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I love it when they fight over me.

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Shout out to @oliverngy from @bigbassdreams for making my dads day yesterday at Lake Perris. This guy owns at swim bait bass fishing. He chatted with dad for a while and was super nice. Bummed I wasn't there!!! PS my dad made me make him an Instagram because of this pic haha... So follow him ASAP because he's funnier than I am @davegoettsch 🎣☀️⚓️ #bigbassdreams #lakeperris #mrkeg #dadsstoked

I honestly enjoy engaging with people on and off the water. Thank you guys for being genuine. Never hesitate to come over to say, "hello"! Hearing about how this project has motivated and inspired some of you guys to chase your own #DREAM has a reciprocal effect on me. #TheFishLife #EverybodyDREAMS #DontComeOverIfYouCrazy

THANKS CASEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shot to @Radii_footwear the #creez is real!

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