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I'm fascinated by what we have here on this earth 😍🌎 #earthday


Happy Friday!! Here's a #fridayintroductions for ya. I'm Elyse and I'm perpetually on the hunt for a cheese + charcuterie board that comes with the proper ratio of bread to toppings. Please inform me of any that you find. I leave half-full (or empty) cups of water all around the house, it's my "weird thing," and thankfully my husband just accepts me for who I am. Mind you, he leaves trails of chocolate chips around the house so I accept him for who he is too. We stand in our truth 😄 When I was a kid, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer at Seaworld, a writer, an ice skater, a professional flute player, and a police officer. None of those panned out so here we are. 💁🏻K, what's your weird thing??

Flashback Friday to one of those precious moments while nursing. I always love their tiny feet. In the beginning I did a lot of tandem feeding; now it's easier to nurse one at a time. It's also such a little bonding experience when you can just focus on the moment with one. Robert absolutely loves to nurse and is such a mama's boy. William tends to take a bottle much better, it makes me sad that he doesn't want to nurse as much; but it's also easier when I can nurse one and someone else can bottlefeed the other. I'm just still trying to figure all of these little things out and a lot of times I'm spending my life in survival mode; but I wouldn't change it for the world. Everyone keeps telling me to get them on a schedule; but I'm having such a hard time not listening to their own little independent voices.

Give Back: Today is employee appreciation day and we're celebrating with Carival at the Office Day. We like to do it right with a distinct attention to detail. Carnival at the office day comes complete with baloons, party hats, cotton candy, freshly made popcorn, clown noses, and face painting. Everybody loves to relive the nostalgic freedom of childhood which always proves to be the best way to escape the negative stresses of work. #LeadersOfTheNewSchool #HavasNewSchool @havasnewschool

Say say say ain't it been some kinda day. You and me been catching on like wildfire. _ Been a John Mayer, pizza and car ride style Sunday. 🎵🔥

Stay far from timid, only make moves when your heart is in it, and live the phrase "the sky's the limit" | @rachelcarnide | MUA @halesmakeup_


chief thief

suck dick

Sky view Jr prom 💃🏽


Why do we sacrificed time aimlessly..? We go through so much trouble to find enough time. To do things that we love, to see the people that we love. I constantly tell myself to stop wasting time. But the heart wants what the heart wants. It's a trickle down effect. But then we learn nothing is ever going to be enough. 👤: @marinasrosales


Ashley's beautiful engagement ring! I am now booking 2018 weddings & engagements! I still have some 2017 dates available! Email me for details! Ps...its the birthday of the beautiful bride to be that this ring belongs to, Happy Birthday Ash!

Salt water is good for the soul ✨

Duddha : 114/365 
The seductress located in KLCC. Will be featuring their food but meanwhile spot this feature wall when you are here (Motoko mode on)

tippin' my hat to the weekend

Sunday Funday Shoots w/ friends.

It's been snowing all day here in Edmonton and I am really missing the island and all that it encompasses. I can't wait for May because I get to see my mom, sister and spend 5 days near the water with Lorren and Leo! Wooohoo!! I think my soul will feel pretty refreshed after that trip but till then I'll reminisce over photographs and moments like this 💙


Say say say ain't it been some kinda day. You and me been catching on like wildfire. _ Been a John Mayer, pizza and car ride style Sunday. 🎵🔥


Gorgeous girl😍
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