Always get up and burn brightly!!! Failure is part of the journey of success. #Burnbabyburn #shinefiercely #

Came across this pic from my younger days and realize I want her attitude back, that jaunty posture and half laugh/half smile confidence. I don't know when or why we start hiding our light, why we lose confidence and start berating ourselves. If someone else treated us the way we often treat ourselves we would be, rightfully, horrified. So, no more, something has shifted, it's time to turn that light on---time to🌟 SHINE 🌟 To borrow some lyrics from Katy Perry "Cause baby you're a firework Come on show 'em what you're worth"

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Ah, palm trees, so unfamiliar to this Pennsylvania girl, I didn't always appreciate you. You can be terrifically messy, dropping fronds galore in our Santa Ana winds, you sometimes are in great need of a pruning, but then who isn't at times, your pollen causes me many a sneeze, but in the last few years I've learned to see you differently! Your old fronds that fold down your trunk,layer upon layer, are a tremendous sanctuary to myriad birds as are your trunks that get pockmarked with holes (so joyous to watch the birds fly in and out)! But, most of all, the way your fronds stand out against the sky and shine something fierce. You are beautiful! I still don't like cutting up your fallen fronds, though, hold onto a few more of them, okay? Lol 😂

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Love comes into our lives in countless ways and doesn’t always look the way we think it will. Nurture those love sparks and they’ll grow wildly out of control into the fireworks you’re looking for. ☀️💖⭐️


If you continue to settle for less than you deserve, the universe is going to give you just that. It’s time to level up.

I love that i share this planet with billions of beautiful souls and respect that I wouldn’t vibe with many. I’m ok when someone doesn’t “like” me but it took me a long time to honor their feelings and not to take that personally.

It’s really hard to get to a place where you’re free of judging other people. I don’t know why it makes people feel like it’s ok to tear others down to make themselves feel superior. In my book, this is the ultimate toxic behavior.

You set your intentions and your goals. Keep moving, keep working, keep striving. Nothing happens overnight. Don’t be discouraged. Investing in yourself is the most beautiful gift that you can ever give yourself.

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it's not of my doing, everything I am and everything I have is because of him... #iamjustavessel
"Don't Shine so others can see you.
Shine so that through you others can see him." - C.S.Lewis #shinebrightlikeadiamond 🙏

Today is the day we set our goals, our intentions, and make our resolutions. Every year, I strive to be happier, healthier, and more successful than I was the year before. Spend some time with yourself today and decide what your year is going to look like. Map it out and plan it. Leave 2017 where it belongs and go into 2018 with a clear mind, a full and hopeful heart, and an agenda.

You can be EVERYTHING that you are and still rock the world. ☀️

I know first hand that it’s near impossible to reconcile a broke heart.
To find the meaning and purpose behind it while you’re still in it takes more strength and power than you think you have.
That’s where I come in.

Even on the worst days, we need to get up, show up, and kick ass. It’s the only way we get what we deserve. ☀️

One of the biggest challenges I have with clients is challenging the belief that we just magically fall into perfect relationships.
I wish it were that simple (but then maybe not because I wouldn’t really have a job) but relationships are work, compromise, and a consistent effort.
At the end of the day, the hard work pays off because there is nothing more beautiful and powerful than love. 💖

Choosing how you respond to the universe is the most powerful experience I can imagine.
Choosing love automatically takes away the judgements, the negativity, and the brutally out of your life.
It takes work and practice but give it a try.

On my way to work yesterday, listened to Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations podcast with Cheryl Strayed when i heard Cheryl speak these words. How perfect!
How often are we letting an idea of who we were get in the way of who we are now??

This literally blows my mind every single time!
One choose, one move can completely alter your life. That is so incredibly powerful.
Years ago, I remember waking up and realizing that my whole life had changed in a matter of months - my marriage was over, I had a new home, I had a new job, and even had new friends.
Make a life changing decision today.

There are few things better than having your shit together and working towards something.
Pursuing your goals and dreams is no joke.

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