One year, one month, and one day later and we are holding our wedding images in a MAGAZINE. There are just no words for the gratitude we feel to our vendors, our friends and our families who made this day so, so special for us. Thank you to @nancyray Who captured our day in the most beautiful way. You were one of the biggest blessings on our wedding day. And thank you @thesoutheasternbride for sharing our wedding with the world. We will share this with our children and grandchildren for years to come. See part one of our wedding today on the #nancyrayblog and prepare yourself because I can, finally, post wedding pictures!!! #shesaidyesSURI #surianosweethearts

I LOVE surprises. More than being surprised, I love being the one to surprise someone else. That’s what happened at @oliviasuriano ‘s rehearsal dinner and it was SO much fun. Read the whole story on the blog today! Link in profile 💕 (PS. Her long awaited wedding is hitting the blog tomorrow!! Get ready because it is incredible!) #nrpweddings #nrpbrides #nrpteam #shesaidyessuri

Our rehearsal dinner was more than I could have ever dreamed of. And today we are FINALLY sharing all about it on the @nancyray blog!! (YAY CUE THE 🎉) Nancy surprised us, I burst into tears and then we celebrated the night before our wedding with our bridal party and family. Head to the blog, and my story to see more from this evening! #shesaidyesSURI #rehearsaldinner

Today is one special day!! Happy birthday to my bestie and favorite @oliviasuriano! The girl who makes me laugh so hard I️ cry, keeps me updated with all the things pop culture, prays with me when I don’t have anymore words, does cartwheels and handstands whenever possible and who calls me to a life full of joy and fun. Love ya girlie!! 📷: @nancyray on #thesweetestday #shesaidyesSURI #nrpteam #nrpbrides

One year ago on the sweetest day, these two got married and the whole #nrpteam danced our hearts out to celebrate them! Happy first anniversary dear friends! ❤️#nrpbehindthescenes #nrpweddings #shesaidyesSURI

Everything about our honeymoon was a dream. Today I blogged about our blissful trip and am so excited to share all about it with y'all! Link in profile to see more fun pictures from the most perfect week! #surianosweethearts #shesaidyessuri #sightseeingsurianos

You and Fridays make my heart happy. 📷: @nancyray #shesaidyessuri #surianosweethearts #shootfilm

Ohhhhh how long I've been wishing to share this favorite image from @oliviasuriano & @andrewsuriano 's wedding 😍 (The rest of their images are still under wraps but I just couldn't resist!) Have you been seeing the goodness over on @stylemepretty 's insta today?! It's been such a fun takeover day!! #lbbtakeover #stylemepretty #shootfilm #shesaidyessuri #nrpteam

This moment right here might be one of my favorites from our wedding day. Holding the hand of my brand new husband, as our friends and family prayed over the covenant we had just made, and my sweet sister and cousin leading us as we worshipped together as husband and wife. If you look closely you can see a tear running off the end of my nose. And every time I see this image I am taken back to that moment and those emotions. We are sharing more moments that are filled with emotion on the #nancyrayblog day, so don't miss out on it, but I have to say, I think this one is my favorite out of all of them 😉 #shesaidyessuri #surianosweethearts | 📷: @willrray

If this isn't the most perfect glimpse of what life is like behind the scenes with these people, I'm not sure what is. "NRP Behind the Scenes" is on the blog today, and I can assure you it's something special (😆). If you care to see what work, play and life in general looks like from the other side of our lens, feel free to take a look! I love this team with my whole heart!! 📷 @anniemaebrown #nrpteam #nrpbehindthescenes #shesaidyessuri

It’s one of my very favorite posts of the year: The Best of 2016 Weddings is on the blog today! See breathtaking images from the whole #nrpteam and some sneaks of weddings that haven’t even been shared yet (including the lovely one pictured above). #nrpweddings #nancyrayphotography #shesaidyessuri

This weeks weather forecast has me wishing I was back under one of these umbrellas with my favorite guy. #shesaidyesSURI #surianosweethearts #honeymoon #shootfilm

We are home, refreshed, exhausted, and {getting} settled. And our hearts are overflowing. Thank you to all the people who came and celebrated with us. We love you all! #shesaidyesSURI #Surianosweethearts

#tbt to that time my best friend got married on the sweetest day #shesaidyessuri

Feelin' fancy this past weekend thanks to my people at @oliverclothing and the amazing @guys_do_nails 💁🏻🌟💅🏻 #alwaysreppin #weddingweekend #shesaidyesSURI

My best friend gets married today!!!!!!!!!!!!😬😍🤗 All. The. Feels. #shesaidyesSuri

Can't stop thinking about yesterday. This couple is no doubt going to change the world. They've already changed my life, and I love them so dearly. The officiant (who is a dear friend of ours) pointed out two things about them during their ceremony that made such an impression on me:

1. Olivia has a deep passion and heart for the marginalized, the hurting, the ones who don't have a voice, the unborn, the abused. She is an advocate and a voice for the voiceless. Her heart runs deep and is so pure. He love for Andrew is faithful and passionate.

2. Andrew is destined for greatness. He is without a doubt more than capable to do anything he sets his mind to. He is not only hilarious and able to make Liv laugh in a second, but his serious side upholds the greatest respect for Olivia, and he will no doubt protect and provide for her all of their days.

I just love them. Andrew and Olivia, it was my greatest joy to capture your day. And I only cried 9 times, so I count that as a win. 😭 #shesaidyessuri #nrpweddings #nrpteam #beatingthe50percent

In case you missed it, there was a wedding last night and it was *kind of* a big deal. Me and this stud (and our family AND the NRP Team!) danced the night away in celebration of Olivia and Andrew and it could not have been a more beautiful night. So much love and congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Suriano! #shesaidyessuri

Jubala, you never disappoint. The perfect vanilla latte to end the very best weekend! #shesaidyesSURI

The Heavens are rejoicing and God is smiling because #shesaidyesSURI 👰🏻❣️💍 and I got to reunite with my seesters to witness it!!! 💕 - Liv and Andrew, your love will change the world. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of such a glorious day, I will never forget it.

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