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Chiron in London! Video now on YouTube #Bugatti #Chiron #londoncars #Shmee150

• Mercedes-AMG s500 W222⚫

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So I've got 4900 miles on my LT. Yes I drive it. A lot. It's what it's supposed to happen when you have the power of GRAYSKULL. Ok no. .
Ive been pretty problem free until of course the morning Im supposed to drive down for #montereycarweek and meet with @p1youngin to chill and be cool like us cool people do. (SARCASM TRIGGER) I turn the car on. Turn off parking brake. Put it into drive. It goes nowhere. Parking turned itself back on. Turned parking brake off. It turns back on. Repeat about 35 times. At this point I figure it's finally happened. The dreaded McLaren electrical gremlin that shows up exactly at the worst time - like volcanic acne on your first date. It's like puberty and acne. It's supposed to happen but you don't know when. That also applies to getting burnt by a Tesla. It'll happen and at the most embarrassing time. Like when I've got my windows down gangsta leanin ans blowin up some Kendrick Lamar. And ludicrous mode kicks my ass. .
Anyways, I called about a million people and @p1youngin and @mclarensf called me at 615am to guide me through it. Turns out I didn't drive it for 3 weeks and battery was low. So this is what happens. Moral of the story? Don't stoplight drag a Tesla. Unless you're so dope you rave all day with your glowsticks , pacifiers, and shades. Go on with your Inner Fatboy Slim. #carweek

You have to #G16GLE 😄

Deviated stitching in yellow and a stick shift. Lovely. 😀 #porsche #caymangt4 #wheeliewednesday #savethemanuals

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A 🛡️ is the 🔑 to one's happiness!
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#koenigsegg #agerars #draken #regera #agerarsr #triplets #happiness #sweden


In a world full of red Ferraris, you want to look a little bit different. This guy did it.

Ferrari 488 Spider 🇮🇹
(3,9L • V8 • 670PS • 760Nm • RWD)
#ferrari #488 #spider

A lot of very nice BMW's at Tartan Tarmacs meet a while back!
#BMWM4 #BMW #M4 #Shmee150 #JonnyDouglasPhoto

50mm problems🙄
[@RoyalCarsMG Official Photographer]
#MercedesAMG #C63 #BlackSeries #RoyalCarsMG

Already dreading the off season ☹️
📸 by @gone.in.a.flash.photos


No edit on this one✌️

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