Together, let's take the first step and begin by embracing our race. I'm talking about the life God has asked YOU to live, not someone else's! It may not be the life you thought you would live but your unique circumstances may carry hope to someone who is longing to hear.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Love, Dot⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
Author, Founder & Speaker-Cup of Joy⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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You don't get there because you want it, alot of people want it.
You get there through a series of of saying "Yes" to God.... Yes, to your will.

Yes, to your way.

Yes, I will obey

Saying "Yes" to God is absolute. We may not understand His plans, but we know we can trust it to be a better outcome than the expense of disobedience. “As for God, his way is perfect:
The Lord’s word is flawless;
he shields all who take refuge in him.”
Psalm 18:30

Ask.Seek.Knock. Luke 11:9

Your "Yes" to God, opens the doors you want to walk through.. . Grow well ❤
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You haven't really kissed her scars yet
So you don't know the taste of her tears wet
She adorn those scars daily
As they are the reason for her to be lively
Maybe she is not the moon of the dark dusk
For whose soothing and mild light ray,people crave
But she is one among those stars
Without whose presence night never ends
She is not meant to follow the rules of society
She thinks above such tag lines saying you are not beauty
She knows beauty lies in the eyes of beholder
And the one will be in love with the air that surrounds her
she will rise above and shine with all her flaws
Cause 'flawsome is the real awesome' tagline she holds 🌸 -Samriddhi bisht
Credits : @samriddhibisht

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This world is possible. The one where we gather as women and look each other in the eyes and say: ‘I see you. I see your triumph and I see your pain. And it has not made you any less.’ A world where all the things we don’t know about each other don’t fill us with fear, but rather, with interest, with curiosity, with room to grow.
A world where we can lay down all the noise for just a while, in order to find rest in each other’s offerings. A world where who you are is enough, no, more than enough.
Let’s keep building, ladies. Because every glimpse I have of this world fills me with renewed hope. It is possible. -
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A woman sometimes hasitantly accept the education as a part of her life , none other than her own family members become the stone in their path .
But once a lady holds a pen , then there's no power that could probably stop her . She is beyond imagination when she grabs the opportunity of getting education and knowledge . Beside that she not only learns for herself but for her family and upcoming generation too. " common a topic it looks but her education is an important topic that need not to be overlooked " -Mrinalini Chauhan
Credits @mri_n_al_ini

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She said.. if I ever decide to give up on you, understand how much it took out of me. I’m the type to give endless changes, always have your back when when you are wrong. When the rest of the world doesn’t want you, I will. So, if I give up on you, understand it took everything I had left inside of me to leave you. Because if I love you and care about you, there’s isn’t anything on the planet I wouldn’t do for you. #shespeaks

‘Everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him.’
Col. 1:16 [MSG]

Anyone else obsessed with podcasts 🙋🏽‍♀️ Y’all know how much we love @belovefarm & @terces And the love and wisdom she carries. I was able to interview this sweet friend & can’t wait for you to listen! You can find it on iTunes & Spotify! Tell us what’s your go to podcasts 👇🏽👇🏽

I don't know how to braid my hair,
It isn't that horrible not knowing it.
Most girls fancy having long hair,
I used to do that too when I was a kid.
Nowadays I'm least bothered. Well, I do enjoy running fingers through my soft strands sometimes. But I have been thinking about chopping them off.
A voice in my head warns me, It won't suit you.
I wonder if it's my own opinion or my mother's unarguable statements.
I remember her saying, "Your face is chubby, long hairs will hide your curvy structure and make your face look leaner and sharp, also long hairs make you look more feminine and desirable".
I haven't read anywhere yet about having longer hair making someone more feminine.
Some people may find long hair desirable, others may call it old fashioned.
Isn't it all about perspective?
As they say beauty is just a matter of perspective.
Can we also say being ugly is also all about perspective? Aren't we all ugly to someone in one way or other ?
But frankly no one wants to be called ugly.
What is ugly?
It is adjective for something that is:unpleasant or repulsive, especially in appearance.
You know what's ugly?
This rigidity that you hold in mind against something that is different, something that leads to change.
I might not be confident enough to carry out any drastic changes within myself,now but I promise you will see them soon.
If any of my traits isn't causing me harm physically or mentally then it's not ugly nor it is a curse.
Our eyes take so much pressure, we base almost all of our assumptions on what we see. I'm not saying it's wrong.
It's a human tendency.
But I want to point out to myself and to others I'm not an object to be judged, to be decorated, or renovated.
You know what's beauty?
It's acceptance of being the you are, by accepting own self as well as others in a way which they are comfortable .
Credits @red_ink_dots

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you might not always be the “best” but you can always bring your best • it’s so easy to compete with those around you or at least gadge if you are behind or ahead by where someone else is in life. right? when we do this we get stuck in pride and pride always depletes all hope out of our hearts. maybe you are right where YOU ARE SUPPOSE to be. just because your time has not come, doesn’t mean it’s not on its way. don’t just trust the timing of your life. trust the God that has ordered the steps of your life, who created you on purpose for a purpose. so STOP competing, getting deflated by comparison and start putting all that energy in bringing your best to your life, your marriage, that dream, your family RIGHT NOW. and watch + see that you will find that it will be ENOUGH for the God path for your life. there’s a shift coming. so shake off the disappointment and get ready. you are a gift to the world around you. grounded in grace. humble and effective. fruitful to provide shade and support for others. you are gifted and Gods MIGHTY hand is on your life. i believe that. xoxo- Liz • “take a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don't be impressed with yourself. Don't compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life” - Galatians 6:4-5 #everythingbeautiful

It’s been awhile (I say that a lot), but I couldn’t miss today. Friends that know this day, here’s my hug to you. A hug for your loss, and for your sweet angel baby. For your heart that aches. The grace and forgiveness that I hope you lavish on yourself. Your hope for the future. Your patience and faith in waiting for your rainbow baby. Your anxious pregnancy. Your mixed emotions that I pray you speak out loud to someone that loves you. Here’s my hug for it all. Whatever stage you’re in, you’re not alone and you are so. very. loved. 🌈
For our baby and for the babies lost by many family and friends, I imagine they’re up in heaven with our loved ones that have already gone Home. I picture my grandma holding our baby, taking turns with Jesus, with my grandpa next to her along with others we’ve loved and lost. We thought we’d be telling our baby about them, and now they’re telling our baby about us. They’re safe and warm in loving hands until we get to meet them 💕
Comment or DM to let me know how I can pray for you!
#nationalpregnancyandinfantlossawareness #ihadamiscarriage #icarryyourheart

{That’s a Wrap} 200+ women from 33 states came together this past weekend in Dallas, TX for the 2nd annual @momsinthemaking conference. I had the honor to be a part of the Q&A panel, lead a breakthrough session with Colby on the topic of marriage and share a message from the main stage, none of which I felt qualified or prepared for, but I’m thankful to be trusted with the opportunity.
Over the past month or two I have been stewing on what about my life looks different from the rest of the world, or does it at all? I have also been reading what the Word says about lukewarm Christians. I wasn’t even realizing how closely these topics tied in with the conference theme, “Rooted in Truth” but the combo of it all has left me more convicted than ever, ready to dive deeper into his Word so I can truly live minute by minute deeply rooted in THE truth instead of just declaring with my mouth that I am.
PS. A big thank you to all the leaders, volunteers, worship team and prayer team for such an amazing weekend! #momsinthemaking #rootedintruth2018 📸 @juliehillsphoto

Out here where plants are. I like how you grow. Taking your time. Stubborn. I name them as I walk. Bayberry, asters, mullein, clover, alders, viburnum, spruce. I knew before I knew, that they protected me. Pull leaves off to smell, bayberry clutched in my hands pushed against my face. Crush it to release such a scent. And up close, little fearless lines, defiant.

Rainy day - chai , cookies and chill. Revisiting pics from Antelope Canyon. Attempting to let it all soak in so if your looking for me - I’ll just be hanging out here in the mama earth womb a little while longer ... 💜❄️💜❄️
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