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Yes, I CAN do hard things.💪🏻

I’ve been noticing lately some self sabotaging. The patterns have been present for a long time, but in the context of running a business + first year of marriage, I’m finally able to call it what it is: stupid lies.
See, there’s part of me that believes I am destined to fail. That a procrastinator is who I am. That I’m a girl with big dreams who isn’t going to follow through. That I can start things, but I can’t finish strong.
Today, I’m changing the narrative.
Yes, I can be successful.
Yes, I can finish what I start.
Yes, I can focus.
Yes, I can follow through.
God has a plan for me and it is for FREEDOM. Why would I let limiting beliefs hold me back?

Guess what... the same is true for YOU. What are you saying “yes, I can” to?

@theshineproject #standupandshinechallenge

A little late but joining the #standupandshine challenge with Ashley LeMieux at @theshineproject ! Sometimes I need a good reminder that if it’s Gods will, I work hard, pray and never give up that yes I can do it and you can too. ❤️


Today’s #standupandshinechallenge is alllll about self-doubt. I’m the queen of self-doubt. And my anxiety intensified my natural self-doubt. Sometimes in fact, I doubt I can even breathe.

And I’m not kidding. Anxiety can be all consuming just like self-doubt.

However, we have an amazing God who has already named us daughters, worthy, and loved. Our weaknesses are made strong through Him! Amen to that! And we can do ALL THINGS through Him!

So today, I had to write this reminder on my hand. I had to so I would see it every second of the day. To be reminded of my worth & my abilities.

I can achieve my goals. I can get 10,000 steps. I can have a joyful day. I can. I will.

So take that Satan! No self-doubt here today! ❤️

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Rainy day cozies 🌧
When you find the perfect outfit combo for a rainy day that is basically like wearing your pajamas outside but still totally put together, yeah - I’ve found the perfect combo and it’s all thanks to the @shopashleylemieux cardigan and these embellished joggers from @nyandcompany ! You can shop everything from the look with the #linkinbio ! This outfit was perfect for yesterday’s gloomy weather and even more perfect for a belated #galentinesday movie date! What’s your favorite thing to do on rainy days? .
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Saturdays used to be my favorite day of the week.

I mean what’s better than lazy mornings, late big breakfasts, Netflix, naps, and family? I would eagerly await Saturdays ALL WEEK.

Until my anxiety hit. And Saturdays became the worst day of the week. Routine is a huge part of keeping my anxious mind under control, so to have a whole day with “nothing planned” made my world turn upside down.

So the only way to combat it was to find tasks to occupy my day. We tried everything from walking the mall, driving around the fancy neighborhoods in town, and going for long walks. The anxiety slowly subsided...

What flipped the switch? I began to find joy in all of the little things (like the sound of rain, long drives riding shotgun, & splurging on myself).

Sure I have a rough Saturday every now and then, but when you can’t find that “automatic contentment”, throw your hands up and FIND JOY ANYWAY! It’s easier than you might think!

Getting settled back in from our trip to Florida. Grocery runs, 6 hours in the Apple store to fix my Mac book, apartment cleaning, nannying and doctors appointments. Before our trip I was in the mindset that I should get back into our normal routine, so I signed up to nanny, and didn’t realize I would be nannying on our first married Valentine’s Day. Oops. 😂 Our sailboat adventure became our early Valentines Date and we loved it so much. Happy Friday!

Despite a year that has looked super exciting on social media, it’s also been incredibly hard.

Yes, I fell madly in love with the cutest boy and planned a magical woodland wedding.
Yes, I went full time in my photography business.
Yes, I was part of leadership teams that launched 2 new ministries - Tribe at @burningheartsfargo & @wellwaterfargo.

But the reality is, despite the AMAZING new adventures, it was one of the hardest years of my life as I grieved my parents’ divorce and watched my family in heartbreaking daily pain.
One of my “they don’t know me but I love their story” inspirations this year has been @theshineproject. She lost her children and seeing the way she grieved publicly while still inspiring so much hope has challenged me.
She’s hosting a free mentorship challenge on instagram next week called #standupandshinechallenge. Go check it out and tell me if you plan to join in!

As far as an official intro goes for anyone stumbling upon me from this challenge - I’m Olivia Alnes. I’m a new wifey who loves Jesus and people. My day job is a wedding photographer, but my passion is in writing and working with young women. I co-lead an outreach with women in my local sex industry. Fargo, ND is my home and I love the community that’s so warm even below zero temps can’t drive me away.
I’m excited to connect with such a sweet, special community of people who are brave and kind.

Everybody needs a little encouragement, motivation, and a community to thrive on difficult circumstances which is why I have chosen to participate in the #standupandshinechallenge by @theshineproject ! The past year was hell for me. I was battling anxiety, depression, change, hopelessness. I needed support. And I found a glimmer of shine in Ashley LeMieux and her story which is also why I started this business! Come learn how she handled the most difficult year of her life & what kept her moving forward. Will you join me?

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Happy Valentine’s Day 💝 I had to laugh while looking through my Timehop this morning, because it was full of posts from past years talking about “how single” I was. So this year I am so honored that God has blessed me with the best Valentine I could’ve ever asked for!
- - - - - - -
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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Happy Valentine’s Day,
I Love You. ❤️
This look + all its details are now on the blog.
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Happy Valentine’s Day!

“If I asked you who you love in this world, how long would it take for you to name yourself?”

You cannot fully love someone else until you first love yourself. Loving yourself allows you to have high standards, create boundaries, culminate space for what you deserve, and open your heart to a deeper love.

So put your name at the top of your list. Love yourself today and everyday!

SURPRISE!! One of my favorite holidays is Valentine's Day...
So, we are giving you $14 FREE, to put towards any piece(s) that you've had your eye on!❤! Cart must have at least $28 in it before code is used for offer to be valid.
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The Mauve Duster is perfect for days when we experience Winter and Summer all in one day, thanks California. ☀️

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I started #shopashleylemieux to have an accessible and affordable clothing company created for Women Who Do...

I get how hard it all is. You all are dang champions in my eyes.

I want to help you have a stronger community of support, to have quick access to tools that will help inspire you and get you Unstuck in tough moments in life, and to share what I've learned through my ups and downs.

So, I am launching a 5 Day mentorship challenge called Stand Up and Shine. I'm going to be sending you videos and tools everyday for a week... of the exact things I have done to help me shine in my life and to find the courage to get back up even when life has sucker punched me.

Those who do the challenge will be entered to win over $3k worth of cash and prizes... (and #shopashleylemieux shop credits too!) All you need to do right now is click the link in our bio to sign up, and tag a friend below who you want to do the challenge with.

I can not wait to do this with you! It starts Sunday! (The same day as this beauty launches with new arrivals 😊😍)

In order to show up and be the best for your spouse, or kids, or boss, or for your dreams... you need to take care of yourself.

“Treat yourself!” Should be an everyday phrase and task because you are worth taking care of. You are worth setting aside time for. You are not selfish in doing so.

It may not be a gift to yourself each time, but time.. a glass of cold water.. a tv show you enjoy.. or even a nap!

So treat yourself woman! Show up and be the best you.

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