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We have an EXCITING announcement! We're having our first warehouse sale for #shopashleylemieux and @theshineproject at our Phoenix warehouse next Friday and Saturday! CRAZY deals, up to 70% off clothing and jewelry as low as $5!!! Click the link in our bio to RSVP, it's the perfect time to try pieces on in person and for back to school shopping. Bring your friends! #forwomenwhodo #shopashleylemieux

We just restocked our best selling Olivia dress for the last time! Go grab yours now through the link in our bio #shopashleylemieux #forwomenwhodo

Bumpin bumpin! If this pregnancy has taught me anything it's that yes, females are strong as hell!

I've started a project for @shopashleylemieux where I'll be sharing stories about #WomenWhoDo. As I've observed and shared my opinions of what social media "is" (shows off the highlights of life and not the struggles), I've felt urged to share stories about actual, real life.
My sister in law @carlsonfit is a "Woman Who Does". A mother, wife, sis, trainer, and more. Watch her story and be on the lookout for more spotlights in the future. #shopashleylemieux

We just launched an affiliate program where you can earn 8-15% commission just by sharing our brand with your friends! Go sign up and check out our new arrivals through the link in our bio. #shopashleylemieux #forwomenwhodo

Happy Friday ladies! I have a Backwards Waterfall braid tutorial for you to rock this weekend. We have new arrivals coming Sunday at 5 PM PST so come back then! 🎉❤ #forwomenwhodo #shopashleylemieux

Happy Friday ladies! Here's a tutorial that I get asked to do often, for 5 minute milkmaid braids! Tag us at #shopashleylemieux so I can see yours, and don't forget we have a TON of new arrivals coming Sunday at 5 PM PST. #shopashleylemieux #forwomenwhodo

I have good news! We were able to get more of the Henley Jumper that sold out so fast this weekend, and they should be here later this week! I've worn it twice the past three days... 😍 Happy Tuesday ladies #shopashleylemieux #forwomenwhodo

I'm so excited to announce we're launching an affiliate program tonight an hour after new arrivals go live (new arrivals at 5 PST, FB live at 6). This means you can make money from just sharing our brand with your friends online. Go join our Shop Ashley LeMieux Babes Exclusive Facebook Group to have access to our live launch video tonight so you can sign up! I'm SO excited!!! #forwomenwhodo #shopashleylemieux


Bumpin bumpin! If this pregnancy has taught me anything it's that yes, females are strong as hell!

Calling all Moms!! (Or just ladies in general...) I purchased this beauty from @shopashleylemieux when I was pregnant. I wore it at 9 months pregnant (yup, it fit!). I'm wearing it now AND it's totally breast feeding friendly! This is NOT a maternity/nursing clothing line, just an amazing line of women's clothes for #womenwhodo just follow the link below or #linkinthebio‼️ (no gimmicks, I just really love these clothes!)

Seriously love getting my clothes from Shop Ashley Lemieux and she just announced her new arrivals! You should seriously check them out, the prices are so good! I also love supporting other small businesses! ❤ Link is in my bio!

What a stunning bride-to-be! Just got engaged today to the love of her life. Couldn't be more happy for her and Ricky!! I love them so much! 💛#jessgetsarock #shopashleylemieux #ashleylemieux

Oh weekend how I adore you! Three cheers for Husband being home for family time and help with the kids, this amazing nursing-friendly dress, naps, iced coffee and a Netflix date! Now, if Luna and Dash could just sleep in tomorrow that would be weeked gold. What's everyone else up to this hot summer weekend?? Btw, you cam get this dress (and more like it from Ashley Lemieux...#linkinthebio) #weekendvibes

Happy Friday everyone! 🎉 Having a blast here at the #foodtographyworkshop and loving every minute of it! Seriously though - @bromabakery showed me how to properly use my Canon 6D and my mind is blown (among a ton of other things that I'm learning). Can't wait for the rest of the weekend with an amazing group of ladies!
Side note: wearing my @shopashleylemieux floral jumpsuit today and feel like I'm frolicking around in my pjs, but it's a socially acceptable outfit 😍
Thanks for catching me in action @sweetmelissadesserts!

When you finally make it to Friday and the weekend🙌 Also trying to hold my dress🤷‍♀️ Weird posing don't care because it's Friday✌️💃#shopashleylemieux #fridayfeeling

Glad I could wear my @shopashleylemieux dress which is so comfortable in this Texas heat at @advocare National Success School 2017! #advocare #successschool2017 #shopashleylemieux

I forgot to put my sunglasses on and my shoes were hurting so they didn't make the shot🙃but loving my @shopashleylemieux dresses! Especially in this heat!☀️

One of us made it to church today while the other two stayed home sick, and I bet you can't guess which! ⠀

Two of us got to spend the weekend cleaning out a broken freezer in the garage and scrubbing the defrosted chicken leakage smell and germs out of the garage instead of attending their fun date night plans canceled due to sickness. ⠀

All three of us headed to urgent care tonight after someone jumped off the bed and got a hairline fracture and the tiniest sling you've ever seen. ⠀

They say bad things come in threes, but I'm also looking through video of an enthusiastic toddler thrilled to ride in a cozy coupe at the pediatric urgent care and two parents laughing their heads off at the funny things he narrates while he drives the car through the office, and I'm realizing that some of the best things also come in threes. I'm grateful every day we got to be a family of three, even with a few more doctor visits than any parent hope to have. ⠀

Here's to fresh starts, to getting over first world problems, to doctors who dedicate their lives to helping others, and to tiny slings that give us hope that bigger issues can heal.⠀

#whitingfamilyphoto #familypictureproject
#gratitudeattitude #familiescanbetogetherforever #familiesareforever #Hisday #familyiseverything #toddlershenanigans

Looking back at the weekend✌️#shopashleylemieux #sundayfunday

Taking in fine art in style. Friends that SAL together are friends forever...or until the one friend kills the other for singing T-Swift's "Out Of The Woods" through each art exhibit. #areweintheclear #ashleylemieux #shopashleylemieux

Secret Garden vibes✌️🌼 #summersaturdays

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