Где-то год не был на Арбате. В общем ничего не изменилось. Чего-то такого, ради чего хотелось бы заходить сюда чаще, не обнаружено / Old Arbat street once was the most popular touristic spot after the Red Square. The first pedestrian street in town. Now it’s one of many “renovated” streets #глазамиботинка #shoepointofview #shoeview #arbatstreet #ахарбатмойарбат #moscow2018

Unapologetically nude today and the start of a new series of #SeansPins #ShoeView

Loved running on grassy trails the last few days. The landscape has become more exciting to traverse. The smells and sounds remind me of summer.

Photo by @GroundedRunner.

New trainers? Ok why not!! 🙈

It’s definitely flip flop wearing weather today ✨ @ilsejacobsen #summerstyle #hellosun

No need for socks this afternoon on my easy run through local parks in the heat.
Nature appears brighter and more colourful now.

Photo by @GroundedRunner.

110,530 steps. 31.8 miles. Two theme parks. One (actually three) pair of unbeatable shoes. •

When we started planning our Disneyland trip, I automatically knew that I wanted to take my @bangsshoes with me because they are THE adventure shoe and I couldn’t imagine conquering Disney without them. Now after the hype of the trip and the post Disney blues have started, I still hold fast to the belief that these shoes are the only adventure shoes I ever want. •

They took me hiking across states, through the galaxy, under the sea, through a (not so) small world, and kept me able to park hop for five days. BANGS were and still are my number one shoe choice because not only were they built for adventures like this but they also help other people find their adventures. BANGS has helped over a thousand entrepreneurs in 69 countries, which means they’ve helped over a thousand people reach for their dreams. •

#livebangs #bangsblitz

seeing red

The view from my shoe yesterday during my easy-paced run on familiar countryside trails.

Photo by @GroundedRunner.

Jumped the gun a bit this morning taking my newbies on their first outing 🙋‍♀️😂 #wheresthesungone #eagerbeaver #newshoes #sandals #nastygal #shoeview #spring #monday #happyfeet

Good things come in threes 🤩 these @ilsejacobsen shoes are unbelievably light & comfortable...come & try them on to see for yourself! #nelledk #shoeview

Taking a #shoeview cue from @dawnrasmussen ...
Flight home has been delayed almost 3 hours, which means after a while I start getting bored and taking photos of odd stuff - like my feet. 🤷‍♂️

Dealt with muddy, sodden grass on my earlier run despite the spring conditions.
Still, I always accept different terrain as valuable experiences to build mental and physical toughness.

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