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Should you do dual enrollment or take the AP test: a guide no one asked for but you're getting anyway.
Are you doing well in the class?
Do you test well?
Are you at least semi comfortable with standardized testing under a time limit?
Does your school take a score you think you can get? (Does it take 3s? Only 5s?)
Is your school out of state?
Are you willing to study?
If the answer is yes to all of these, take the AP test!
If your school only takes 5s, you're probably better off doing dual credit. Dual credit is wayyyy less stressful but you run the risk of your college not taking it, and it's more expensive. There's a website that shows the percent of people that get each AP score; check it to help decide.
AP tests I did, rated (I took a bunch more classes but these are the only tests):
AP Language and Composition: medium easy, had plenty of time left over. If you read slowly the multiple choice may be hard
AP US History: Medium hard. Essays and DBQs are difficult. Probably do dual credit tbh. MC was easy but my teacher was really extra so the exam was easy in comparison
AP Comparative Government: super easy. If you're gonna do an ap test do it for this one
AP Calculus BC: really hard lol. MC was easy but the free response were awful. However, the curve is really easy (40% or something get 5s)
AP European history: medium hard, a bit harder than US. A lot of material to cover. Essays are nasty. However I did this as a sophomore so I think they changed they layout

i don't have any creativity so i didn't submit anything but i can't wait for this video im so hype

I've had such a good time being back in London the last two days. This city has my heart 💚

Isn't it nice finding out the grade you got for one month of intense studying is the same someone else got for an "absolutely catastrophic" exam? 🙃 Just another addition to a shitty day 🙃

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잠 못드는 밤엔 셜록이 상책 #daily#instagram#selfie#sherlock

La depressione tangibile di un uomo che ha finito di vedere Sherlock... #depression #sherlock #oracosavedo

Just finished up these little guys! Sherlock as an Otter and John as a hedgehog. Planning on making some buttons, stickers, and bookmarks out of these. Copic marker on Bristol paper.
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[ The shawshank redemption ]
this movie is really amazing, you should watch it if you haven‘t already ⭐️ 10/10 .
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Phi Phi, Thailand
November, 2016

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🍒 BEN IS ADORABLE CAN YOU ACTUALLY SLAP ME— 🍒 (I love this I’m sorry I can’t—) #moftiss #mystrade #sherlock #johnlock #jawn #johnlock #jawnlawk

Doctor Who transformation! Check out the full video ☺️ The link is in bio 😂
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