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Kill em with compassion
Shot by: @fog.again

“You have to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity.” Eric Thomas
Words to live by if you are ever guilty of self-doubt. Avoid hesitation for fear of failure. Have patience but don’t procrastinate. Take action and execute. You cannot afford to live in potential for the rest of your life; at some point, you have to unleash the potential and make your move👊🏻
📸Photo Credit: @zee_illumination .
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Happy Saturday friends!! I’ll be doing a Giveaway and will post the details next week. I would like to know if you prefer Vegan Protein or regular protein? Please let me know in the comments. I’ll select multiple winners🤗. I also will have a pair of leggings (royal blue) similar to this one ☝🏻. I cannot thank you enough for all your love and support on this journey. You guys are the best and without each one of you I wouldn’t be here. Thank you again! 🙏🏻💗

My toast this morning🍌🍞🥜
This is a great pre or post workout meal, or even a great snack if you’re trying to get in more calories💪🏽
🌱2 slices of Ezekiel toast
🌱2 Tbs of peanut butter
🌱4 medjool dates
🌱1 banana
🌱1 Tbs chia seeds
#whatveganseat #biancataylorfitness #veganbodybuilding #veganfoodshare #veganbreakfast #veganrecipes

Let's talk about protein. Before anything, I get nothing out of this review nor am I paid to do this nor do I have a discount code. I think this is important because it's one of the most frequent questions I get
I have been taking @plantwarriorco vegan protein and I'm in love with it. Why?
Ingredients: pea protein, brown rice protein, hemp protein, quinoa, chia, cocoa, Guar fibre and stevia
Tastes yummy, isn't grainy, no weird smell
Macros per serving: about 19P, 0.6C, 1.4F
Overall, I 100% recommend this to anyone
If the ingredient list on your protein is a paragraph long, there might be a problem
I'm not a vegan but I've tried all kinds of whey proteins and they destroyed my skin. Whey is very concentrated and many people can't digest it will, leading to inflammation. I had the worst acne and it wasn't until I stopped taking whey that my back and face cleared up. Vegan protein is the only kind I can take
That being said I DO NOT REPLACE MY MEALS WITH PROTEIN POWDER AND NOR SHOULD YOU. Protein powder is protein. It's not a magical supplement meant to make you gain muscle. Eating enough with the right exercise makes you gain muscle. Protein powder should be used to add more protein to your meals suck as oatmeals or smoothies. The only time you should replace a meal with a protein shake is only if you don't have time and you're in a rush and just cannot squeeze a meal in
You do not get the same nutritional value, especially micros, from protein powder so don't deprive your body of that. It's not the answer to your body goals but it can definitely help you get there by making sure you're getting enough protein in your diet. Anybody that's tells you that protein powder is absolutely necessary for growth is lying to you
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Whew! 3.5 hours hot yoga!😱🙌🙏
Gallon of wAter already gone👊
Won't even lie triple workout Saturday was definitely tough today. 💯😞
When you are emotionally struggling and going through things mentally it is very hard to connect with your practice especially with yoga and meditation. Other workouts like kickboxing or body pump give me a way to release the frustration but yoga and awake kind of makes you have to face it but then also handle it in the best way possible to breathe through it to live through it to cry through it if you have to and then to keep pushing💯👊❤💕
I also have to say it is amazing to me how much I have grown this year. We are already almost at December and here I am thinking of what I want to accomplish next year. I had to stop myself though under my myself to live right now. Focus on the things I still have going on right now.💯💯💯
So instead of sitting around crying and still being lonely and depressed I'm going to go out and enjoy this beautiful day. Walk my baby's maybe even go for a hike😆🚶👍
You may not control what happens to you my Warriors but you can control how you react to it so I'm challenging you like I challenge myself try to react positively. Always remain grateful always remain thankful and always remain ready to keep fighting❤💕🌸
I love you guys💚💘🎆
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Dreamland 💭
📷 @andrew.opel

1.56 cm sin tacones para ser exacta. Lo sé soy pequeña 🙋
#legs #strongisbeautiful #fitnesslegs #squats #glutes #shesquats

Amazing 💪📸

Double tap for
@she_squats_physique 😻😘💪
#shesquats #humpday 🏻

Behind every successful and strong woman is a tribe of other successful and strong women who have her back.
Today, I show love, respect, and gratitude to my tribe. A group of women who have been integral to my journey: @amenaaaa @ms_amoy @oneikatraveller @monicasims1 @samantiestephens @carlene24 @cutzbycarla @adri.mahoney @tritiasamaniego @marlymarl929 @glographics @fromdesktodeck @misschrismemoirs @saijpat @elizabethchelsxo @thomasinacamika @dkhanyc @greta.808 @missmaarsha @estherjiron @itm2277 #MamaG.... Thank you ❤️
Here’s to strong women
May we know them
May we be them
May we raise them
Tag your tribe ❤️😘 Cheers to another fearless week ahead, ladies!

Abs babbbbyyy 😍 @girlswholift 🙌🏽

Meine Herrn, wird das früh dunkel! Grad noch so geschafft! Täglich Tageslicht und frische Luft sind wichtig, Leute! Egal, was ist, Winterjacke drüber und rausgesputet ☺️

Yay yayyy another crazy killer Ab Workout for ya after it refused to download and kept freezing up on me😭😭😭 But guys Save and try this oneeeeee you will love it🔥💪 and although your abs may hate you during it..... i promise it will love you in a few weeks😅💪
(3 Sets of 25 for all)

When your girl says she’s gonna hit 5 reps but ends up hitting 10
You’re stronger than you realize @baileysheymorris

My first time in Miami was a little unforgettable 😍

Siguen llegando testimonios alrededor del mundo de nuestro programa BUMBUMUP Aumento de glúteos , muchos preguntan cómo ? Porque ? Nuestro programa incluye más 7 amino ácidos en forma L cada uno de más de 2000 miligramos el amino ácido es el único alimento del músculo por lo tanto al consumirlo directamente y en forma L que es como lo encontramos en la naturaleza . llega al músculo y le da crecimiento inmediato además contiene colágeno que ayuda a tonificar , moldear , y darle esa apariencia única a los glúteos de firmesa. También incluye POWER MAX6 un producto único que ayuda absorción de las proteínas y su síntesis , también es un acelerador y enérgisante natural. Nuestras rutinas de estímulos de glúteos y guía nutriciónal ayudan al crecimiento de manera inmediata , FELICITACIONES A NUESTRA AMIGA QUE HA LLEGADO A LA META 💪💪👏👏
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“I don't hear opinions, I don't ever listen Haters wanna see me fall, tell 'em "Keep waitin" I don't have no patience, I'm immune to fake shit” #girlswholiftheavy#shesquats#fitlife #arizona#girlswholift#fitchick#fitness #gains#vacation#tucson#workhard #goals#nevercominghome#amazing

Love my #SpottedAF hat! {see tagged!}
Just finished an awesome workout on this gorgeous #VirginiaBeach day🙌🏻
Now time to shower up & take on this day!
Thanksgiving Prep✅
Have a great Sunday!

Even when I lose I'm winning ❤
@krisstino4kka thanks for pic baby

Sunday session wearing @tonedbyashybines @tonedbyashybines sports bra and mesh long sleeve top 👌🏽💕. I hit delts and glutes today because they’re my favourite muscle groups to train, no prizes for guessing which one I focused on though 🍑🙌🏽. Also when your boobs come back after prep! Hey gals! 😂

I think the thing to do is to enjoy the ride while you’re on it.

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