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Alllll zeeee boobie and tricep work today you can do at home or in the gym 👏🏼😈 here's a bomb circuit to add to your next upper body day! Complete all exercises back to back and repeat circuit 2-3 times

1️⃣ 10 DB fly with pulse

2️⃣ 8 single arm around the worlds each arm

3️⃣ 10 kneeling tricep extension each arm

4️⃣ 10 tricep push-ups | I do these on db's to keep pressure off my wrist, keep elbows at side to really target the triceps

Outfit: all @gymshark today 🙌🏼 new geometric leggings drop tomorrow #gymsharkwomen

Song: Heartlines | Broods

#workout #workoutmotivation #chestday #triceps #workfromhome

Warm up:
• I started with 10 min on the tredmil doing the variation I posted a couple post ago!
• Slow squats with band
• laying adduction with band
• Leg kickback cross overs
•Sumo deadlifts- 2 warm up sets with band, 5 working sets, I did 2 sets of 10 reps then did 2 sets of 6 reps, and last I dropped the weight to my 10 rep weight and did, 10 reps!!!! (THIS KILLED)
Super set 1:
•RDL(with dumbbell) -5 sets (8-12 rep range)
•Good mornings -5 sets (8-12 rep range)
Super set 2:
•Side single leg press- 4 sets (8-12 rep range) focused on slow and controlled •Hack squat w band- 4 sets (8-12 rep range)
Super set 3:
•Laying ham curl with band-3 sets (8-12 rep range)
•Band adduction- 3 sets(10-12 rep range)
Super set 4:
•Cable kick backs- 4 sets(10-12 rep range)
•Cable pull throughs w band- 4 sets (8-12 rep range)
•Pause squats(barbell)- 3 sets(6-8 rep range)
because my legs had no more in them!!!!!
Yes this is a lot and if you are a beginner please please do not think that doing all of that is okay BECAUSE AS A BEGINNER IT IS NOT! Try making doing one or 2 of the super sets!!!! I only do legs twice a week so when I do one day I will have a lot of super sets because I LOVE IT and the burn is killa and my other leg day ill focus more on my heavier lifts! But this WAS FIRRAAAAAA 🔥🔥🔥🔥 so give it a shot.

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work work work 👊

Oh my word. I have my good days and bad days. Today was definitely a bad day... but I didn't want it to weigh me down so I got out with my babes and played around. We played by the river next to fields of flowers. It doesn't get better then that. They can make any bad day better and brighter.
With them there is no to the moon in back, I love them too much. To the universe my babes. I love you💜💙

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Didn't wanna go to the gym today, wanted to have a rest day, making all kinds of excuses for my sorry self but with the help of some YouTube videos... it brought me back to reality and my long term goal 🥅 Picked my ass up and went along with a simple HIIT workout and abs 😌 I find that simplifying things down and making things less complicated definitely motivates me because some days, I find that I just need to take it down a notch and do what I feel like. A structured plan is definitely good because it keeps me on track, but sometimes, it's good to give the mind a break from trying so hard and just focus on the things that'll make me happy 💕

Part of my shoulder workout today! Trying to get these shoulders boulder💪🏽😉
❶ Standing Alternating Arnold Press 3sets X 12reps
❷Smith Machine Wide Grip Upright Row 3sets X 12reps
❸Cable Lateral Raises 5sets X 15reps (going back and forth between each arm no rest) #shoulderworkout #workoutvideo

Most of my lunch workout. Started off with 10 sprint intervals on the treadmill with 2% incline. Last interval at 9.7speed. Noticing a big improvement in my cardio...intervals becoming easier and I recover a lot faster 😀😀 4 sets of all these after and some stretching #coreworkout #girlswithmuscle #shesquatsbro #girlswhosquat #girlswholift #sprintsaremywarmup #manmakers #sideplank #jumpsquats #crunches #putinwork #everydayislegday #blackgirlswholift #blackgirlswithmuscle

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