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I got on a horse and Sophia fell off one #nbd #shesatrooper

Legs and feet are jello, but it was worth every second🙌🏽🙌🏽 #9houses #HHN #shesatrooper @rachelmadelynn

Happy 70th birthday to my mom! Love you! As you can see I've always been the mature one of the bunch! #shesatrooper

Some cute pictures from #karlynamy’s birthday party last weekend- including her post-bath look, after her cake smash 😂. She wasn’t feeling well from surgery and being sick, but #shesatrooper and hung in there. #cantbelieveshesone

@rachaelhendon recovering from the stomach bug and some very bad dehydration...but they can't do anything for her mental illness... #ShesGoingToKillMe #AmbulanceRide #ETPhoneHome #ShesATrooper 👉🏻👽

Stairs, 1. Elowen, 0. 😔 These stairs have terrified me since we moved in. The sound of your child tumbling down them is what nightmares are made of. Praise God she walked away with some minor bruises and an epic shiner. Nothing a lollipop and new Fighter Pilot "Dada doll" can't fix. #shesatrooper #ibelieveinguardianangels

3.15.2017 - Another appointment, another device. Jackie is wearing a BAHA (bone anchored hearing aid) in this photo. We are giving the BAHA a trial run for a week. Audiology said that because Jackie is now showing no response to sound in her left ear the hearing aid we were using before won't work (that is probably why she wouldn't leave it in when we tried and tried 😔). The BAHA transmits sound by vibrations from the bones in her skull. Between eye patching, the cast, and glasses right around the corner, then increased therapy when the cast is off, I honestly feel like this isn't the best time to try yet ANOTHER device 😞 I hate to feel like I'm doing nothing to help her hearing, but I find peace in the fact that she CLEARLY hears me and responds to sound. She has one good ear and for now we are trying to direct all sound to that ear. I think we will revisit the BAHA, or other another hearing device a little further down the road once we are more adjusted to some of the other things on our plate. These decisions are tough, but my gut tells me it's ok to wait on this one. One little girl can only handle so many things at once, right? 😕 #chargesyndrome #CHARGEon #bahahearingaid #shesatrooper #warrior


This pic makes me so happy! I was celebrating the born days of two friends and the place was brimming with straight up glee! #lovethiswoman #shetravelstofunctionstoo #secondbirthdaypartyoftheday #shesatrooper ❤️
📷: @kimpossiblez1

Been meaning to post an update on Jewel's health...but have been putting it off because it's not great news.
So, the last chemo we tried had mixed results. It seemed to work at first, then J's sores ended up getting worse. Also, it affected her tummy more than the other chemos have.
At this point, we have decided to try an alternative drug therapy, which we are hoping will help...and the vet is also researching radiation options.
It's very deceiving, you cannot see her sores in photos, but they are all over her. Good thing is, they don't seem to bother her much, and she's still acting happy go lucky. And, she's still well enough to continue volunteering.
We are taking it day by day...and enjoying every minute. And, we're doing lots of photo shoots (pics coming soon from those!). #caninecancerwarrior #caninecancer #caninecancersucks #shesatrooper #gottastaystrong #whatcancer #cancersnotgonnaslowmedown

I got on a horse and Sophia fell off one #nbd #shesatrooper

Had to take a selfie with the stab victim 😭 #shesatrooper #smashleigh #loveher @amaxroyal 🖤

Smiling even though she has to ride in the back with groceries piled up around her! #shesatrooper #hilergirls

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