Everyone needs a bit of cake sometimes 😜 thanks to @clj0110 I didn’t get just any cake, I got @pierrehermeofficial 😁

Focus on the things that are going to make a difference months, even years from now! It takes lots of little steps to make big things happen 😁

On this day, 10 years ago, I was crowned Miss Jamaica Universe. Time has gone by ever so quickly and whilst I’ve enjoyed many successes since, “once a Miss Jamaica, always a Miss Jamaica” 🇯🇲😉😘

Channeling my inner superhero today! 🧘🏾‍♀️😁 all about positive vibes

No matter how bad your day is, make time to do something for someone else & you’ll immediately feel better 😁 give blood!!! S

Weekend vibes has a completely different meaning in hospitality, it doesn’t mean rest but it does mean hustle & fun times! Secretly I can’t wait until Monday 😉

Always worth the visit! @milkteethcoffee Green Goblin is banging 😁

When things aren’t going exactly to plan I have to remind myself that as long as I keep working on it, it will be okay 😊

The newest Three Little Birds at 42 Battersea Rise is nearly ready, the question is are you? 😉🇯🇲

Work with what you have to get what you want! 😁

Repost from @kindeldn presenting their trailer for their new doc-campaign #ThisWomansWorth where in honour of IWD they followed 7 women defining our societies and bossing their industries… #ThisWomansWorth
Check out @kindeldn YouTube channel to see the full video from tomorrow at 7pm

Never underestimate the powers held within you! Happy Monday 😁

Last week I met some lovely ladies in food at Facebook HQ; whenever you look left or right, you should always be surrounded by likeminded souls 😁

I always say, when you give yourself no other option other than getting the job done, you will surprise yourself, as what was once impossible becomes possible

Start the mornings with something yummy and positive vibes to set the tone for the rest of the day! 😁

Life is always about choices and this morning I’m definitely choosing to chase some dreams! 😁

Back in my whites today for the first time this year! Being in business isn’t all glam but I’m happy to be in the kitchen today 😁

Don’t just merely get up today, rise & shine so bright that you make a difference 😁

Pleasure meeting @mstracydurrant yesterday, talking about our vegan options @3littlebirdsja for her blog @veganwoo...video soon come 😉

About Monday, don’t be afraid to share the good and the bad....it was a pleasure to speak at @bloomslondon and speak with women who I felt understood the entrepreneurial journey. Thanks Lu @bloomingfounders 😁

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