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If you follow @atibalsights you probably have already seen this, but here is the chosen photo and the first of three contender product photos I did for them to accompany an article highlighting Atibal, slated to appear in the June issue of Shooting Industry Magazine. Although years ago I was a recurring contributing author for early computer related publications, this marks my first time having any of my photos in print for a nationally distributed firearms-centric magazine, so I'm very excited and very grateful to my friend Jimmy Labita for the opportunity. Jimmy has been instrumental in opening some new doors for me so I just wanted to publicly express my appreciation to him and say thanks a million.

#SHOTShow2017 here we come! With the relaunch of #grizzlytargets underway and the partnership with #3gunnation completed, 2017 is going to be one hell of a year!
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