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With all the sadness yesterday afternoon, Alyssa surprised with a thoughtful Valentine. #stepmom #mom stepdaughter #daughter #justwantthemsuccesfull #shescomealongway #sweetheart Love You @alyssa.g2421 ❤️💕💘

#throwbackphoto of Baby T as a yearling (ALMOST 2) facing her fear of the little bank in the parking lot! She is voice trained "up" and "off" of banks now! Both on the line and undersaddle #tigerlilythemustangfilly #shescomealongway #couldnotbeprouder

The video on the left is from my daughter's first figure skating performance 7 years ago age 4 & the one on the right is from this year 7 years later!!! Amazing to see how far she's come along thanks to her amazing coach @magidflora who's been coaching her for all 7 years!!!!#proudnom #figureskatingmom #amazing. #soproud #shescomealongway

I'm gonna miss this thing honestly..😒#ALotOfMemories #4Jobs #3Girlfriends #2InstagramAccounts #4kFollowers #FromStockToNow #ShesComeALongWay looking back and reminiscing on some old memories. Can't believe how far this truck has come and how much it's been through with me. This was my first build. The first truck I got to customize and say "that's mine" It's taught me so much. From all of the problems and bad luck I've had with this truck, to all the times it proved to me "watch this I'm not gonna break" to all the people I've met along the way and the fan base I've gained on instagram. Thank you for all your support with this build. It really means a lot. And I hope y'all stay tuned for the next one. I won't be starting right away. I'm taking a couple months to build and re cooperate from all the bullshit this truck has put me through. But I plan to have another build for #Daytona2019 so stay tuned. This is the last week I'll have with the one girl and honestly if I could go back and do it all again I would. This truck means a lot to me. It is a visual representation of all the hours at work I put in, all the blood sweat and tears and long nights with this truck, all the times I said growing up "I'm going to build a bad ass truck" I accomplished my goals and now it's time to set and accomplish new ones. This isn't goodbye, this is just the beginning. I hope y'all still support me and follow the page and have enough patience until my next one. Y'all have really made an impact on this build and I appreciate all the love and support you've given me for it. Thank you all again, this will be the last post of this truck. I'm going to be working all week and it'll be sold by the weekend. Thank you again for all the support and stay tuned for the next one. #IllBeBack #DontWorry #CatchMeActingAFoolAtDaytona2018 #IllBeInEveryoneElsesTrucks😂

Lourdes demonstrating how to meticulously eat cereal 😗 Eat your heart out OT's #Shescomealongway #lourdesworld #downsyndromeisbeautiful

I wish I had a picture of the day I brought her home! Here’s some before and after pics of the engine bay and the different setups I’ve had over the last 5 years. #shescomealongway #syty #sportmachines #typhoon #gmctruck #diy #boosted #internationalsytyregistry #turbo

In the beginning....a friend just sent this & I had to share...this was from a bday party at @gymfestgymnastics when Lily was a wee 2 1/2 💗

I’m very proud of my goddaughter @prettybunny.14 for making Honor Roll!! Remember what I told you baby girl this is only the beginning! 😭💖🐰👏🏽⭐️🎉💯📜 #AdrianaCarrasco #HonorRoll #HonorRollStudent #ShesComeALongWay #ThisIsOnlyTheBeginning #KeepUpTheGoodWork #ProudGodmother #MyGoddaughter #SheIsSoBeautiful #ILoveHer #Blessed #WellsMiddleSchool #MissLilyBaby

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