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tvN Upcoming Drama: Bride of The Water God ✿

See You at July 2017!! Can't wait for this one~ Will you watch this drama, yay or nay? 😍🙌💕 ©anna.
💕 Cast ; Nam Joo Hyuk (Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, Moon Lovers), Shin Se Kyung (Six Flying Dragons, Sensory Couple), Lim Ju Hwan (Oh My Ghost, Uncontrollably Fond), Gong Myung (Entertainer, Drinking Solo), Krystal (The Heirs, My Lovely Girl)
📽 Drama Info ; tvN. July 2017, replacing #Circle. 'Bride of the Water God' is a spin-off version of the fantasy romance/comedy manhwa and will be produced by Kim Byung Soo PD, the mastermind behind dramas like 'Misaeng' and 'Nine: Nine Times Travel'.


Shin se kyung 😘😘😘แฟชั่นสนามบินเก๋ๆ
Thanks to owner image.
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Mark your calendars: Fantasy rom-com manhwa adaptation #BrideoftheWaterGod 2017 now officially has a spot on tvN’s upcoming schedule, and will be a Monday-Tuesday drama to follow soon-to-launch sci-fi drama Circle.

I admit to not quite knowing what to expect of this drama, because there are aspects I think I’d enjoy, mixed with some question marks. On one hand, the original premise is chock-full of interesting elements, such as its fusion historical bent, featuring a water god presiding over a drought-stricken land, whose residents offer up a bride as a sacrifice in exchange for rain. The #tvN version, on the other hand, is updating the setting to modern-day Korea rather than Joseon and calling itself a spinoff rather than remake, which seems like a fairly big change. But on the other hand (if you had three hands), there’s nothing that says you can’t make an interesting drama in a new setting.

In the drama, #NamJoohyuk (#WeightliftingFairyKimBokjoo) plays the water god, Ha-baek, with #ShinSekyung (#SixFlyingDragons) playing his human offering-turned-bride, So-ah. #GongMyung (Individualist Ji-young) plays wind god Bi-ryum, who helps Ha-baek and is in love with the (literal) goddess played by #Krystal (#ShessoLovable), Hye-ra, who in turn is in love with Ha-baek, who, of course, falls in love with heroine So-ah. In case you didn’t follow that, just imagine a character chart where the love arrows point from each person to everybody else. It’s basically that.

Bride of the Water God 2017 held its initial script read in March, then began filming shortly thereafter. It’s currently in the thick of production, and still has two months to go before its July premiere, which in dramaland is a decent chunk of time. Let’s hope it makes good use of its ample lead time and delivers on its promise of heightened production quality, which I feel safe entrusting to Misaeng and Arang and the Magistrate writer Jang Yoon-jung and PD Kim Byung-soo of Nine, Queen In-hyun’s Man, and Vampire Prosecutor. Circle will premiere next Monday and will run for 12 episodes, which puts Bride of the Water God’s premiere around the first week of July.

Siapa ni yg nunggu drama ini? Tayang 3 juli chingu 😀😊
Para pemeran "#BrideoftheWaterGod" telah berulang kali tertangkap kamera fans saat sedang syuting. Mulai dari #NamJooHyuk, #ShinSeKyung, #Krystal hingga #GongMyung juga sudah terlihat syuting bersama.
Kali ini, tim produksi merilis foto sesi baca naskah pertama untuk para pemerannya. Kekasih Lee Sung Kyung itu terlihat berpenampilan santai dengan memakai sweater berwarna hitam. Entah disengaja atau tidak, Joo Hyuk terlihat kompak dengan warna pakaian Se Kyung yang juga hitam.
Baca Naskah 'Bride of Water God', Nam Joo Hyuk-Shin Se Kyung Kompak Serba Hitam
Begitu juga dengan Lim Joo Hwan yang datang ke sesi ini dan memakai jaket hitam. Sementara itu Gong Myung dan Krystal tampil bernuansa biru dengan jaket dan jasnya masing-masing.
Saat sesi baca naskah, Joo Hyuk cs terlihat serius sedangkan Gong Myung justru menunjukkan senyumnya. Tak lupa di sesi ini Se Kyung dan Joo Hyuk foto bersama sambil memamerkan naskah "Bride of the Water God". Siap tayang 3 Juli, serial ini mengisahkan dewa air bernama Ha Baek (Joo Hyuk) yang mampu menurukan hujan jika ada wanita mau menjadi pengantinnya. Diangkat dari kisah webtoon yang berlatar sejarah, serial #tvN ini akan dikemas dengan setting era modern.
cr: wowkeren

벌써부터 기대되는 <하백의 신부 2017>
인기 원작 하백의 신부 스핀오프 드라마라니!!
시작도 안했는데 이미 일상이 파괴된 느낌적인 느낌 느낌!
훈훈한 비주얼은 덤! 이런 꿀조합 완전 환영합니다😍
✔ 7월 3일 (월) 밤 10시 50분 첫 방송
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Sekyung, Nam Joohyuk, Krystal and the other cast spotted at 1st script reading for upcoming tvN drama Bride of the Water God 🌸 #shinsekyung #신세경 #brideofthewatergod


벌써부터 기대되는 <하백의 신부 2017>
인기 원작 하백의 신부 스핀오프 드라마라니!!
시작도 안했는데 이미 일상이 파괴된 느낌적인 느낌 느낌!
훈훈한 비주얼은 덤! 이런 꿀조합 완전 환영합니다😍
✔ 7월 3일 (월) 밤 10시 50분 첫 방송
#하백의신부2017 #tvN #남주혁 #신세경 #임주환 #크리스탈 #공명 #NamJoohyuk #Shinsekyung #LimJuHwan #Krystal #GongMyung #koreadrama #kdrama

#addmin_bahar_ .
بازيگران درام Bride of the Water God كه از شبكه tvN پخش خواهد شد براي اولين بار براي خواندن فيلم نامه دور هم جمع شدند.
بازيگران شامل شين سه كيونگ، نام جو هيوك، ليم جو هوان، كريستال از f(x) و... در اين مراسم حضور داشتند و شما ميتونيد نگاه جدي انها به فيلم نامه را در عكس ببينيد.
اين درام داستان عاشقانه ها بيك، خداي اب، كسي كه از بهشت به زمين فرستاده شده، و سواه، يك دكتر خانم كه اداي واقع بين هارو در مياره ولي نيست. ليم جو هوان نيز نقش يك بيزينسمن عالي به نام هو يه را بازي خواهد كرد، كريستال نقش يك الهه اب جزئي به نام مورا را بازي خواهد كرد، و گونگ ميونگ نقش خداي اسمان، بي ريوم را بازي خواهد كرد.
شما ميتونيد درام Bride of the Water God را از جولاي دنبال كنيد!
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منبع: چنل @korean_sky1 تلگرام

Bride of the water god drama script reading picture
#brideofthewatergod #namjoohyuk #shinsekyung #krystal

Bride of the water god drama script reading picture
#brideofthewatergod #namjoohyuk #shinsekyung #krystal

Bride of the water god poster 😍😍😍😁 👉 Nam joo hyuk
👉 Shin se Kyung
@brideofthewatergodofficial @brideofthethewatergod2017#brideofthewatergod #namjoohyuk #shinsekyung

Bride of the water god main characters
💕👉 Nam joo hyuk
💕👉 shin se Kyung
#brideofthewatergod #namjoohyuk #shinsekyung #koreandrama #koreandramaonly #kdrama

Cant wait!!! #BrideOfTheWaterGod Daebak! #Reposting @thebrideofthewatergodofficial with @instarepost_app -- 하백의 신부
What we know about Bride Of The Water God so far:

Following the success of Goblin, tvN is set to air another reincarnation drama titled Bride of the Water God.

Bride of the Water God follows the story of So Ah, who is offered for marriage to the Water God in order to stop the drought in their village.The Water God Ha Baek takes her and brings her to his world, which occupied by other gods.
The drama is based from a popular manhwa and stars Nam Joo Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Krystal Jung, Im Joo Hwan and Gong Myung.
The drama will take on a modern approach than the original manhwa and to modern day Seoul.
For example, Krystal will be playing a deity who decides to become an actress in the modern world.

The drama recently started filming in public and has already garnered a lot of attention from the public.The drama isn’t set to start airing until July, but it already has quite a strong following.

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What do you think about 'the Soah look'? 👀 Bob hair suits her well and hair color is looking bright too! Also that dress! 😍 She totally like a glamorous bride. ✨ #shinsekyung #신세경 #brideofthewatergod

Bride of the Water God couple Sekyung x Joohyuk spotted at shootings of drama 🌿
Maybe they were filming the trailer? It would be nice to see it! 🙈 #shinsekyung #namjoohyuk #brideofthewatergod

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