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Stop talking #nonstop about what you can't do! Start thinking in terms of #can. A SHIFT in perspective is powerful enough to change your LIFE! You've gotta get your mind right and everything else will follow! Let's line it up for you!! Let's #shiftit together

Finally got to meet mr shift it him self!! Let me I help u shift it!! #shiftit

Have not had to do the "stand on a wrench to get a bottom bracket out" for a while #tight #bicycleworkshopmelbourne #ponybikes #shiftit

Wait for it, Goorgen strikes again!!! #letmeihelpyou #shiftit

Some paintings to be rehung but all in all a successful room reshuffle #Saturday #shiftit


Learning to let go and move forward and know that there was something in that experience.simple but not always easy . We all have our challenges and it up to us ho we navigate them #letgo #sunset #shiftit #growth #movement #gratitude #experience #coach

What are you plugged into? Try Love & Gratitude. 💛
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#energy #attention #love #gratitude #KateCrow #lifecoach #transformation #inspiration #coaching #ShiftIT #growth

Drop the barriers & let your light shine! What if you be YOU? #ShiftIT #LouiseMarieToday.com #IseeYOU

What stretchy decision can you make today?

Transformation Tuesday:
3 weeks ago I made the Shift! I did 3 weeks of a rapid rebuild meal plan and workout. Every week was more intense. I had to dig a little deeper every week and have less carbs (😭) I had no chocolate, bread, treats, desserts, none of the good stuff! Absolutely none! I wasn't sure if I could do it. I was hesitant to start the program. All excuses were coming into my head. But I wanted to prove myself wrong.
So everyday I showed up and fought the urge to quit. I wish I could say it was easy, but it wasn't. Then again, some days it was. I was feeling better, more confident, energetic, and all around fantastic!
So I am proud to announce that during these 3 weeks of sticking to the program, I lost 12 pounds and 10 inches! Not to mention this program doesn't just shift your body, it shifts your mindset as well. I am more positive, less excuses and more confident. It helped me to realize that we all are stronger and more powerful than we believe. We need to know that we all have the power within us and there are no limits. The only limits are the ones you set for yourself. So break out of the box and join me in the next round. I believe in you!

Look for the bright spot in your day!

Already crushed my Monday workout and I'm ready for the day! 💪💦 #nevermissamonday #shiftit #fitnessgoals

Gained 15lbs on vacation, ending at 170lbs BUT I had to #ShiftiT. So over the course of just 3 days, I did some major changes.. now look MOM I made it!! #SnatchBack #ComeBack #CardioIsKey #EattingBetter #BeastMode #Idontplayabouttheselegs #DancerBodyBuilder #TheGetBack #SundayFunday #StrongWoman #CleanupTime


Today was a great reminder that kids are great imitators! Luke joined me for part of the pre-road trip workout! Hopefully it will help him keep the wiggles out. 😜 I know it will help me keep mine out, and I'm happy to give him something positive to imitate. ❤️ #shiftit

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