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A little update on my interior 😍😍 featuring @driftprincess_z custom shift,ebrake boots and custom dash! (Msrabbits shift boots) Also featuring @wearelikewise shifter knob(Neil diamond) and drift button (the love button) 🀘🀘
#frs #brz #gt86 #ft86 #wearelikewise #modified #custom #boots #shifter #diamond #instalike #scion #toyota #interiors #galaxy

Outfit your Audi or VW with a shift knob from Black Forest Industries. Available in many unique styles and colors like the one above.
Shop By Brand>Black Forest Industries>Interior>Shifter>Shift Knob
#ECSTuning #Audi #VW #Volkswagen #shifter @blackforestindustries

Go to @blackopsautoworks for amazing products born each day .... beautiful addition to the beast #carbonfiber #jeep #shifter #fast #kuqezi

Kart day by @gopro @goprobr πŸ‘ŠπŸΌβœˆοΈβœˆοΈβœˆοΈ #ff88 #karting #shifter #raceland

Shop car getting pampered. #crispymiata

Awesome thanks to @wearelikewise for delivering me this daily grind shifter! #wearelikewise #likewise #shifter #euroadapter #blek


And then I sat down...We have an odd relationship with our bodies. On the one hand we identify with them strongly. We tend to freak out when they become sick, agonize over how others perceive our appearance, take it personally when they start aging, and sometimes spend large amounts of time and money trying to "fix" them in order to look our best. On the other hand we neglect them, fill them full of unhealthy shit, and use them in ways that cause them long-term damage. I struggle with forcing this body to sit 🐢. Not literally, but I do struggle with sitting in meditation and keeping my bod and brain still. I tend to get frustrated with my body and mind for not participating in the act of sitting still and essentially give up said act of sitting still before I even start. But today, the sounds and movements that distracted my body became my meditation. The sounds of car engines driving past our house. My cat's purr. The leaves in the trees. The birds. My breath. My heart beating. My lungs pumping. My ability to pay attention to these things. I said thank you for all of these distractions. My senses, my awareness, every piece of this body is here, breathing, feeling, being. And I'm thankful for that. I chose a card before I sat down "The rhythm of my breath directs the rhythm of my life" ... BREATH. Breath is present through it all. If you listen closely your breath has a rhythm, your breath has a pattern. As you start to notice this rhythm, the world within you and around you might just start to shift. After gentle movement, some white fir and some pranayama ...I shifted and sat for 8 mins. 🎈#shifter

Shop car getting pampered. #crispymiata

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