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i'm so so so proud of you, my little scorpio!! 7 extremely full nonstop days, only 3 of which i got to be present for, (i'm so glad i had the chance to drive 6 1/2 hours to Orlando and back to see you!!!) of attending seminars, performing in showcases & singing in front of several panels of professional judges and producers handled with grace and professionalism by this little lady. i'm so thankful i got to witness this transformative experience for her and watch her grow even more into the woman and performer she is meant to be! congratulations for all of the awards you won at AMTC (i'm not gonna name any of them for the sake of brevity and your privacy, of course)!!!! no one i know exudes so much humility while demonstrating their talent and moments of hard work in such a classy way & you absolutely deserve every beautiful moment there ever was. your future is so so bright. i love you, number 307! 💓 #shinetour2017 @amourpearson

Tonight.... #SHINETOUR2017

Had such an amazing experience on the #shinetour2017! Met so many talented people! #amtc #dallashub

I still got the juice 😜 #shinetour2017 🔵🌙

@dbrownin88 Taking over Instagram y'all! We about to get crazy here at the Shine Tour in ATL!! If your not on tour yet you better sign up! You don't wanna miss this!! #shinetour2017 #amtcshine #instagood

Who's getting excited for AMTC SHINE Tour 2017 this Friday in LA. Come visit our table and get your bracelet to represent. @amtcworld #shinetour2017


A panel discussion about Faith in the entertainment industry!

#AMTC #ShineTour2017 #Acting #Modeling #Singing @jeremycastro__ #actingcoaches #lionkingbroadwaymusical #DjKB #Sony

It took 3 years for me to finally be able to showcase and perform at the #ShineTour2017. Thankful @amtcworld, @amtclahub, @amtcgrads, And all the VIP'S who gave us (Performers) the platform, the opportunity to do what we are passionate about!!! I left the Event with so much knowledge and wisdom, And great tips and advice!!! But the ONE particular moment, That will forever stay in my heart.
The morning of the last day of the Shine event, Was that we had a morning worship/Breakout!!! We sang this song by @jesusculture, And will forever stay true and that there's no place I would rather be that in the presence and love of my Heavenly Father!!! @tyehutch and Miss Gina, and Miss Regan wonderful voice's!!! #VoiceOfTruth #GodIsAllandMore #Blezzed #IwantMoreOfYouGod

T-minus 15 minutes and counting until the first showcase! On camera commercial! #amtcworld #actor #shinetour2017

#SHINee #京セラドーム #five
#shinetour2017 #sesamistreet *

Got my reel back from #shinetour2017 #amtc @amtcworld, ENJOY! (It's not complete) #anielashines #amtcgrad

I always think that the castles looks like the Great Walls, especially with military functions. #beautifulplace #shinetour2017

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