And my ashes drift beneath the silver sky
Where a boy rides on a bike but never smiles
And my ashes fall on all the things we said
On a box of photographs under the bed 🎶 My Ashes - Porcupine Tree
#gabbybrooks #gabriellabrooks #shonmagazine

All the things that I needed
Wasted my chances
I have found myself wanting
When my mother and father gave me their problems
I accepted them all
Nothing ever expected
I was rejected, but I came back for more 🎶 My Ashes - Porcupine Tree
#gabbybrooks #gabriellabrooks #shonmagazine

Got in a great workout today, but I think I may have pushed myself a bit too hard because now I’m feeling a little sick 😷
#gabbybrooks #gabriellabrooks #shonmagazine

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