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Full house at the #SheWorx100 Summit tonight! Incredible inaugural event in SF! Thank you to all our friends and supporters who helped us make the magic happen ✨

Excited to be here at the #sheworx100 event!

Some of our amazing #investors from #SheWorx100 last week! Thank you so much to everyone that helped make this night so informative and inspirational to all the #nyc #entrepreneurs out there! #shoutout Recognize someone in this photo? Tag them!

#sheworx From sheworx LA a few weeks ago - excited for #sheworx100 tonight on NYC

It's here! #sheworx100!!!! Such an amazing event and I'm so grateful to have been acknowledged in a room of over 200 investors, entrepreneurs, and advisors. I'm so grateful to be amongst these amazing folks and the energy here is empowering, collaborative, and challenging in the best ways! @yinnus and Lisa slayed

Met some incredible female entrepreneurs at this year's @sheworxnyc summit! Though of course was joined by the most amazing of all @ediepix for accountability and support ;) #whoruntheworld #sheworx100 #womenleaders #femaleentrepreneurs

The future of entrepreneurship is female! #werq #yas #sheworx100

Thrilled to have been part of this superstar panel last night. Here's to shining a light for top women founders & investors to helping and supporting each other! #sheworx100 💁🌟

Excited to be a part of the SheWorx100 Summit NYC! RSVP here http://bit.ly/2naZNKU #sheworx100


If everyone aimed to change the world for the better, can you imagine how the world would be?

Some days you gotta indulge and not even feel bad about it. Life's all about balance & there's nothing quite like a Cronut™😁

Choose the company you keep, choose the goals you pursue, choose the actions you don't take, choose the thoughts you harbour and choose wisely!

Sometimes I make silly faces but I'm always serious about business. Proud to represent Snowdonia Cheese on @qvcuk today and sell out of both gift sets within minutes! If it's something I can do is sell & talk, know your strengths and use them to your advantage always 😉

After a very busy, emotionally draining yet surprisingly successful weekend I've woken up this morning in beast mode, watch out world!

This might just be my best dessert yet, layered banana bread with @nutella frosting, toasted hazelnuts, raspberry coulis and burnt salted caramel sauce! Got it on my menu @3littlebirdsja this weekend 😁

To make the impossible possible you have to get it done, so you better get started!

No excuses, just actions. Use this week to make it happen, starting now!

Check out my review of @milkteethcoffee on The Yummy Truth (link in bio). Go get your taste of yummy in Tooting, South London!

You don't need to always have the answers, just know where to find them & confidence will get you halfway there. "fake it until you feel it"😉

Throwback 10 years...time stops for no one and neither should you 😊

Success has so many contributing factors, hard work, who you know & even chance. We have to create our own opportunities. Be bold, be brave & always remain hungry!

I always say tell my peers to be careful not to compare their lives to others on social media because the entrepreneurial journey isn't all smiles & likes. This is what my exhaustion looks like, traveling across the country for meetings and still back in London in time to cook for service. Stay focused!

New day, new Monday, new week! 😁I love Mondays because it brings the same kind of Happy New Year feeling in each week. Leave the struggles of the last week behind and be encouraged that we have the power to make the most of the week ahead.

Don't underestimate the power of smiling; smile big, laugh hard, through good times and bad times, just keep smiling. Have a great weekend! 😁

Peace is priceless! Guard your serenity, for peace brings prosperity.

I'm enjoying a vegan/vegetarian diet 5 days of the week in true flexitarian style 😁These nachos from @farmacyuk are full of hidden treats that will make you rethink vegan/vegetarian meals. The Décor was beautiful and I left feeling more than satisfied.

Patience isn't a quality that comes easily for me but I'm always working on appreciating that good things take time...forever building!

A shot from the branding talk organised by @mariellelegair @womenwhoinfluence, if you haven't read the branding tips we uncovered check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/59c56a74e4b0f2df5e83ae1e Talking is one of the things I do best, watch this space! 😉

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