Being a mother means doing whatever it takes to make sure your kids are safe.
My Ally Kat has been in pain today, so this Mama had to make a trip to urgent care. She's in so much pain, she put on PJs that don't fit and different socks 🤣 but she's a trooper, breathing through the pain 💪🏽
In the meantime, the hubby gets to enjoy the rest of the kiddos 🙃
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Ladies, we all have a story to tell, but what we forget to do is share it. I’m so excited help share your story on my new page @shesgotfaith. This movement gives YOU a platform to share your faith journey with other women, not only to help them overcome a difficult time, but to also empower them to keep going! So follow my new page and let the Journey begin! 💕💕💕 #EmpowerYourSisters #ShesGotFaith #TellYourTestimony

The Bible tells us that we are overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of our Testimony (Revelation 12:11). So, ladies it’s time to lift our sisters up by telling our stories! The #ShesGotFaith movement was designed for YOU (Yes you! )To celebrate your faith journey and empower your sisters in the process. Stay tuned for details on how to tell your story on this page! #LiftUpYourSisters #TellYourTestimony

My friend, Julie, shared a #todayshow story with me about a woman who predicted her death and it happened...and her incredible experiences. I could relate so much—not to the near-death experience—but to suddenly channeling spirit at the age of 36, as a very scientifically-minded person. I posted Stephanie’s video story on my blog and also shared my own story about passing messages from spirit to their loved ones and to law enforcement. —link in profile— or at kierstenparsons.com #todayshow #megynkelly #shesgotfaith #lifeafterdeath #channeling #loveliveson

I'm so excited to announce the #shesgotfaith movement dedicated to women who are taking or want to take a leap of faith into their purpose.... be sure to follow us at @shesgotfaith in Instagram for complete updates 🤗 #citygirlfaith #shesgotfaith #upliftawomantoday #walkbyfaith

I'm so excited to announce the #shesgotfaith movement dedicated to women who are taking or want to take a leap of faith into their purpose.... be sure to follow us at @shesgotfaith for complete updates 🤗

See the girl.. She walks around like she's got nothing to lose
Ya she's a go-getter, she's everybody's type! #shesgotfaith #gogetter #confident #missindependent #ownit #feelinmyself #tusojosmexicanoslindos #lovemybraids

"My inspirational reminder that everything is achievable"@juicyjlbee #shesgotfaith #selfgift #mustardseedbox #faith #motivation #hope

Getting surfing lessons from @tessricketts ❤️ 🏄🏿👫 #yourgonnadie #shesgotfaith

Tonight, as I was leaving an AMAZING bible study with my #KSTN ladies, God put this special hymn on my mind. As soon as I got home, I had to look up all the lyrics (it's been a while since I've actually sung/heard it) and just reading through them gave me chills. Life has been kind of..a mess for a good while now and I have found myself and my heart far from where I was years back. I used to be so secure in Christ, knowing I was His and refusing to seek that acceptance anywhere else. Now, I find myself seeking it from just about everywhere but Him. I have to share these lyrics because they are beautiful and powerful - and I believe they are His heart to mine tonight. #YouareHis #youareperfect #determined #makemewholeagain

Darkness around me, sorrow surrounds me; 
Though there be trials, still I can sing. 
For I have this treasure – my God reigns within me, 
And I am determined to live for the King.
I am determined to be invincible ‘Til He has finished His purpose in me. 
And nothing shall shake me 
For He’ll never forsake me 
And I am determined to live for the King.
Hell’s gates are trembling from our prayers ascending 
Darkness is crumbling from praises we sing. 
Our Sovereign, Victorious is marching before us, 
And we are determined to live for the King.
When I am weary I’ll look to His face; 
And when I am tempted, 
I’ll trust in His grace 
Yes, I’ll trust in His grace

Getting to spend a couple of days with my mama and auntie makes up for missing my huz and babies. "She's a professional photographer." Says my mom when someone asks to take it for us. #mybiggestfan #shesgotfaith #chandelierbar #cosmopolitanlasvegas

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