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Hello Instagram!!! long time no see. 😄 This was my latest drawing which given to my ig friend many weeks ago. Actually, I'd like to post it as the last pic for flowers series. But I have no time to draw something new (I hate my busy&boring life😞😢) I hope I can start drawing again soon. Pray for me! ☺🙏


Can you cage a butterfly? [One more edited version. I'm in love with negative colors!!!💗]

The sun is sleeping. Butterflies are glowing. [New edition of an old drawing in negative colors is look so different!!] ชอบแบบสีเนกาทีฟ 😍

Black White and Red are great combination! Love these 3 colors& enjoy editing my old drawing.😄

Just put red on your lips!💋💄

#Monkey series 3 : #Recycle. Don't throw a plastic bag away! Fold it up. Keep it and use it again. 🐵😁 ลิงรักษ์โลก วันนี้นำเสนอตอน "รีไซเคิล" ถุงที่ได้มาจากร้านค้า พับเก็บไว้ เอามาใช้อีกได้นะคับ

Re-edit. I think this looks much better than the old one posted before ☺

Hello IG 😁 I'm free today. Yay!!! and I try new #painting stye. Can I call it #impressionism?

(ส่งความ) "คิด" (ไป) "ถึง" 📩❤ I'm sending all best wishes to you.

#Monkey series2 ลิงจั๊กจั๊ก 🐵❤🐵 IN #LOVE 😁

'Some more #honey? #chubby #Pooh' said #Heffalump. 🐻🐘

Old #painting on a top. #chinese #draon 👊💢


#quick #sketch for @linsybff. This is what I can do to thank her for the 84 likes!!!😱 she gave me and for the following. THX so much again. 😊🙏

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