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Siced for this new setup! #shipyardskates #vinylconflict deck with custom shovelnose by @speedymcfaceplant Also put on a new set of #speedlabwheels artist series #griptapeart

Some dude brought his drone to the skatepark today and caught a few of my runs from a bird's eye view #vets #speedlabwheels #shipyardskates

You can break my heart and you can break my arm but you can't break my will, thanks to brothers Stewart, Henry, Bradford and Jeff for the session yesterday! Needed it bad!! ❤️🍻👊. #shipyardskates #rideshipyard #suffolk3

"You should hit those steps over there" @cdawganderson @dnsynko post @ss_galley #shipyardskates

Hittin Baltimore with the boys 🎥@trenthazelwood ⚓️#shipyardskates 💩#poopdeckvideo


Hell Yeah! @Regrann from @urbancamperphoto - You are only as old as you want to be. Sixty year old Dave Chiarino @chickndave has commited to stay young until he dies which is exactly what almost happened to him six years ago until skateboarding saved his life.

Dave was under constant stress which had a huge effect on his life. The lack of having a fun outlet caused him to have a heart attack. His doctor told him that he had to change his life or lose it.

He built an eight foot kidney shaped bowl in his backyard and started skating after a 20 year hiatus. His wife and my super good homie @gnpgirl has been a good sport on loosing her backyard. She is out there during every session sharing tasty barley pops, great stories, and yummy food.
This story does have a Happy ending. Dave is healthier and much happier these days. Skateboarding really did save his life.

Skateboarding has also saved many other people's lives. Not just from the physical benifit but the mental aspect as well. It gives a creative outlet. It gives a way to let out aggresion and mental pain. Skateboarding has saved people from suicide. It has saved me during my darkest times. I love skateboarding and will push the wooden toy until I die.

Mine and Dave's story is not unique. There have been many people who are still living today becasue of skateboarding. Please share your story in the comments.
My friend @marfa_capodanno
has curated a skateboard art show for this Friday, September 22. The show is at @miishkooki art space. All proceeds benifit suicide prevention through @hopefortheday

Over 30 pieces of art will be raffled off with featured artist like:


And many more

Somehow Marfa forgot to add me to the show and has apologized profusely. I suppose I can forgive him. I haven't been in the scene much this year due to a repetitive back injury.

#shipyardskates #supportthosethatsupportyou

@Regrann from @jake_hilbish - Beautiful, blue, Bedford days with my buds is the best. 📸 @samuelmillershoots.cr2 - #regrann #shipyardskates #rideshipyard #butcherclockwheels #supporttheyard

Latest acquisition Shipyard Skates "Death"

Some dude brought his drone to the skatepark today and caught a few of my runs from a bird's eye view #vets #speedlabwheels #shipyardskates

Haven't done one of these #earlygrabs over the gap since 2004. Glad @makaiser was there on the video 📽️. #vandyckskatepark is more fun than you think, and CERTAINLY more fun than it looks. 😉 ..
#speedlabwheels #shipyardskates

The most awkward sized drawing I've ever done. I got a good scan of it today. #moloch #shipyardskates

A line at Longeuil in the AM & a trick at Verdun in the PM. 📽: @tmont001 🌎☜ 🍁 #canada #montrealskateboarding #verdunskatepark 🌞🌡🏄🤘 #metrogrammed #skatecrunch #skateclipsdaily #shipyardskates #shipyardscoundrels @shipyard_skates

Inkoming from Shipyard Skates!
Lucas Musgrave 4 Horsemen, limited HOT Batch, lock up your animals and get your parents out of the house, Conquest, Death, Plague and War. www.fuel-fire.se

#fuelfireskateboards #fuel_fire #shipyardsweden #shipyardskates #skate #skateboard #skateboardingisfun #skater #skateboardingshoutouts #skatemalmo #skateboards #skatesweden

In stock now! Not many left! GETTEM! Link in bio! #shipyardskates #rideshipyard #supporttheyard

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