out to me. They were full of encouragement to find joy in the midst of pain & pushed me to keep going. Her dependence on God and her passion for family, urban youth, and encouraging others was like looking in a mirror at times. •
Fast forward 8 months of following her journey and she announced a Stylist program! I am NOT a business person nor do I have any desire to sell things to people, BUT I figured if she had impacted my life, maybe I could impact others!

Soooo here I am by God’s grace in my life and a desire to serve those around me! I love encouraging people, I love community, and the clothes are just an added bonus!

Introduce yourself below!

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