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All I wanna do is train like a beast, wear bikinis, and wander in nature. Who's comin?
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Here are just some of my tips on how to grow your glutes
1) EAT. Don't be afraid of eating in a caloric surplus as long as you know you're working hard enough that you won't just gain all fat. How do you expect to grow something if you don't feed it? As much as exercising is important, if you're not eating enough, you will not see the results you want
2) Don't be afraid to go heavy! I know some people preach that you can go baby weight and gain massive glutes but are you going to build massive biceps by curling 5 lbs? The heavier you go, the more you're really pushing your muscles
3) Learn the difference between leg exercises and glute exercises. People still have a huge misconception that squats will grow your butt. There is a difference between quad dominant exercises and glute dominant exercises. Be able to differentiate or else you'll just end up building legs and not a whole lot of glutes
4) Allow enough recovery time. It may seem tempting to do glutes 5 times a week but your muscles need time to recover, grow, and prepare for another day of exercise. Too much of something isn't always good
5) Patience. Understand that growth takes time and depending on your genetics and how hard you're working, growth is different from person to person. Bodies just work differently. Don't give up quickly. Good things come with time
6) Activate your glutes. Don't jump into a major exercise without taking the time to warmup your glutes very well. This goes for any other part of your body. Warming up allows you to work your glutes to their potential
7) Mind to muscle connection. This is crucial. If you're not focused enough to feel your muscles contract and burn, take a breather and try again. Focusing on your muscles is SO important for development
8) Do not hyperextend. I see so many girls throwing their back into each glute exercises. They try to squeeze their glutes so hard, their entire back is just hyperextending. Squeeze but at a normal level please

#tbt to the blonde days 馃構馃槇

Checked in and peak week starts tomorrow!
Looking forward to finishing this 20 week prep strong! Thank for all your support guys - I love being able to share my journey with you all! 馃挏馃挀馃挏
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Squats & Lunges are my favorites when training legs. Basic but so effective compound training movements. Compound movements put multiple muscle groups and joints to work. They can help you gain lean muscle mass and burn more calories while spending less time at the gym. That's the actual speed I did it. (4X of 12 repetitions) 馃帶Chris Jeday| Ahora Dice (feat. J Balvin, Ozuna & Arcangel) -

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Putting in that work 馃敟 let's get it today馃挴 #fitness #babe #squats #shesquats #fitspo #fitgirl #girl #pullups #gym #workout #booty

When the fitting room lighting shows all the booty flaws and dimples, but you notice your back gains so you leave Target with a smile on your face anyways 馃挭馃徏馃榿 #perfectlyimperfect

Bike riding with @tara.frost 馃槏馃敟

@bodyengineerswomen 馃挄
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I have to say, having a big booty has never been important to me. I've always just been devoted to having a balanced and proportioned body. I naturally have very narrow shoulders so my goal was to form stronger ones in order to broaden them a bit. I isolate them 2 times a week and that has really worked well for me. I also don't build hamstrings and glutes as fast as I do quads and calves. But my recovery time is fast, which gives me the ability to work them 2-3 times a week. It's given them that extra push for growth and I've seen a huge difference doing that. I feel like I'm the most balanced I've ever been due to giving the slower growing muscles extra attention, and my stronger areas a little less.
Be extra persistent with your weak areas and you will find balance馃檪 I am proud of how far my shoulders, glutes, and hamstrings have come over the years. But hey apparently a lot of 'fitness trainers' prefer to skip the rewarding hard work and get butt implants, and then scam everyone lol. What I see on instagram is ridiculous these days馃檲 WORK HARD, it's much more gratifying!
And yes, I got a tattoo on my butt when I was 18 lol, if you don't like it you can 馃拫my 馃崙! 馃ぃ

Transformation Thursday 馃挜馃挜馃挜
We cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are...
In order to achieve GREATNESS you have to have the COURAGE to be different and take risks. Crush those fears!
The mind is everything, what you believe, you become馃檹馃徏
Stay focused and dedicated!
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I love the beach! 鉂わ笍馃彇馃

#throwbackthursday High School picture edition馃槅馃槨馃槒

It still amazes me to know where I came from. Not just the weight loss but the depression, the cutting, the constant self-hate and pessimistic attitude period I remember my guidance counselors and teachers would always tell me to be positive and try to look for the best in things and I would just roll my eyes and continue to sink into my depression making excuses and finding anyone and everything to blame except for myself for my unhappiness.馃槥馃槩

But I finally hit my moment and got tired of being miserable and decided to stop making excuses and start getting results.馃挴馃挴馃挴馃憡

For those new to my page I followed @Weightwatchers for 4 years and added fitness to my daily life. For more on my journey please check out my page @unendingbattle馃挓馃槉馃槝
Though I had no surgery to lose the weight I have had 3 excess skin removal surgeries. With Dr. Oschwald @specialistsinplasticsurgery. I had my most recent one April 2017.

I love you guys!馃槏
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I feel like my arm got much smaller!! 馃挭馃徏

Wolf eyes. Thick thighs. Vegan heart. 馃惡馃挄
Bikini by @veganrex

Ouff, gerade noch rechtzeitig fertig geworden mit der Summershape. LOL, Spa脽, Leute.
鉁旓笍4x pro Woche Gym (2 x OK, 2x UK)
鉁旓笍Cardio nach Lust und Laune (aktuell 枚fter mal Laune)
鉁旓笍intuitive Eating mit Balance, Leute, BALANCEEE 馃崘馃崷馃崊馃崸 Also nix Neues馃槄
Consistency is key, peeeeeps! 馃拫

馃尋That YYC sunset though......馃尋 #yyc 馃摲 by @petermozola #throwbackthursday

This is life 馃槣馃崙馃挦馃敟 #booty #bootyfordays #shesquats #boats #jetboats #fitgirl #summer

Morning abs 馃憢馃徏

Today was a day my emotions went all over the place, my nails look like shit lol, and I couldn't find the motivation to put on some make-up馃檵馃徏 However, I calmed down myself, I finished my training and tomorrow I'm getting fresh nails. So you can say things are getting pretty serious lol. Nah, just want to let you know that we all have bad days, and that's totally oke! We just need to know how to handle them馃挄 #emotionsarelife #wheremyladiesat

Whoa buddy!!! What a difference 130lbs removed makes! If you had told me two years ago I would have made this type of progress I might not have believed you. I started and stopped so many times that I was embarrassed to tell my family and friends that I started again because I knew they would ask "how long is it going to last this time?" What's so different? My why finally came from within. It had nothing to do with being beautiful, sexy, loved, or liked. This was something I decided I deserved...not a punishment. No quick fix just a dedication to myself. I had no support at home, two kids, and could barely walk. If I can do it, anyone can!

鈽濔煆 Triset, 鉁岎煆 Supersets. Do 4 rounds of everything!
馃挜Squat + Chest press w/ plate x10
馃挜Plate Driver x30
馃挜Shot Guns x25
馃挜Side Squat + Upright Row x8 each side
馃挜Windmills x10 each side
馃挜Landmine Ice Skaters x10 each side
馃挜Single Arm Strict Shoulder Press x8 each side
鈥⑩⑩gain and again, taking my @fitonomy BCAA's during this workout to help my muscles recover. I really need it after vacation馃槺 Discount code: 'Tara'
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booty alertttt馃崙馃毃surprise surprise, ya girl has ANOTHER booty workout for ya, yes, anotha one馃槣馃崙 (DJ Khaled voice) lol, Also, major key馃攽 to any good booty workout is making sure that you are getting that glute activation!馃崙 (pro tip: do every exercise slow & controlled & make sure that you squeezeeeeee @ the top of every movement!) anywhoooo, screenshot the workout below for a nice booty pump & lmk what ya think馃弸馃徏鈥嶁檧锔忦煃

starting off w/ 100 squats馃槣猬囷笍
鈻笍5x10 sumo squat (not shown) 鈻笍5x10 sumo squat w/ pulse (smith machine)
Superset #1:
鈻笍3x10 single leg deadlift 鈻笍3x10 reverse lunge
Superset #2: 鈻笍3x30 dumbbell hamstring curl 鈻笍3x10 seated hamstring curl (not shown)
Superset #3:
鈻笍3x20 weighted hip thrusts
鈻笍3x10 glute push down

鈥.s. I posted this last night but for some reason IG messed up & posted the video but not my captionnn, wth, cmon' IG馃拋馃徏
鈥.p.s. lmk what workout you guys want to see next猬囷笍 鈥.p.p.s. (is that even a thing?驴) but fr did anyone laugh @ both of my DJ Khaled references?馃槀 I crack myself up clearly lol. (okay I'm done)

Played around with some wider stance light low bar squats. Not quite sure what to make of them but the movement felt efficient :) @sbdapparel_nederland

Mood 馃檵馃徎

Apologies for the dirty table behind me, but MY EXAMS ARE OVER! 馃帀馃帄馃帀馃帄 Time for a whole month without cramming study and plenty of sleep to catch up on 馃槾馃槾馃槾 So happy that I was able to maintain a semi-regular workout routine for the last few weeks and booty progress is coming along 馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑馃檶馃徑 STUDY TIP: I train lower body twice a week, with one being more glute focused - these workouts typically take a little longer for me than like a shoulder workout. So I would organise my workouts based on the library opening/closing hours lol and only do longer workouts on weekends and slot shorter workouts on more busy days. This meant that I didn't have to feel too rushed when I worked out because I knew I was still prioritising my study 馃摎馃摎馃摎

When a lifter becomes a father 馃敟馃槀
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