Old pic about a year ago. ..but when your daughter tells you all she wants to do is be an actress and model and work hard....well since I did it for many years when I was younger but chose to stop, I will support Haley all the way. She has the personality that i feel agents and producers will fall in love with. So next step is getting her an agent and some pics and audition...she has me, her mommy very busy today lol she does know for now we can only do stuff in NYC or if any in NJ or NY. I am so proud of her and something tells me she is gonna be just perfect at this, but the BIG thing I told her was she can not miss school!!! School always comes first. #myspunk #sotalented #goals #shesgotthis #fullsupportfrommommyalltheway #proudmommy #acting #kidsactors #disneychannel #entertainment

B’s on the loose! #watchout #i❤️gokarts #shesgotthis

This kid!
I’ve seen her stressed, and I’ve seen her thriving.
I’ve seen her struggle with putting her entire future on the line for the sake of doing the right thing, and I’ve seen her time and time again be rewarded for it!
I’ve seen her tears of pain, and her tears of joy.
I’ve seen her faithfully in the Word...whether seeking answers, finding peace, or for mere devotion.
I’ve prayed for her, and I’ve prayed with her.
She inspires me daily to fight the good fight and enjoy every darn minute of it!
The time has come, she’s off to field training, and I couldn’t be more excited to see yet another chapter unfold!
Sarah, I’ve told you before and I’ll tell you again....there are some things that can never be taken away from you! And the honor is mine to have been privy to some of these! Go get em, kid! 💜💙❤️

First ever sister bath!! A huge success and a much awaited milestone in our home!
#sensoryprocessingdisorder #shesgotthis #sisters

@glamgeniemua Mrs Catalina Sommer's images from World elite top model comp were A-mazing! Kenny and I got an abundance of great clicks (untouched) from this fellow photographer because she just kept pouring it on! Great body lines and poses, girl!!! #sheisapro #shesgotthis #nailedit #worldimperialbeauties #modelcompetition #nationalpageant

The look and proof when you realize that you just can’t make this up. Great evening watching your friend light up. #georgeclinton #pfunk #parlimentfunkadelic #lovethehat #hestillhasit #giveupthefunk #shesgotthis

#bestfriends #beautifulgirls #cancerwarrior #fightingcancer #sheissostrong #fuckcancer #shesgotthis #beautifullocks #childhoodcancer
This picture was taken a year ago after Summer was brave enough to shave the rest of her hair off! Look how long it is!!

Update on Miss Addy:

She lost over a pound overnight (which is bad given how tiny she is anyways), still continued issues with breathing and low oxygen episodes, she's very frustrated and in a lot of pain, right lung is crackling, still running a fever 💔 and her strep throat test came back positive within minutes .. she's just feeling plain miserable and icky, poor nugget .. she has been admitted to the hospital and an IV started, more blood work done, IV fluids and IV antibiotics going, pain being managed and monitors on! She has an amazing team of doctors and nurses here and we are feeling super blessed to have such support through this time from all medical staff and all you #teamADDY prayer warriors!! Thanks for all that have taken time to reach out and share her story, comment, pray etc! You all are the wind beneath our wings through the storms!! Much love and Addy hugs 💚

#fightlikeADDY #ADDYstrong #ADDYtude #borrowedangel #miracles #prayers #hope #faith #strength #mamaslifer #sheswithme #myglimpseofheaven #earthangel #fighter #thegirlthatcouldanddid #shesgotthis #1

I've talked a lot about JU-SAN in the last 2 weeks but it's truly remarkable the progress that she is making!
I think I finally figured her out...she LOVES being a puppy and decided she was gonna ride that "puppy" until the wheels fell off!😝Well, those "wheels" are starting to fall off and she is growing up!
And it's the coolest thing to watch, for a second there I was second guessing myself but #shesgotthis #mygirl #malinois #neverdoubtyourself #trustyourdog

Immensely proud of my partner in crime @naomi.issitt today, completing the renovation and sale of the third house in 2 years, and now onto number 4 #soppypost #shesonamission #shesgotthis #plymouth #devon

Designer Senior Session
at #studio21mattoon

Well another #clinicfriday for miss Emma and we’re already counting down the months until treatment is a done deal {it’ll be here before we know it}
Today was pretty easy peasy, labs are looking fantastic... no neutropenia {yay} and her Vincristine infusion was a quickie. She did the Pentamidine inhalation again and, oh ya, we found out she broke her toe 🤦‍♀️😂😬 Emma is back to her old tricks again, for real she’s back to back handsprings but a few days ago during camp she didn’t stick the landing and the X-ray today reveals a broken big toe 😩 {stupid chemo and weak bones because of it} sooooo we’re off to see orthopedics and until then dance is a no go. Oh well, the post-op shoe she’ll be sporting looks pretty dang cool 😉
I love that my Emma updates are few & far between these days, no news truly is good news in our world. Please know that your continued love & support of our Emma {and of so many other families that we hold near & dear} continues to mean the 🌎 to us. Emma looks good & feels good {ya know, besides the toe part} and we couldn’t have gotten here without ALL of you cheering her/us on.
Please continue to pray for the many many warrior kiddos who continue to fight each & every day. A few I’m praying a little extra hard for right now: Caleb, Allie, miss Elayna & Landon. There are so many more but these four families are facing big mountains these days & I believe HE is working to move them. Big shout outs to two superhero girls, Gracie for one year of clear scans 💪 & Alice for finishing treatment after more than 1,000 days of fighting 🤩
Read these names...know these names... and thank Jesus that your child’s name is not on this list 🙏 #cancersucks #emmastrong #shesgotthis #leukemiasucks #dancerwithcancer #momcology

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the roses...even after you’ve trampled the bush. I’m sure there’s a life lesson somewhere in there.

She's home ❤ She's not well... but she's home. I think we are in for a rough weekend, so it will be one full of days in bed and snuggles.
Hang in there Beanie Boo ❤🤞

👧Grace's Goal🏆... Grace wants to run🏃‍♀️ the 1500m next year when she turns 10🎂 so she's asked to start practicing now🤸‍♀️... I'm embracing and encouraging🤗 so hopefully she'll learn to at least maybe kind of like❤ running #notlikehermum first time to beat 11mins 33 secs⏳ #shesgotthis #pleasestick #Elliescoots #girlsonly #runningyuck #goals #futurecrossfitterhopefully #healthyhabits

My sissy got her back no matter what ! #shesgotthis

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