drip 💧 tsunami’s 🌊over opp tides
#tb | 2015

the new way to get around town.

⛽️ “ 1 of the only constants in life is change. We think and desire different things at 25 than we at 40 than we do at 55. There may be a minority of people who pick something and can pursue that over decades, but those are the exception, not the rule. Defining a fragile long-term goal and molding yourself in its shape at all costs is no better than aimless floating. In fact, it’s worse, and there are real dangers that come with that. The real purpose of life isn’t to force a purpose and let that guide you under all conditions, but it’s to continuously redefine what it means to be better tomorrow than you are today.” - a #medium article

The goal is to make it through this whole day of bartending without rolling my eyes 🥅 #thelittlethings

Let’s get these crumbs

Hello Saturday.

The freeze is here. #stk #shoottokill #stkoutdoors #208

“It only gets easier.”

la famille royale

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