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What pieces have you bought from our crazy warehouse sale?! Let us know, we can't wait to see you in them! There's still time to shop through the link in our bio! The codes to get FREE clothing tonight are two posts back! #shopashleylemieux

We released this Navy Zip Up Jumper (perfect for nursing too) just in time for our sale! There's still a handful left. So many pieces are marked down to $14.99, and for every $65 you spend, you get a FREE clothing item! Check our last post for details. Sale is 24 hours only so shop now through the link in our bio #shopashleylemieux

Tomorrow morning at 10 AM CT we will be releasing the discount for our online warehouse sale that will get you FREE CLOTHING 🙈😭🙌🏻

We are blowing out our entire inventory to prepare for moving our warehouse, and it's the BIGGEST sale we've ever done. It lasts 24 hours only. This Everyday Maxi Dress comes in red and real, and will be only $14.99 🙈 For every $65 you spend you'll get one SAL exclusive $14.99 piece FREE (up to four free pieces)

Read our important details for shopping tomorrow on our video two posts back, be a good friend and tag your girls to let them know, and see you tomorrow!!!! #shopashleylemieux

You see what you’re aware of. We’ve all heard the example, you buy a blue car & on the way home from the dealership the only color cars you see on the road are blue! These blue cars didn’t suddenly appear out of nowhere, our perception just changed. This is true of so many other scenarios. .
Take time for example. I know, I just jumped from blue cars to time but stick with me! When we have “busy” at the forefront of out minds that’s all we perceive. It feels like there is no room in our days or weeks for accomplishing goals or dreaming big dreams...busy trumps everything. .
What I’ve found is that when I shift my focus, I see what I need to see! When I look for time to work on my business, I find time! When I look for time to create, I find time to create! When I look for time to work on goals, I find that time too! Living life on auto-pilot allowing our days to just fill up is exhausting physically & emotionally. Feeling like your running in circles stinks.
What is it that you really want to do? What are your dreams? What kind of life do you want to create for yourself & your family? Be intensional! Look for bits of time & use them! Is there time while your waiting for your kids at appointments or practices? How about watching a less tv or maybe not scrolling on your phone? How about saying no once in a while?
You may just find that these moments become the fuel you need to do something great! I think they will! You may also find that your dog will curl up at your feet and snore while your working, but even that can be dear! .
What goals do you want to work on? What dreams are in your heart? Take the time ladies, you’ll be so happy you did! XO
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Our BIG online warehouse moving sale goes live on Tuesday at 10 AM CT! You'll be getting free clothing with a certain amount of money spent, PLUS everything is being sold up to 85% off!
The sale lasts for 24 hours only, AND IS OUR BIGGEST SALE OF THE YEAR. Tag your girl friends, and see you Tuesday morning! (PS this Katherine dress is one of my favorites 😍 And will be a part of the sale). #shopashleylemieux

7/11 Day! We got free slurpees after we went to the Sacramento Temple! Yay for all of that and it was my first time going to free slurpee day! I always think of @skimomma when I see 7/11! Happy Birthday! #loveYW #3weekstilcamp #lds #temple #fun #summer☀️ #shopashleylemieux

Happy Saturday! We love nothing more than seeing you babes wearing your #shopashleylemieux. Tag us in your photos! What's everyone up to today?!

BIG Announcement!!! We are moving offices in Phoenix, which means.... HUGE WAREHOUSE SALE!!!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS and tag your girlfriends,because next Tuesday, the 17th we will have a 24 hour HUGE Online Warehouse sale...

And If you're in Phoenix, on the 27th and 28th we are having a MASSIVE In person sale at our warehouse at 1140 e Washington street STE 109. The 27th from 9-4, and the 28th from 9-1. Get ready!!! #shopashleylemieux

Dear Alison Jumper, you are literally everything I ever dreamed of wearing. 😍😭😍 We just released this beauty, shop now through the link in our bio! #shopashleylemieux

What would you rather have: all your dresses have pockets... or all your dresses have florals? We can't decide! PS this dress comes in sizes small-XL! #shopashleylemieux

"You deserve to be happy. You deserve to live a life you are excited about. Don't let others make you forget that." #shopashleylemieux

The perfect amount of lace and flow, all wrapped into one. #shopashleylemieux

"There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk." Happy Monday. You got this. #shopashleylemieux

Ladies, a handful of new arrivals are LIVE and they are 😍😍😍 Shop now through the link in our bio! #shopashleylemieux #forwomenwhodo

@twistmepretty looking 😍in one of our #shopashleylemieux exclusive dresses. We love seeing you ladies add your own personal style to our clothing. Happy Friday everyone!

Happy 4th of July! Tag us in your #shopashleylemieux holiday outfits today!!!
Who's excited for fireworks?!

New arrivals are LIVE! And today only use code "July4" for 15% Off Your order site wide! (Includes sale items). Shop now through the link in our bio! #shopashleylemieux

Wearing our Red Midi skirt for 4th of July Weekend church services today! (It's only $14.99 by the way and you can click this photo to be taken to the listing) Who's excited for the 4th?! #shopashleylemieux

We just put this Creamsicle Jumper Dress up for sale! 😍 The link to purchase is in our bio! #shopashleylemieux

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