My morning lessons are over for a short while, and I have some blissful Quiet Time to myself, for my breakfast and my eternally robust To Do List for the studio.

A woman walks in, and walks directly away from where I was standing and stays, her back to me, staring at our wall.

I had greeted her as she came in, and after a polite moment or two, had asked if I could help. No, I couldn’t. So I then stood staring at her staring at the wall with her back to me, wondering what was going to happen.

After approximately four minutes she suddenly turned and walked directly to me and asked if she could use the toilet. I said yes. She used the toilet. And then she left. I said goodbye. She didn’t.

For a moment I stared at the wall she had stared at to confirm to myself that there definitely wasn’t anything on this wall, a wall I look at for most hours of most days, I’d not spotted before.

Confirmed. There really is nothing. That I can see anyway. When sober.

I then went to the toilets. All was in order. With the small addition of this here, uh, gift? Art work? Sign? Like The Wall, I studied this bequest for some time. Staring. Nope. Nothing. I couldn’t and still can’t see anything. Sober.

For a moment I contemplated a swift ‘sharpener’ of some variety, to ‘open my mind’ and ‘lift the veil of consciousness’. But deemed that it may have precisely the opposite effect at 9am on a Thursday after too many hours teaching and too few hours sleeping.

So, I dutifully cleared up my gift, and returned to my List.

The End.

And then one day we decided we were tired of sleeping in and doing whatever we wanted.....#gingerninja due Feb 2019 🧡👶🏻 #babyfinch #soexcited #freakingout #shitjustgotreal #summerbaby #summerbodyready #ranga #tingeofginge #6monthstogo

Last day I can wear this shirt...it’s go time baby Clayton 😊 #babyiscoming #shitjustgotreal

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