Oh you can run baby, but you have to come back eventually 🤣

I'm 'working' on my mobile as I walk while my man jogs off last night's dinner. It seems to work for both of us.

And the water has finally WARMED UP!!! YaY
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We are not human bodies having a soul experience. We are souls living out a human experience in this physicality/dimension. The human body is just a shell! Stay Positive no matter what! We are so much more! If you wish to see this, you need not look for it with the human eye, it is not on the outside, it is within! #starseed #shineyourlight #openthirdeye #positivevibes #spiritualawakening #meditation #believeinyourself #enlightenedone#spiritualwarrior

This is us. 💕A couple of Genx’ers who have weathered storms and then bathed in the afterglow of sunshine. Together eight years, we are both finally understanding the meaning of true intimacy. It has been quite a ride, and I am so grateful to have met this man while I was living in San Francisco. When we met, he told me, “Kauai is my home. If we hit it off, you’ll have to move there with me.” Well.... here we are. 🙏🏾🌺🏖⠀

I was 37 when I met him. When my first marriage ended at 28, I swore I would never marry again. But I did. ❤️⠀

Human beings crave connection. We all want to feel like we belong...like we are needed... and are being seen. And we often seek to have these needs met through our relationships with others.⠀

As we are aging, I am seeing a lot of people “giving up” on love. Maybe your 15 year marriage took a little bit of life out of you (and a lot of money), but the past is the past. ⠀

Relationships teach us things. They shine a big light on our ego and dysfunctional selves. Your partner provides a reflection for you to see and then you get to decide what you want to do with what you see.⠀

Please don’t ever give up on Love, no matter how old you are. You see, the thing is....what we all know as “love” has very little love involved. ⠀

Most relationships consist of two adults with wounded (and not yet healed) adolescent minds (around 13 yrs old) trying to get their partners to make their lives better. That’s not love. That’s called codependency. ⠀

And “codependency” is not a bad word, nor is it something to be ashamed of. Awareness is everything. Awareness will move you out of it. This is why it is so important for everyone to heal themselves through #personalgrowthjournies and increasing #selfawareness.⠀

If you are having relationship issues, playing the serial monogamy game, yet you desire a companionship based on respect, compassion, real love, and authenticity, then the journey begins with *you.* ⠀

The journey begins with redefining what love means and reframing your past so it can help you instead of continuing to cause pain.⠀

DM us if you are interested in hearing about our Love and Intimacy coaching program. 💕💕☺️

Things that make me feel alive:⠀
Champagne in beautiful glassware. And beautiful glassware in general⠀
Sleeping naked⠀
Silk robes + slips + dresses⠀
Coaching + mentoring + facilitating life changing growth⠀
Client sessions with tears⠀
Jump squats⠀
Vitamix concoctions⠀
Collar bones⠀
Bare backs⠀
Backless dresses⠀
Riding horses (bareback)⠀
Horses in general⠀
Wide open plains⠀
Dry, mountain air⠀
Live oak trees⠀
Dewy skin ⠀
Being spanked + bitten⠀
Ujayi breath⠀
Open air showers and tubs⠀
Eating outside - on a hike⠀
Bunnies (hopping in the snow)⠀
Rosy cheeks⠀
Auburn hair⠀
Hair pulls⠀
Waking up in the middle of no where⠀
Dancing barefoot⠀
Feet in the dirt⠀
Fresh flowers⠀
High heels⠀
Red lip stick⠀
Music festivals at Suwannee ⠀
Greek mythology⠀
Hearing from you.⠀
Your turn. Tell me your things! Make a post yourself + tag me. I love you.

Make today Beautiful || Love this yellow super soft leather Cuff..just makes me smile☀️go large or go home, this one is a extra wide 2” cuff. $42 .
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It finally happened! Somebody wrote and illustrated a picture book about Beyoncé. Let’s break the internet and alert the entire #beyhive. Tag your favorite Beyoncé fans in the comments and let them know this one drops next June! This one will sell out quickly. The pre-order link is in my bio and stories. Ages 4-7 and up. #beyonce #beyonceshineyourlight #beyhive #beyhive🐝 #beyhivefamily #yoncé #beyhiveforever #beyhivepower #beyhiveforbeyonce #2019release #beyonceknowles #mrscarter #genevabowers #shineyourlight

Double tap if you can risk it to get the biscuit -
I quit my corporate job and it’s my first day stepping away from the corporate world. It’s my first day working for myself. It’s my first of many💜
People have asked me over and over “what will you do?” I want to help! I want to continue helping people, but on another level, a bigger level, a level that stems from small communities to big cities to the 🌎 . What I have learnt in my career working with all different types of clients and coworkers is our only limit is us. So it’s time to say fuck it to the limits that handcuff us and go work to our potential. 🔥
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🧚🏻‍♀Guardian Angel tarot guidance for today; 21st Sept 2018🧚🏻‍♀ 💫You are uniquely able to look past the current situation and envision endless possibilities! If events haven't been moving forward as quickly as you would like, it's because heaven has a better path laid out for you. Try looking at things from a different perspective and you'll be presently surprised by the opportunities that are currently open to you. The present pause in the action is temporary. You may be called upon to set aside your own priorities in order to help someone else with his or her needs. It's alright to rush to another's aid, as long as you set boundaries and then return to your own goals at the proper time. 💖Love and Light💖
🌟Celestial Living,
Neetu Uberoy Palan.

For an indepth Angelic guidance for career, love, health, finance, relationships etc REACH @neetupalan on +919892304943 NOW.

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🤩Archangel Michael's message for today 21st Sept 2018🤩 💫This card is here because someone is sending you love at this moment. The first person you think about is the one who's holding these loving thoughts about you. Perhaps you've been worried about a relationship and this symbolizes Archangel Michael's reassurance that all is well. The angels are watching over your loved one, as well as helping you with your relationships. You may encounter a soul mate relationship. Know that you're a lovable person even if someone isn't behaving lovingly toward you. God and Angels love you very much. 💖Love and Light💖
🌟Celestial Living,
Neetu Uberoy Palan.

For a personalised reading session REACH @neetupalan on +919892304943.

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When I close my eyes, I can still feel your earthy scent... it seeped in as my heart’s abode
The taste of your healing waters still lingers on my skin,
The eagerness pulling at me as we’d swift by on your humble paths,
Be it foggy day or starry night,
The curious yellow-tinted silence of your witching hours,
And the crickets... oh, their sweet melodies still ring softly, as they wander within you
I can still feel the laughter and moonlight song you brought me,
The pleasure of hot and cold in the tips of our toes,
As my lips still taste each bite enjoyed,
The flower filled curves leading to you made my Soul smile... and they soon became a part of my own
Earth’s breath, you truly are,
tucked away amongst a vessel of deep green,
Bringing lovely beings together,
Ready to welcome us in 🌿🌬

Let the fire of new beginnings blaze a new path. Trust the light. - Arize
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We can’t always make SENSE of things, but we can be SENSitive.

We can’t always underSTAND why things happen, but we can take a STAND so they don’t happen again.

We can’t always PIECE things together neatly, but we can strive for inner PEACE.

How do we do that? I call it “living from the inside out.” It’s not easy because we’ve been conditioned to live from the outside in - by measuring our worth against external criteria e.g., likes, followers, comments, grades, compliments, etc.

Name one thing you can shift right now so that you start living from the inside out. 🙏🏼 #live #insideout #innerpeace #namaste #light #innerlight #knowthyself #listen #listentoyourinnervoice #divinefeminine #shareyourlight #shineyourlight

The confidence i have gained in the past year is amazing. I was always pretty confident but My confidence had been shattered for awhile. i wasn’t sure I’d see it again. I thankful for this journey I’ve been one! #findingmyself #lovingmyself #shineyourlight #confidence #beayoutiful #kandacobbifitjourney

RISE and SHINE...⭐🌟⭐

Collective Card of the day for Friday 21st of September ❤🧡💛💚💙💜#loveblissjoy #heart #shineyourlight #withlove #amethystmoonhealing

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